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# Shopping ♪ atrē Ueno, Shopping area directly connected to the conveniently accessible Japan Railway (JR) Ueno Terminal

# Shopping ♪atrē Ueno, Shopping area directly connected to the conveniently accessible Japan Railway (JR) Ueno Terminal  

atrē Ueno

Following atrē Akihabara from last time, 
today, we have come to a conveniently accessible town, 
which has a lot of gourmet, shopping, zoo, and museum etc. 
In a vibrant old town of Tokyo,
let's start our adventure at atrē Ueno
which is directly connected to JR Ueno Train Terminal.

At atrē Ueno, there are restaurants streets,  a number of cafes that forms "Retro Pavilion."
fashion and accessories, and supermarket gathering together, 
which forms the "Seventh Avenue."

▲ A lot of people commute JR Ueno Terminal every day 

Visitors especially tourists from oversea, 
definitely visit Ueno among a number of popular tourist spots in Tokyo. 

Both JR line and Shinkansen arrive Ueno Terminal.
Besides, there is also Keisei line station nearby, train that can access to airport directly!
Convenient transportation becomes one of the popular point of Ueno.

In atrē Ueno is directly connected to JR Ueno station.
No doubt there are a lot of shops favored to visitors.

 We have picked up four COOL shops in atrē Ueno!
Let's take a look at them! ^^

[atrē Ueno]
▶ Address: Ueno 7-1-1, Taito-ku, Tokyo (Directly connected to the Central Exit outside of JR Ueno Station)
▶ Open Hours: Shopping  AM10: 00 ~ PM9: 00 
Restaurant AM11:00 ~ PM11:00
※ Open the whole year
( Vary in a number of shops)
▶ TEL: 03-5826-5811 (Representative)

Homepage (Multilingual)

[COOL 1] 
 Cosmetics in EKICHIKA (Shops inside the station)

A cosmetics & accessories shop is found after going out of the station gate. 
Cosmetics, household goods, character goods and nail products
Wow! A rich assortment of CANMAKE products !!

[COOL 2] 

Rock in Ueno Station!
One of the Hard Rock Cafes in the world!
Feel the rock in this American restaurant
of course fashion, accessories as well! 

[COOL 3] 
A lot of delicious bread! 

You can enjoy original European bread and coffee here!

[COOL 4]
 Supermarket Fantasy

Before going back the hotel, let's take a walk to supermarket,
pick up some wine from worldwide and of course popular food and Japanese bento!
No doubt it has a rich assortment of items than convenience store at the street corner^^

Another exciting information for foreign visitors! 

(Retro Pavilion 2F   Open Hours 11:00 to 19:00)

If you forget to exchange money, no worry!!!

Banks in Japan are open until 15:00.
Exchange rate in hotels vary. 
Here you go!
atrē Ueno 2F
Retro Hall

▲ Speedy currency exchange

At the reception desk, you can do the money exchange without waiting for in a lone line.
It belongs to "Mitsukoshi UFJ Finncial Group, Inc.," which is one of the mega banks in Japan.

An official assured currency exchange shop with reasonable exchange rate. 

▲ Available for various foreign currency exchange

Dollar, Euro, of course, British Pound and Australian Dollar,
Korean Won, Chinese Yuan, and Taiwan Dollar, 
You are available to do the exchange from most of the foreign currency!
How convenient!

Okay! Let's explore atrē Ueno
after finishing the currency exchange!

▲ At Ueno Station Shinobazu Exit

Look at this fashionable wooden design of the entrance... 

▲ Champ de Herbe
(Seventh Avenue 1F   Open Hours 10:00 to 22:00)

Cosmetics, accessories and all the cute items that use every day
can be found in this cosmetics shop at the entrance of the station. 

▲ Trendy cosmetics items

The latest and popular cosmetics can be found here.
Compare to drugstore that is filled with people,
here is much comfort and convenient to enjoy our shopping time!

▲ Various items of a popular brand "CANMAKE" 

If you come to Japan, 
and if you are girls,  you would definitely go buy 
the popular CANMAKE items right away.

A happy set!!!

It is nice idea for friends as souvenir or for ourselves. 
A limited package of best collection. 

<Original set of Champ de Herbe  Ueno Store  >
3,000yen + tax

▲ "panda" goods represented Ueno!

Speaking of Ueno, representing mascot would be "panda." ^^
Wanna collect a various items of cute panda.

▲ My Choice, look at this!

It is so cute and makes us wanna take it on hands. 
Panda Hand cream ^^

The package is cute too
And sweet smell♡

<Panda's D Hand Cream>
900 yen + tax

▲ items that call our curiosity

Bathing powder - packed in the shape of Japanese sake
You will definitely wanna buy one and have a try in hotel ^^

 280 yen+ tax

No worry of sudden rain ^^

We found the cute umbrella here!
It is right in front of entrance of the station!
So even it rains suddenly, 
we have another choices instead of the plastic umbrella only.

A stylish folding umbrella^^
which becomes another memory of your trip!

1,000 yen + tax

Okay!!! See what welcome us when we get into the terminal building?

▲ Hard Rock Cafe(Retro Pavilion 1F    Open Hours Restaurant 7:00 to 23:00/ Rock Shop 10:00~23:00 weekdays/ Saturday, Sunday, Holidays 9:00~23:00)

Non-stop Rock Music, authentic American cuisine, distinctive service of staffs
Rock music lovers definitely don(t wanna miss out this museum-like attractive Café.
Starting in London in 1971, then it is now expanded to 62 countries. 
One of the six stores Japan is here in Ueno.

▲ Available from 7:00 in the morning!

Return home in the morning, waiting for train, having breakfast
Just enjoy the rock atmosphere in the morning!
Hard Rock Cafe is open at 7:00am.
Surprisingly happy, huh!

The Rock staffs!!!

All staffs are full of unique personality.
Hospitality in rock spirit ^^


Like a museum, interior design is filled with the concept of the rock.
Enjoy the decorated musical instruments and costumes of various famous artists.


Rock and fashion, a nice combination^^
Next to the restaurant, you could see the original goods and T-shirts of Hard Rock Cafe. 

Ueno's original "pin"

Limited pins of each store are sold in the Hard Rock Cafe around the world. 
Collectors like to exchange "pin" to each other!
Pin of Ueno Store, 
there are panda and guitar. 

▲ Original goods

Such as Barbie dolls and teddy bear
There are also many original items too!

▲ Cool T-shirts ~

Fusion of Japanese-style illustrations and Rock taste T-shirts! 
Wow!! So cool ~ !!

<T-shirt (white)>
2,800 yen + tax

<T-Shirt (black)>
2,900 yen + tax

After enjoying the ROCK,
let's go shopping!

(Seventh Avenue 1F   Open Hours 7:30 to 23:00)

Supermarket of excellent quality food.
Food, wine, and liquor around the world
Specialty products and bento (lunch box) throughout Japan
Let's get some delicious and trendy items.

▲ Before returning to the hotel

Let's get something special and delicious things where 
we cannot find in convenient stores and other supermarket!

▲ Let's pay attention to the wine of the world!

France, Italy, Chile, etc.
Gathering wine of various countries.

What surprising us is the 
ideas of wine and food combination with photo displayed.

so maybe
first, let's decide what we would like to eat; then,
find the wine matching it!

▲ Rainbow flavored chocolate

Chocolate fruit ribbon from
Shinjuku's famous fruit parlor "TAKANO"

Let's try the taste of it!
It might be good for souvenir too!

<Chocolate Fruit Ribbon>
350 yen + tax

▲Excellent quality bento (lunch box)

Bento (lunch boxes) of convenience store in Japan taste good. 
But don't you wanna choose from more excellent quality ones?
We recommend bento from supermarket!

▲ Bento of different local specialties!

Premium quality Bento ^^
Various specialty of bento from various parts of Japan!
You can check the ranking of popularity before making any decision!

▲ Fun Shopping ^^

A lot of delicious food!!!
Wanna eat them all!

After getting some wine and bento
we got lost because of the tasty smell of bread from somewhere...

(Seventh Avenue 1F  Open Hours 7:30 to 22:00)

Original European bread line-up in the bakery
Freshly baked bread and freshly made sandwiches
Along with delicious coffee.
Enjoy your time in Café.

▲ Heading to where tasty smell came from

Feel like wrapped in a freshly baked delicious scent
we unconsciously took a tray in hand ^^

▲ Standard Styled European Bakery

All are delicious!
All are original!
In particular, such as twisted bread roll and Danish bread

<Twisted bread roll>
1 roll  650yen + tax
1/2 roll   325yen + tax

<Pain (French bread)>
180 yen + tax

<Cinnamon Danish>
170 yen + tax

▲ "Panda" on the Bread 

Wow!! We see panda again^^
Such as the whole panda face and printed panda,  
variety of ideas! Interesting!

<An panda (Red bean bun)> 
180 yen + tax

<Panda Danish (chocolate)>
240 yen + tax

▲ Most popular "panda bread" is highly recommended

What a good idea!!!
The whole thing is the lovely face of panda. 

Panda bread
1 loaf  800 yen + tax 
1/2 loaf  400 yen + tax 

Convenient to travelers!
A shopping place directly connected to station

It was another "New Discovery" again!
Like atrē Akihabara last time, 
not just a simple JR terminal station, 
but an enjoyable place!

Especially, atrē Ueno
There are a lot of valuable points for travelers.

Travel, can also be said a short period of local life.
There are no doubt it is more convenient to have shopping facilities around. 

Let's enjoy more in Tokyo Travel from now on!

We would like to visit and explore more about atrē every time we visit Japan.
Hope you enjoy too^^

[atrē Ueno]
▶ Address: Ueno 7-1-1, Taito-ku, Tokyo (Directly connected to the Central Exit outside of JR Ueno Station)
▶ Open Hours: Shopping  AM10: 00 ~ PM9: 00 
Restaurant AM11:00 ~ PM11:00
※ Open the whole year
( Vary in a number of shops)
▶ TEL: 03-5826-5811 (Representative)

Homepage (Multilingual)

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