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# Shopping♪ New Attraction in Ginza! Bridal Sense of Jewelry and Gourmet KIRARITO GINZA

# Shopping♪ New Attraction in Ginza! Bridal Sense of Jewelry and Gourmet 


Ginza, a glamorous street full of attractions always
Keep trendy, no delay, always keep the freshness. 
In this fashionable street Ginza, always attracting foreign tourists visiting Tokyo, 
a new sparkling attraction was born!
Not a department store, not a fashion mall
but a building with a special concept.
It is a shopping mall with a lot of bridal gifts and items.
Of course, it is not only a place for couples, but anyone, friends and families. 
There are a lot of famous shops and restaurants can be found here!

Its name "Kirarito" is originally from the Japanese word "Kira-kira."
It means glitter literally.
No doubt to us, the Ginza-lovers, 
we would not miss this place!

Let's go and check them out!

Clear blue sky and pleasant sunshine in Ginza. 
In this beautiful town and, we found a building unfamiliar to this scenery.

An new artistic building

There you are.

Wow!!! When we come nearby, 
it is quite a big building!!!
In this prime location in Ginza, 
what a cool and fresh appearance!

Any shop interested you? 
Let's check the floor guide first!
There are some jewelry shops, optician's, cafes and restaurants.

"Oh!! I see!!. Well, it is a building for couple who are getting married soon to come to buy the bridal items and have some delicious food."

"Not only a place for couples, huh?"
"I hope I would come here with my partner someday."

Anyways, it seems a fashionable spot for everyone, especially couples!

First, while dreaming of honeymoon, 
we have come to "Samsonite" on the 1F

Have you heard of a famous ad
"Wouldn't be collapsed even run over by a car."

America representative bag brand "Samsonite"
from suitcase for travel to business bag 
Quality and design are no doubt guaranteed, 
as well as the most recent "Black label."

In the past, 
speaking of Samsonite
it is a brand popular of its strong and durable luggage bag.
But now, it is also well-known as its designs. 

A beautiful pattern that attracted our eyes
Oh!! it is a limited edition of design! Wanna have one of these travel bags.

Oh! Let us buy one this time! 

Can you see the explanation on the label of the Samsonite's suitcase? 
 It won't be broken even crushed by a car or fell off from an escalator!   
How come!! 

This secret is the material used. 
It is made of a numbers of layers of thin polypropylene called "CURV."
That brings the magic of lightness and strength of a suitcase.

Next to Samsonite, it is the brand of "hartmann." 
It has history of 140 years, is famous as favorite bags used by many of the American presidents in the past. 

Can you feel the history of hartmann?
Special "belting leather," which has excellent durability has been used since the beginning of the 20th century. 
It was extremely popular at that time.   

The more and longer of time you use it, you will find its characteristics by discoloration. 
hartmann's leather case, so as the representative of the American vintage!

Tweed, material which has outstanding compatibility with leather.
Flexible khaki bag
There is one reason why the American presidents like it!
A classy American brand.

Brand under the same group of Samsonite
No doubt, it is nice quality!

Okay!! Let's go up and check out the 2F. 

Simple and clear interior design 
"Sirena Azzurro"
It means blue mermaid.

Simple and elegant design is perfect as an engagement ring!

Jewelry of delicate design 
Simple but elegant 

The one remarkable attracted us is...

This "Chain ring"
The wheel part is made as a chain.

This is so cute!!!
It is hard to have size adjustment for most of the ordinary ring.
But for this chain ring, 
there are small hook, can be adjusted easily. 
Although it looks normal on the appearance, when it actually fit the finger,
it makes our fingers look slimmer and cute!

It is almost like the ring floating in the air.

Next,  we come to this jewelry brand "BLSR" on the 3F.

This time, the shop opened here in KIRARITO GINZA, is the first shop opened in Japan. 
It is a brand full of sense of pop popular to many of the fashionable musicians and models. 

"Oh! This one is cute!" 
A lot of attractive items ....

Simple design, a jewelry series made of numbers and alphabets.

Although we have seen the familiar designs a lot until now. 
But none of them had the feel of luxury like these.
For a couples, isn't it a good idea to select numbers of anniversary or initials of two of them?
Won't you feel happy when you receive present like this especially during proposal of marriage^^
How romantic!

Glittering design but reasonable price
These are the watches of BLSR on topic, before landing in Japan. 

A design full of luxury.
No worry!
A friendly price for you!

When you go up to the 5F, it seems a spacious area for workshop!

Atelter Cafe?

Oh! Yes! 
Select the material ourselves to make the original accessories. 
A DIY accessory shop and cafe called "Kiwaseisakujo."

 A rich assortment of jewelry from various countries. 

You might have a tea in the cafe while making your own accessory from the material bought in the stores.
The coffee here is nice! ^^
Okay!! Let's focus!!!

Time is passing so fast! 
Maybe we are just concentrated into accessory making!

There is a fashionable gallery restaurant on the 6F.

Gold foil, Kaga Yuzen, a lot of traditional crafts can be found here!

A town with a traditional Japanese landscape like Kyoto.
Various crafts, and artworks are exhibited.
Moreover, let's enjoy the food and drink at 
"Ginza no Kanawaza -dining gallery

You know what?
Kanazawa, is one of the station of "Hokuriku Shinkansen," which will start running in March this year!
No doubt it has now become the hottest spot for tourist destination!

Not just a gallery,
of course it is available to shop here for a variety of craft works of Kanazawa. 

A town of craftsmanship. 
A town of gold foil craft works.
Designs of bottle of liquor are also elegant! 

Space for gallery exhibition 
Regular exhibitions are held. You might also purchase most of the craft works.

Glass craft of needle  
Feel the Japan!!

Gold accessory made with sophisticated skills 

Simple lacquer

And today's dinner is...

Bamboo Basket Set 
Using the ingredients and craft works of Kanazawa, 

Feel the hospitality of taste, satisfying both your eyes and month.  

Ice cream for dessert
A piece of gold foil on the top!
Feel the classy taste!

There are a lot of restaurants in KIRARITO GINZA
But there is only one Kaiten-zushi(Sushi-go-round) on the 8F.

It is  Ginza Numazuko. 

You know what the cook has won a "TV Champion" on a famous TV program.
Indeed, the kaiten-zushi shop in Ginza.

All seafood are directly from Numazu Port of Shizuoka
Keep the freshness!

It is Uni (Sea urchin)
Oh!!! how gorgeous to put all in mouth! 

A new start in life 
Two beloved ones think about their own future, plan about their own future. 
Make us feel jealous huh....

A new start in Ginza
A place for people who are lucky enough to be blessed!

Excellent quality of jewelry and restaurants. 
A nice spot to recommend to people who visit Ginza!
If you have chance visiting Tokyo,
let's spend a visit to this new spot in Ginza.

Open Hour: 
SHOP: 11:00~ 21:00
Restaurant: 11:00~23:00
Place: 1 min walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza 1-chome Station

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