Tuesday, March 31, 2015

#Cosmetics ♪ Let's complete our perfect eyes makeup with CANMAKE!!!

#Cosmetics ♪ Let's complete our perfect eye makeup with CANMAKE!!!  

"Seeing everything from your perfect eyes!"

Moisturized your large transparent eyes!
Emphasizing  them with a natural curl and lovely eyelashes!!!

Today, we would like to introduce you a set of necessary items to complete a perfect eyes makeup!

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at the Japanese restaurant called "Hanagoyomi Tokyo" 
on the 15th floor of Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo

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2,500 yen per person  (2 hours)

Are you ready for eyes makeup?

Okay!!! In order to have a perfect eyes makeup, 
we have prepared 5 items!!!

(From the left)
Lash Care Essence
Lasting Multi Eyebase WP
Eyeshadow Base
Quick Lash Curler (Can be used as base, top coat, and regular mascara)
Flaring Curl Mascara(New Item)

Lash Care Essence (580 yen + TAX )

An item renew in December 2014!
Contains an abundance of conditioning agents as well as from 7 upgraded to 20 types of botanical ingredients, a highly recommended eyelash essence for ladies. 

Provide necessary nutrients to repair the damaged eyelashes. 
It is recommended to apply it before going to bed at night and before doing makeup in the morning. 

The angle of the tip has been specially designed to make it easy to apply from root to tip, coating each and every lash generously, even short eyelash. 

Okay!!! Let's start the real eyes makeup at the beginning!

Let's check one by one!

(From the left)
Eyeshadow Base
Lasting Multi Eyebase WP
Perfect Stylist Eyes
Quick Lash Curler
Flaring Curl Mascara (New Item)

▲Eyeshadow Base(500 yen+ TAX)

Apply to improve the color of your eye shadow and make it last longer.
Also, it has the role of covering the dark circles and wrinkles around your eyes. 
A must-idea for ladies. 

Just dip lightly with your fingertips 

After applying to the whole eyelids,
you might also apply to the areas like dark circles under the eyes and winkles around the eyes gently.

▲ Lasting Multi Eyebase WP (500 yen + TAX)

A multipurpose eye make-up base that you can use with eye shadow, eyes make-up, and eyeliner! 

Plus, the waterproof formulation can prevent make-up bleeding, fading, or running from sweat, oil, and tear. 

Moreover, it helps as from the following concerns:
- Makes the color of your eye make-up look more vibrant.
- Prevents eye shadow building up in the crease of your eyelid!
- Prevents the bleeding and fading from transfer of eyeliner and darker eye shadows above the crease of the upper lid!
- Clings tightly to your skin, keeping your eye make-up looking fresh and preventing bleeding, fading, and rub-off!

Apply the Eyeshadow Base to ensure a long-lasting eye makeup! 

▲ Quick Lash Curler (2 colors, ¥ 680 + TAX)

Use the transparent one as a base mascara,
or use the black one as the normal makeup,
or use it as top coat after applying the normal mascara.
A multi-effect mascara!

The brush is main feature of the mascara!

The brush is made up of special double-sided comb. 
The short side quickly lifts lashes up while the long side carefully separates them evenly. 

It helps to maintain a long-lasting curl even without an eyelash curler!

Use the short side to lift up the lashes.
Then, use the long side to separate them evenly. 

▲ Flaring Curl Mascara (New, ¥ 650 + TAX)

New mascara!!
Just released on March 3. 
The main feature of this item is the brush is slightly curved as the shape of the eyes. 

It helps you to make a curl on your lashes effectively. 
One more feature is its oil-based mascara. 
Therefore, it is easy to be washed by cleansing oil. 

Try applying them after using an eyelash curler. 

▲Your Lip Only Gloss( New 2 colors 650yen + TAX)

New lipstick!!
A hot item just released on March 3. 

It looks like an ordinary transparent lipstick at first, 
but it gradually turns to a lovely pink!

30 seconds after applying on the lips, the change of your lips color is main characteristic.

<TIP! Magic ways to make your lips look more healthy pink>
Leave it for a while after applying "Your Lip Only Gloss."
It will then change from transparent to pink. 
Afterwards, you might use tissue to adjust the brightness of color.

10 seconds after applied. 

20 seconds later.

Although we have introduced a number of lip gloss before,
personally we like this the most at this point! ^^

We bought them at "Matsumoto Kiyoshi" at Shinjuku Kabukicho. 

Because of a smooth duty-free service and we have found at featuring corner of CANMAKE here.
It makes us easier to find specific items while shopping. 

Shop efficiently and effectively 
How? Essential items to answer our concerns!
CANMAKE always is a good helper!
We are happy with their good items!

To be continued.

CANMAKE official Homepage (English)

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