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#Cosmetics ♪ Cherry blossom color dyeing the Tokyo Night with SHISEIDO – LIFE STYLE FRAGRANCE & Cle de Peau Beaute

#Cosmetics ♪ Cherry blossom color dyeing the Tokyo Night with SHISEIDO – LIFE STYLE FRAGRANCE & Cle de Peau Beaute

Tokyo full of spring color 
Cherry blossoms are in full bloom everywhere! 
Most people are enjoying the city that is naturally dyed in cherry blossom color. 

Today, we are going to use the spring collection of  SHISEIDO cosmetics to share with you new life style.
Wish you to experience the smell of spring together!
“Because the beauty is already in you.”
Strengthening and maximizing the potential of expressing your beauty.
That is SHISEIDO brand has been focused on!

New series of SHISEIDO in spring 
LIFE STYLE FRAGRANCE series is ready for you!

Another brand under SHISEIDO
Cle de Peau Beaute
is attracting us!

Cleansing milk, lotion, powder foundation, and essence mask.
All help us to create a perfect shiny skin!

What is Cle de Peau Beaute?
Its brand concept is in response to all ladies of infinite possibilities.
According to its unique "Skin cells logical theory,"
like the brain, skin has its own ability to think and process information.
Let's open the gate to your skin, and continue to use the latest achievements of the Research Institute!
A evolution of skin!

Cle de Peau Beaute Official Homepage (English)

Okay! Let's go looking for the scent of spring!

▲ Ginza Mitsukoshi, a historical department store in Ginza

Ginza Mitsukoshi keeps leading the latest fashion
and have already spread the elegant scent of spring


A floor is designed in the fusion of Japanese tradition and modern sensibility.
A lot of SHISEIDO items are displayed.

Here, we see 

LIFE STYLE FRAGRANCE series, which is limited in Mistsukoshi Isetan
In other words, it is a joint household products of SHISEIDO and Mistukoshi Isetan.

Candles and spray of SHISEIDO LIFE STYLE FRAGRANCE series
It is made under the concept of the most beautiful night in the spring season in Japan.



This fragrance candle and spray 
is named HANASAKURA.
It means cherry blossoms. 

Most people can't help of being attracted by
the sweet, adorable and elegant scent of cherry blossoms.

In particular,  the plant-like patterns and design of the crystal cup of handmade candles 
are very eye-catching. 


8,500 yen (+ TAX)


10,000 yen (+ TAX)

Okay, let's get back to the hotel after our "Spring" shopping!

This time we stayed at the hotel we introduced before


1-minute walk from Shiodome Station / 3-minute walk from Shinbashi Station 
It is not only a convenient location, but also a hotel famous of overlooking Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree

ROYAL PARK HOTEL THE SHIODOME (English official homepage)

You can also check your article about staying at ROYAL PARK HOTEL THE SHIODOME

Okay!! Here you are!!!
Guest room that can allow us to overlook the symbol of Tokyo.
Tokyo Tower!

Awesome landscape!

ROYAL PARK HOTEL THE SHIODOME (English official homepage)

Let's enjoy this beautiful sunset of Tokyo.

A view with a golden Tokyo Tower 
makes us indulge in the beauty of the sunset.

Next, it is our skin caring time!

▲ Hot showers

Let's have a hot bath to ease fatigue

we gotta use Shiseido Cle de Peau Beaute
to start our skin caring time in spring!

▲ Before have a spring-style of makeup, let's keep our skin clean.

Let's relax and start the skin caring ♡

Next is Body Care ~

Beauty Story 1   SHISEIDO FUTURE SOLUTION LX Total R body cream

13,000yen + tax

Apply sufficient amount of body cream and gently massage until it totally absorbed.

FUTURE SOLUTION LX Total R body cream 
It is made of independently developed components according to the skin physiology.

Help you solve the skin problem and create a perfect skin.

A soft texture~

It is said that soft body cream would lessen the moisturizing feature.

FUTURE SOLUTION LX Total R body cream
consists of both the soft texture and moisturizing feature.
And it will last for a long time. 

It is combined by the scent of rose, plum flowers, cherry blossoms and other white flowers. 
It would be hard to explain and describe the unique scent when you apply it to your body.



Let's light a candle of the concept of spring night in Japan. 
A faint scent filled the room, 
which makes us feel like being in a cherry blossom garden. 

A phase and concept popular among people today
 "Decorate the space"

Not only to enjoy the interior decoration 
but also the enjoy with the sense of hearing and smell. 
Therefore, to create the interior design and atmosphere of the space, 
candles would be the must items.

Its package design make people to feel calm physically and mentally. 
After using up of candles, the glass can also be used as a decoration at home. 

Whenever we feel depressed, we would like to light a candle while doing mask. 
Twice a week is enough to feel cured and healed. 

Beauty Story 3   Cle de Peau Beaute  concentre illuminateur

This French name is hard to pronounce.
By the way, it is the concentrated mask. 
This series of products have 6 sets per box. 
This special concentrating care is basically in 3 steps. 

Step 1 Cleansing 

This is not just a general cleansing lotion. 
It has the function of exfoliating, and also helps absorbing excess essence. 
Use cotton to apply on face. 

Step 2  

Essence helps improve the condition of your skin from inside to outside
Apply half of the essence on the entire face.
Then, apply the rest of it around eyes, mouth and cheek, to have a better effect!

Step 3 

A mask helps to bright up your face!
A stretchable mask piece is divided into two parts! 
Place the lower part first, then the lower part. 

Allow essence from the mask fully penetrate the skin
Just 10 minutes,
Then, a moisturizing skin is ready for you!

After testing, we absolutely guarantee the long-lasting moisture. 
It is handy to do it at home by ourselves then.
Just like treatment in beauty salon. 

concentre illuminateur (6 sets each)

12,000 yen + TAX

Okay! Place on the face and relax for 10 minutes.

Enjoy the scent of Cherry Blossoms with FRAGRANCE CANDLES

Apply the mask of concentre illuminateur and take a rest...

Both our body and mind are healed. 
Applying a Hydra mask, enjoying the smell 
Wow!!! How romantic to see the Tokyo Night view. 

Hey, what scent of candle do you like?
We pretty like it though. 
Even in a general day,
light a fragrance candle, indulge in a new atmosphere, 
relax both your body and soul! ♡

▲ Tokyo Tower in a hazy evening ♡

 Starry sky in front of us is extremely beautiful.
This wonderful scenery makes we feel like we are in a dream. 

We don't feel annoying even looking at this night view of Tokyo. 
Enjoyment and fascination in both eyes and heart. 
Urging us to want to go out!!
Okay! Let's get ready!

▲ Makeup before going out ~

Sitting in front of the mirror like a beautiful actress in Hollywood. 

Let's start doing makeup!

▲ Cle de Peau Beaute    Lotion and essence used before makeup


voile creme correcteur (left)

6,000 yen + TAX

teint fluide eclat (8 colors) (right)

12,000 yen each + TAX

Beauty Story 4   Cle de Peau Beaute  voile creme correcteur 

A beautiful makeup needs a clean and beautiful skin too.
So you don't wanna miss the lotion used before makeup.

Make a smooth base for the foundation applying next. 
It helps cover wrinkles and pores effectively!

Apply sufficient amount!

Gently apply on the face. Tapping 1, 2, 3!!

Tapping few times will help you cover the up the uneven surface, 
help creating a smooth skin!

Story 5 Beauty Cle de Peau Beaute fluid foundation eclat

Liquid Foundation
This is designed to create a perfect diamond-like skin. 
Even a thin layer can help cover the weaknesses and redness. 

The container is easy to control the amount of squeezing. 
Nice design!

Beauty Story 6  Cle de Peau Beaute    teint poudre eclat 

SPF22 · PA ++ has UV function!

  Fine particles are small like air. 
This foundation powder helps creating a beautiful facial line. 

Refills (8 colors)

9,000 yen each + TAX


2,500 yen + TAX

Pinceau (brush)

2,000 yen + TAX

Use the specific Pinceau (brush) can make your skin looks shiny!

You know what? There is secret about the brush!

The secret is ...

It is the brush from Kumano, a worldwide famous brand of Japan!!!

Fine material is used. Each hair of the brush helps liquid foundation associated with skin closely!
This helps making a brighter skin!    

Beauty Story 7 SHISEIDO LIFESTYLE FRAGRANCE Room & Linen Spray

5,000 yen + tax

This is a fragrance that be used to remove the smell on clothing and fabric and leave a faint scent of linen.
Together with the candle mentioned above, 
let's indulge in the scent of cherry blossoms!

Smell on clothing and the whole room.
Make you a good mood all the day^^

Full charge of energy in a romantic cherry blossoms smell before going out!
Expect a special day is coming!!!!

With these collection of spring, 
let's forget all the fatigue and spend a pleasant day!

  Cherry blossoms in full bloom. 
Revival of everything in spring.

Let's fill our heart with the beauty of spring on makeup and skin care.
Let's us to be ladies calling for spring ♡

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