Wednesday, February 18, 2015

#Shopping ♪ PLAZA GINZA! Landmark of Tokyo Fashion! The coolest Zakka Variety store in Ginza!

#Shopping ♪ Landmark of Tokyo Fashion! The coolest Zakka Variety store in Ginza! PLAZA GINZA 

While traveling in Japan, especially in Tokyo, 
what we are the most interested is the variety shop, 
which can be seen a wide variety of the cute and characterized items at once!

"DAISO" representing 100 yen shops in Japan,  variety shops from overseas such as "Flying Tiger," department store popular for various items such as "Tokyu Hands "and "LOFT, "and "Village Vanguard, " which has most of the unique items. 
All are worth to take a visit!   

Concentrated at lifestyle items, 
excellent quality of organic items and cute characters' goods, 
a rich assortment of all kinds of products!
Here we are at PLAZA!

Today, we have have come to
The most fashionable one among Plaza in various places of Japan!

In the middle of the intersection of Ginza 5-chome,
there is a Sony Building.
PLAZA GINZA is located at B1 & B2.

Directly connected to the B9 Exit of Tokyo Metro Ginza Station. 

Entrance on the Tokyo Metro side. 
Wow! A nice window display unconsciously made you wanna get into it^^

On the B2F,
the corner closest to the entrance is  "Cosmetic corner."
In the whole bunch of popular cosmetic brand, 
the corner attracted us the most is...

The "Organic Cosmetic Corner," which the nature of scent is drifting around.

Why PLAZA is being loved?
Compared to other variety shops,
we find a rich assortment of organic cosmetic items here!
Especially the items and brands that are somehow difficult to find! ^^

Massage Scrub & Body Oil of La Fleur 
Help to scrub away the stratum corneum, the trouble in winter!
That is the most popular series present the smell of citron. 
Of course, it is organic!  

To most of us, we need special care to dry skin.
With excellent moisturizing effect from "Shea butter,"
it is the body lotion of MAMA BUTTER.
Not only its moisturizing effect, but also the scent of Rose is perfectly matched. 

Neo Nachure Healing Lotion 
integrated with components of pesticide-free cultivated Luffa and Okinawa plant called Alpinia zerumbet.
Has no mixed with any chemical composition. 
That is just the pure lotion itself. 

It is important to do the steps of cleansing for makeup. 
Let's do the cleansing organically! 
Here is the "Damask Rose Cleansing Milk" of Terracuore, combination of olive oil and olive soap, 
which won the first place in the Japanese cosmetics review site called " @ cosme." 

It is a cleansing product can be done at once. 

Let's have a try ^^
Since it contains the beauty component, it is good to our skin and give us a pleasant feel.
The scent of an organic demask rose is well-balanced.

 Good organic products for skins! It is the same important as to hair!
 A slight oily Aroma Este Hair Emulsion of "La CASTA" contains herbal ingredients such as lemon and chamomile, helps caring the damaged hair.

Speaking of hair care, 
it is essential to have ZERO+Plessence Shampoo!
It is formed by "Horse Placenta" and 7 natural ingredients, which is getting popular recently in Japan!

It seems a non-silicon shampoo. 
Once starting to use the non-silicon shampoo, you would not use other shampoo anymore ^^

Besides the unique organic products, 
of course there are cute bathroom items.
Make us to put them all in our shopping basket!

Okay! Let's go to B1F.

Oh! We are surprised!
This cute little monster is welcoming us at the B2F.
Oh!! It is a porch of MEGA MONSTER!^^
Pink, black and denim, 
a lot of unique colorful look!

Speaking of variety shop,
we are always looking forward to see ideas full of new concepts and ideas. 

Here is the set of cutting board and cooker for different usages.

Oh!!! It is towel put inside the Mason Jar!
How colorful!!! what a good idea!^^

MUST HAVE ITEM for the one who loves taking selfie!!
Selfie stick for you!
Extremely popular in Japan!

Wow!! I want this!

A lot of  unique iphone cases can be found in various variety shops. 
You would definitely find your unique one in PLAZA GINZA.

Can you feel the spring is coming from these "Colla Born" cases?

Illustrations are nice. Lettering are cool too!

The most popular items to foreign tourists!
Wooden made music box!

Cute cat music box made by the warm of tree^^

Among the numbers of music box, snoopy one is particularly loved!
Wanna have one beside the bed^^

Paddington and Company Ltd 200* 
Paddington BearTM , Paddington
TM  and PB TM  are trademarks of
Paddington and Company Ltd

FASHY 's  bear series.
It is absolutely the stuffed doll we were longing for in the childhood. 
How interesting! It is a multi-functional stuffed doll!

In Japan, people use the pillow filled with warm water in the cold winter.
Wow! A bag of "hottie" is put inside.
Want this badly!

ⓒMoomin Characters

Wow!!! It is "Moomin."
National character of Finland!!!
It is very famous in Japan too!
Movie is ready to out too!


Collaboration goods of  lovely worldwide characters of "Suzy's Zoo©"

Mug cups, stuffed animals...
Rich line up of items in PLAZA.


Available at Tax free counter on the   
Essential items of Japan Travel  

PLAZA GINZA  at the basement of Sony Building in Ginza

Since it is located in the middle of Ginza, 
it seems most of the stylish and colorful items can be found here 
rather than the PLAZA shops in other areas of Tokyo. 

Especially, the lineup of organic items.
You might be surprised and happy to meet the brands that you have been interested in! 

Also, a rich assortment of character goods can give you a happy time. 

Before going to shop at Ginza, let's get out from the B9 Exit, 
from basement, 
let's check out PLAZA and go up to the top!
Looking forward to the happy shopping time huh^^

Directly connected to B9 Exit of Tokyo METRO Ginza Station
Here it is 

PLAZA/ Imported household goods

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