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# Information ♪ Start your Japan Travel in an Easy Internet Access Environment with JAPAN TRAVEL SIM CARD

# Information ♪ Start your Japan Travel in an Easy Internet Access Environment with JAPAN TRAVEL SIM CARD 

Nowadays, we can get all information through a mobile phone any times anywhere. 
Before, we still needed to research everything in advance before traveling abroad.
Bring all the printed information around during the trip!
It was kind of troublesome huh! lol

Now, it is the era of convenience!!!
Even we go abroad, as long as there is internet, no problem at all then!
Get whatever information we want, upload photos on facebook or twitter!
It is rarely to find lost during trip then.

Data roaming, Wi-Fi sharing, public Wi-Fi, etc. 
There are many methods to access wireless network in Japan.
Today, we would like to introduce everyone a very convenient SIM card.
Insert the SIM card to the mobile phone, and go through simple steps of setting, 
then it is easily to connect to the Internet. 

The name of the SIM card is

★NEWS UPDATED★ 2016.1.20 
It is available to buy it in convenience stores NEWDAYS within train stations!

Welcome to Japan! This prepaid SIM card can be used throughout Japan.
Available to buy at: Narita Airport, BIC CAMERA , etc.
Service Period: 3 months
Price: 4,093 yen
Wide coverage: Service available throughout Japan.
Transmission rate: LTE  (Maximum download 150 Mbps / Upload 50 Mbps )
* Transmission rate varies depending on your device.
* 3G network is available outside of LTE coverage.

For more info, please click

If your mobile phone with original SIM card is available to use oversea,
that means your phone will be switched into roaming status when you are abroad. 

Then, how about purchasing another SIM at the destination of your travel directly?
If you buy a capacity of 2GB one, you can use the local 3G/ LTE network. How convenient!

But the problem is 
where can we buy the SIM card?

Of course, you can buy it in Narita Airport!

We can buy it at "BLUESKY, " a convenient store located at the lobby of the airport!

Can you see the big vertical banner clearly having the word "SIM" written is hanging at the entrance of "BLUESKY" ?

Okay!!! Let us find the JAPAN TRAVEL SIM then!!!!

Oh! Here you you!! JAPAN TRAVEL SIM!! Got you!!!!

Let's take a look at the explanation! 

You can use immediately after purchase. 
Data capacity of 2GB (Gigabytes)
Available to use until reaching the capacity (Maximum of 3 months)

There are 3 types of SIM cards 
for different types of mobile phones. 

regular: old-type- smartphones
micro: Android
nano: iPhone

It seems very convenient, but can it really connect to the Internet?
Let't try!

This is the sample for testing!
Let's try the sample SIM card to see if it can really connect to the internet.

Open the SIM card slot, take out the original SIM card 

Then, take the sample SIM card

Insert the sample SIM card

into the card slot.

Wow!!! It can really connect to the Internet!

"Excuse me, can I have this?" ^^


Wait!! It is just a small SIM card.
Why it is in an unexpected package size?
What else are inside?

We are surprised when we open it!
Beside the SIM card and the instruction manual,
there are also a little folding screen and an origami paper.

To oversea traveler, isn't it a little surprising present ^^ 

Okay! Let's take a look at the SIM card!

On the SIM card, a telephone number and pass code are written. 

Oh! This small one!
Be careful!

Take out the small SIM card carefully!
Remember to turn off your smartphone before changing the SIM card.

Adapter of nano SIM is required for the SIM card of iPhone.

For Android, Just open the undercover and insert the SIM card!
Don't forget to turn off your phone in advance.

Okay! Let't follow a few steps after inserting the SIM card.

First, in the case of iPhone.

Find "Settings" on the meal, then follow the steps as following.

Cellular>> turn on Cellular Data and enable 3G

Next is to set the APN. 

If you don't really know APN, 
here is another method for you!

But this method requires connecting to internet. 
You can try it at airport or hotels that have free Wi-Fi connection. 
Please click the following website

Click "Install" 
It is done. 

To the one who is familiar to APN
and users other than ios 7,
please continue the following steps.

>> Cellular Data Network

You won't be in trouble if you follow all the step correctly!
(Please insert the password, which is written on the SIM card)

Next is for Android users.

Go to "Setting"  
>> Mobile network settings
>> APN  (Access Point Name)
>> Edit access point
>> Add a new APN

>> user name
>> password
>> Authentication type

then, "save"

Then, "IIJmio" will be appeared on APNs
like the above screen.

For details, just check the instruction manual!

Seems it is very complicated,
but all are simple steps huh!

Don't you understand how happy to be able to access to internet any times anywhere!

Yeah!! Let's upload our picture in the snow to facebook!

How convenient of having a SIM card!

We have been seriously influenced by the convenient of internet in this network era. 
It is no exaggerations to say 
we can't live without a smartphone in today's society!

Why don't you wanna give it a try 
to make a convenient atmosphere for yourself?

Prepaid SIM card for travelers to Japan

Click for more info

★NEWS UPDATED★ 2016.1.20 
It is available to buy it in convenience stores NEWDAYS within train stations!

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