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#Accommodation ♪ Let's have a joyful, comfortable, and delicious stay in CANDEO HOTELS !!! Tokyo & Chiba ^^

#Accommodation ♪ Let's have a joyful, comfortable, and delicious stay in CANDEO HOTELS !!!

Using JR Kanto Area Pass to travel Tokyo!
Ueno, Tokyo & Chiba

To welcome the upcoming of 2020 Tokyo Olympics. 
Major hotels in the cities are ready to welcome the visit of tourists from various countries. 
Hotels that located near big terminals or along the convenient transportation route, is in full swing to do the renewal. 
On the other hand, new hotels are using any methods to present their own characteristics and charm to seize a position in the market. 
Competitions of  any kinds of "hospitality" can be found everywhere!

There is a hotel with a slogan of 
"Allowing guests to be more refreshing and energetic,"
which attracts a large number to f travelers.

"Wide space"
"Delicious meals"
"Comfortable bedrooms."
"And you can relax in the large bath"

In addition to the basic services of the general hotels,
you can experience the more advanced and ultimate enjoyment!
What is that?
It is the "hospitality" of CANDEO HOTELS!

This time we did not just travel Tokyo. 
We use the JR Kanto Area Pass starting our trip at Ueno
where it is easy to access to the areas around Tokyo.
How to use the JR Kanto Area Pass wisely to enjoy your trip in Japan?
Let's us show you in this article.

What is JR Kanto Area Pass?
The JR Kanto Area Pass is a discounted pass for unlimited rides in Tokyo and the surrounding Kanto area. Valid for three days, the pass is good for unlimited rides using reserved seats on ordinary cars on Shinkansen, limited express and other trains. The JR Kanto Area Pass makes it easy to visit popular tourist destinations such as Mount Fuji, Izu and Karuizawa.

Price:  Adults (age 12 and order)  8,300yen
Child (age 6-11) 4,200yen 

The JR Kanto Area  Pass Usage Area

We use the JR Kanto Area Pass to start our trip today!
Vibrant atmosphere overflowing the whole Ueno!

Alley inside Ameyokocho-market

We have found a number of Izakaya lined up on the street. 
If you are staying in the hotel in Ueno,
you'd better come and experience the bustling nightlife here!
New encounter, new discovery, new experience in this warm atmosphere!

Ameyokocho-market in Ueno!
How fresh to have a beer in Tokyo!

On the other hands of Ameyokocho-market,
there is Ueno Zoo where you can see cute pandas.
Moreover, transportation access is very convenient to start your trip in Tokyo from Ueno!

Well, let's see  Candeo Hotels (Ueno Park)  in Ueno. (Nearest station is Uguisudani Station)

Wooden furniture brings a sooth atmosphere and warm our heart.

Can you feel the warm of the sunlight coming through from the window?
You can fully feel relaxed and comfortable in this room huh!!!

Allowing the guests to be fully relax physically and mentally.
That is the concept and dedication of Candeo Hotels. 

Breakfast in Candeo!

Meals and dishes are renewed everyday!
Rate high from most of the guests!

You are guaranteed to taste the high-rated breakfast in any of the Candeo hotels!

Free Wi-Fi is accessible in lounge. you can check information all the time. 

Candeo Hotels 
(Official Site: http://candeo-hotels.com/)

One of your best choices in Candeo Hotels (Ueno Park)

Candeo Hotels 
(Official Site: http://candeo-hotels.com/)

JR Ueno Station

Shinkansen Platform 
Let's start our trip to neighboring area of Tokyo. 
How excited!

Here we come to Karuizawa from Ueno, 
a place to shop crazily and feel leisurely with nature.

Ueno- Karuizawa (One-way 56 mins/ 5,180 yen)

※It is more convenient and worth to use JR Kanto Area Pass.
( 3 days pass,  a discounted pass for unlimited rides in Tokyo and the surrounding Kanto area. 8,300 yen /person )

For more info about 
JR Kanto Area Pass | Fares & Passes | JR-EAST

Just one hour from Ueno to Nasu-kogen. 
Enjoy nature, hot springs and gourmet!

Ueno - Nasu (One-way 60 mins/ 5,180 yen)
※It is more convenient and worth to use JR Kanto Area Pass.

Whenever we visit Tokyo, we can feel its charm again!
What if you stay at Ueno during your Tokyo Trip, 
you will definitely find the advantage of its convenience. 

Wanna come to visit the countryside in Tokyo sometimes, 
Here we are! Chiba that full of natural beauty. 

If you plan to drive and travel around by car, 
you can probably consider it as your accommodation!
Candeo Hotels Chiba!

One of your best choices in Chiba  (Candeo Hotel Chiba)

There is a special guest room in Candeo Hotels.
A fascinating study desk is equipped. 
It is an good ideas to write post card on it!

Not just a shower room but a western-style well-equipped bathroom. 

What is the biggest advantage of rent-a-car travel ?
You can freely chasing the beautiful landscape in your pace. 

No matter it is one person or more, 
let's rent a car and start your adventure then!
How fun!

Here we come to the new large-scale shopping mall in Chiba, next to Tokyo!

It is a new metropolis in the surrounded Tokyo area called Makuhari.
There is a big exhibition hall called "Messe."
Nearby, it is the latest shopping malls called AEON MALL.

Have you heard of the character called Funassyi?
It is originally from Funabashi.
There is another famous shopping mall called "LaLaport."

Here we find an international furniture brand IKEA.

Again, from Funabashi, our next destination is...

Naritasan, which is pretty closed to Narita International Airport. 

It is said to be the No.2 in Japan, having the most number of visitors spend a visit on the first of January every year.

Here it retains the traditional Japanese style. 
A simple and vibrant spot!

Hey! Don't forget to taste the delicious grilled eel (Kabayaki unagi)!

Also, don't forget to visit the traditional Japanese brewery.

And one of the best three winter illumination in Kanto! 
Country Farm Tokyo German Village 

Besides, delicious ice cream and  Jingisukan (a Japanese grilled mutton dish)
let's come to see the Alpaca in Mother Farm.

Have you known this popular boxing manga "Ashita no Jo"?
We find this statue in the hometown of Mr. Tetsuya Chiba, author of "Ashita no Jo" in Asahishi.

Spring, summer, autumn and winter
Unchanging beautiful sea
Kujukuri's blue sky
Here!!!!! It is said to be where "Kimura Takuya" of a famous group SMAP,   visited and did surfing!

Here!!!  Ohara Beach 
where the famous drama in 2013 called 
"Summer nude," starring Yamashita Tomohisa, is taken.

Fireworks decorate the night sky of the coast of Tateyama!
Speaking of summer in Japan,
no doubt it is fireworks that color the night sky by the sea side.

We find statue of the camel at the seaside of Onjuku while singing the romantic song of Kato Masao!

With people of the town,  
tourists from Japan, and oversea join together to pull the fish net.
Make another nice experience and memory in your rent-a-car travel!

Looking at those cute dolphin and whale show, 
allowing us to flashback our childhood memories

"Kamogawa Sea World"

Let's explore everywhere in Chiba,
every corner of the tourist spots.

Find something new
in rent-a-car travel.

Candeo is a Latin word meaning "Shining"

Whether people, things or ideas,
something shiny, bright and unique definitely exists.

The most important part of the travel is 
No doubt you will look for a hotel in reasonable rate and with friendly service.
Exactly, beautiful facilities and luxurious atmosphere doesn't mean symbol of  an excellent hotel.
What is the most important thing is to help travelers to find satisfaction on the trip including meal, accommodation, and leisure. 

A hotel continues to develop and provide unique and innovative hospitality service to all guests.
This is so-called an excellent qualified hotel.

Candeo Hotels(Ueno Park)
Candeo Hotels (Chiba)
Candeo Hotels

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