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# Night Life ♪ Gorgeous Tokyo Club In Roppongi! Exciting Dance Performance in BURLESQUE TOKYO

# Night Life ♪ Gorgeous Tokyo Club In Roppongi! Exciting Dance Performance in BURLESQUE TOKYO

Tokyo Fanatic Night Story
New Adventures in Tokyo's Roppongi!
Dance Show Club
-in Roppongi-

Wow!! It is getting popular in Roppongi!!!
There are many popular attractions in Roppongi like 
Roppongi Hills, and Midtown etc. 

Roppingi is popular of its gorgeous colorful nightlife!
Have you been enjoying it yet?

No doubt, to young people and foreigners living in Tokyo, 
it should be no stranger about Tokyo Roppongi. 
Now, Roppongi, as one of the tourist spots,
you will see foreign tourists all days and nights.

You might find "Don Quixote" shop selling tons of items, 
"Tsururontan"popular udon restaurant having long waiting lines always,
there is another exciting spot 

Let us show you all the exciting show and performance!
Check it out!!!

Burlesque? Burlesque Tokyo?

Burlesque is one kind of the America's entertainment. 
It is also a popular British musical in the last 19th century.

Burlesque is gorgeous fusion of music and dance performances. 
You can now still find these kind of entertainment in Broadway in the U.S. 
Madonna, Lady GAGA, and some other well-known pop stars, and fashion shows are also frequently inspired by the element of it!

If you are far away from the US, you don't have to fly to the US
Or even if you are in US, you have another places to enjoy it in Roppongi, Tokyo. 

No worries at all, 
it is not suspicious.
A safe and exciting place to visit!
Since liquor is sold, no people who is under 20, is available to get into it! lol 

From the map, Burlesque is located between Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown!
It is just 1-minute walk from the intersection of Roppongi!

Just the opposite of Midtown

If you are thinking to take a visit to Roppongi, 
probably you will take Tokyo Metro.
The nearest exit of Tokyo Metro is 4a, right next to the Roppongi Intersection.
From there, go straight down to the direction of Midtown.
Then, you will see the convenience store Family Mart. 

Burlesque is located on the 7th floor of the building, where 1F is Family Mart.

You can make reservation on phone. 
(Phone call is available from 16:30)

Just call the phone number on the Burlesque's webpage, 
then, staffs will pick up the phone 
although not in a very good spoken English...

Let's take a look at the following plan for foreign visitors. 

Discounted Plan for foreign visitors (※Reservation is required)
Show + All-you-can-drink (Liquor/ Soft drink) = \5,000 yen
(90-min  ※ Price is to be adjusted )
SHOWTIME 19:30/ 21:30 / 23:30

How to make reservation?
Access to the BURLESQUE website on your smartphone 
Make reservation by phone 
※ Remember to mention that you request for a discounted plan for foreign visitors!

TEL: 03-6447-2037
Address: 7F Urban Bldg, 7-13-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku
Open Hours: 18:30-25:00
SHOWTIME 19:30/ 21:30 / 23:30
Official Site:

Go upstairs to 7F,
when the elevator door is open, 
a dreamy space of BURLESQUE appears in front of us.

Let's us show you the hottest points in Burlesque!
Check it out!

Having a Japanese-style Bento while enjoying the fancy shows!
It is an excellent quality bento from the chef of  BURLESQUE.

Additional cost of \1,000 yen 
Remember to tell the staff when you are making reservation.

add \500 more to bring this cute bento home! 

You can also be the main cast of the show!
In BURLESQUE, you won't find audience "just standing and watching the show silently."

There are a few performances inviting audiences as a special guest to participate in the shows.
Such as an act of being confessed by a dancer on stage, surprise performance for birthday, etc. 
How fun!

HOT ③ 
Amusement Park for Adult
If you are above 20th, you are allowed to enjoy yourself in BURLESQUE TOKYO!

Most ladies might think it is just a place of some sexy shows, 
likely for men.
But actually, the ratio is half to half..
Instead of focusing on the sexy costumes of the dancers, 
most of the audiences have fun enjoying the gorgeous content of the show. 
Both male and female audiences pretty enjoy the show!

It is kind of a new spot for company to hold any kinds of celebration parties in Japan!

Sexy Performance 
No doubt, BURLESQUE is a not a weird place. 
But it is true that dancers are wearing sexy costume strutting around. 

HOT ⑤ 
An attractive and fanatic Roppongi Night
Once the show began , the whole atmosphere is getting heat-up!
Even a quiet person may also have their personality changed oppositely. 

Let's enjoy the hot party then! 

OMG!!! Can you hear my heartbeat at the entrance!
A gate to a hottest night 

A quiet and peaceful club before the start of the show 

It is almost the show time.
Then, the place will be overwhelmed by audiences lol

Okay!!! The show is getting started. 

Have a blast!

Can't take our eyes out of the beauty and fascination of dance! 

Oh!! They are pretty sexy!!!  

Bunny girls!!
Cute costume, lighting, and presentation.
All are the original of BURLESQUE.

Stage effect and performance, 
all will make you feel like you are in NY's Broadway.

Japanese Idol!
Inspired from the fashion. style. dance and songs of Japanese popular idols!
Such as AKB48.
Audiences are getting excited!

are you ready for something more interesting and exciting???

Introduction Video
Let's take a look of it before the show!!!
Also the introduction of the performers of the upcoming performance. 

Wow!!! Dancers are trying to greet in different languages....
My Korean friend felt pleased to hear the greetings 
Somehow the Korean phase is not very natural though  lol

There are Chinese and English greetings too!

Okay!!! Another excellent level of dance performance. 

Whether clothing or choreography, 
glamorous performances are original and attract most of the attraction. 

We like the song and performance of the Japanese Music "Thousand Sakura."
So cool!

The movement of dancers and every pose is very neat!

Something interesting!
What is this?
Why the audiences are surrounded by the "ladies" ?

What happened?

Let's see the story in 4 scenes. 
1.  Feeling content
2. Getting fast heartbeat
3. Oh! Feel like in a paradise
4. OMG! Everything is a lie!!! lol

It is a little bit crazy to the one invited on stage, 
but it is so interesting to the audiences.

"Wanna dance? " the MC shouted.

Let's move to another section of the dance performance!



Perfect beauty!
Artistic presentation!
How impressive!

"Give me FIVE!"
A place to forget the stressful like! 
It is a fairly good idea, huh!!!

Thanks for everyone!

Everyone embrace  a dream!
Dance can change the world!
Dance can link the world together!
BURLESQUE TOKYO gathers all the enthusiastic girls throughout Japan. 
How impressive!

If you have chance come to Roppongi in Tokyo,
if you are interested to the night club, 
don't be hesitated. Come on!!! Have fun!
Just express yourself freely!
A place to forget the stressful life!
Try new experience!
Feel the energy from Roppongi!
A step to a new world!

※Remember to make a reservation to enjoy the discounted plan for foreign visitors!

TEL: 03-6447-2037
Address: 7F Urban Bldg, 7-13-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku
Open Hours: 18:30-25:00
SHOWTIME 19:30/ 21:30 / 23:30
Official Site:

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