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# Shopping ♪ Shopping in the Cherry Blossom Season! Let's begin at Tokyo Ginza Mitsukoshi!

# Shopping ♪ Shopping in the Cherry Blossom Season! Let's begin at Tokyo Ginza Mitsukoshi! 

March 29, 2015 
It was a sunny day on Sunday.
According to the forecast,
cherry blossom (Sakura) is in full bloom ^^

This means that Tokyo has officially entered the season of spring, right?

Where should we feel the season of spring?

We gotta get out from all the think winter clothing!
We are looking for the lovely spring fashion like a fresh pink of cherry blossoms.
So today we have come to...

Ginza Mitsukoshi Department Store

It prepares us a various presentation of cherry blossom (SAKURA)
Let's get into the [GINZA FASHION WEEK]
and be ready to greet the Tokyo Ginza Mitsukoshi together.

GINZA FASHION WEEK Information (Japanese)

▲ Spring forecasters 'SAKURA'

Synonym for spring, so many people are being attracted
That is 'SAKURA (= cherry blossoms)'

Soft pink petals combined with the faint scent, we enjoy the blooming flowers with 
our sense of taste, smell, sight and hearing, etc.
We stretch out while enjoying its charm.

Let us follow the footsteps of blooming of SAKURA and enjoy the trip in Tokyo this spring!

▲ A clear sky in spring and Ginza that is full of vitality 

Always walk in the forefront of fashion,
here we are at Ginza Mitsukoshi. 

We heart this place no matter how many times we come~


we dress up in the theme of cherry blossoms (sakura).

What color will you think of about Spring?
No doubt most of you will answer pink!

Speaking of pink, 
definitely you will think of cherry blossoms (Sakura).

How can we miss the magic of Spring, that is cherry blossoms(Sakura)?

Cherry blossoms highlight your style.

We are absolutely fascinated by it!
Cherry blossoms brooch and earrings bring the colors of spring.

 Vendome Boutique brooch & earrings 7,560 yen each

Glorious and gorgeous cherry blossoms necklace

 Sparkling pink in gradation
Wanna have this popular necklace!!
grosse-glace necklace 16,200 yen

Like a messenger of spring ~

If you are dressed up like this and standing beside the cherry blossom trees,
you will probably make people's eyes stopped on you.
Wow!!! A beautiful fashion of SAKURA is done!

More Pink ♡

This leather trimmed accessory looks nice, too.

After getting ready with the whole set of spring fashion,
we are ready for some spring scent!


At the JAPAN EDITION counter,
Traditional Japanese elements are included in various designed of items.

Wait... especially, we have found a fragrance, which brings the scent of springtime  ...


New product line of Japan's leading cosmetic brand 'Shiseido' 
A limited number of "life-aroma" series is available at Mitsukoshi Isetan. 
There are faint scent of cherry blossom.
The linen spray can be used on clothing and household fabrics is available too.

CANDLE HM 9,180 yen / HL 10,800 yen
ROOM & LINEN SPRAY 5,400 yen


Tableware for spring ^^
Patterns decorate with cherry blossoms~
Drink tea with this will  make you feel more mellow. 


A worldwide Japanese domestic brands 'Noritake' 
Originailly made by 'Okura Touen'.  A well-deserved reputation of its excellent quality. 

Japan's pride 
We can't miss the following item!


Craftsmanship of glass popular in the Edo period 
Made of fine crystal glass


Artisan craft

Traditional craft "Kiriko" made by Nabetani Satoshi. 
A perfect combination with the blooming pink and transparent of cherry blossoms
How impressive^^

After opening up our senses of spring through fashion, fragrance and artisan crafts,
let's go to enjoy the full flavor of spring in lunch time then!


Bright color casual sushi box 
Mouth-watering dishes using ingredients made from spring ...
A 2 layers of lunch box definitely makes you wanna go to picnic!

HanaGoyomi bento (lunch box) 1,981 yen
B2  Bento (lunch box) counter 

 SAKURA Dessert

A perfect combination of cherry blossom flavored yogurt mousse and strawberry mousse combination
Looks very delicious!

Cherry blossom (sakura saku) 486 yen (Limited to Ginza shop)
B2 West Hall

▲ Sweet spring, happy moments

Can't bear to eat it because it is so cute^^
Take a picture before eating ^^

Japan in the spring, let's began our travel!

Likable cherry blossom scenery no doubt is one of the highlights of your Japan trip ~
 Immersed in the ocean of cherry blossoms in spring in Tokyo, 
although it is very short, which made us treasure more about its preciousness and attract numerous of foreign tourists come to enjoy this spring.

SAKURA trip is not too late.
Waiting for another year?  why not come by at this moment?
Welcome you to come to Japan this spring season!

Don't remember to go to Ginza Mitsukoshi
Come to feel and enjoy SAKURA fashion together ^^

The beauty of Cherry blossoms in Tokyo are expected to be enjoyed until April 2

GINZA FASHION WEEK Information (Japanese)

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