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#Shopping ♪ Trendy Shopping in Spring! Let's come to the most fashionable spot! ~Omotesando Hills~

Trendy Shopping in Spring!
Let's come to the most fashionable spot!
~Omotesando Hills~ 

Tokyo Travel in Spring, you will probably feel excited of the beautiful cherry blossoms. 
Why don't you wanna go shopping in this beautiful season?

New fashion of spring, we found the most updated collection here in Omotesando!
Here you are "Omotesando Hills."

We would like to pick up 4 must-check FRESH points from about 100 stores of new fashion this spring! 


Landmark of Omotesando, the origin of the most updated fashion and culture in Japan. 
From the appearance, it is a trendy shopping facility, a unique low-rise structure of design by "Tadao Ando," world-class architect. 

▶ ︎ Hours: OPEN 11:00
▶ ︎ Shopping: Monday ~ Saturday  until 21:00 / Sunday  until 20:00
▶ ︎ Restaurant: Monday ~ Saturday 23:30 (Last Order 22:30) / Sunday 22:30 (Last Order 21:30)
▶ ︎ Cafe: Monday ~Saturday until 22:30 (Last Order 21:30) / Sunday 21:30 (Last Order 20:30)
  ▶ ︎ Languages: Information Counter- concierge service
▶ ︎ English Support Service is available all the time. / Chinese Support Service: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays  11:00 ~17:00 

Dior Perfume & Beauty Boutique 

Following Paris, London, and Shanghai, it becomes the first latest boutique in Japan. 
From makeup, fragrance to skin care, 
All kinds of cosmetic items can be found! 
Excellent service is guaranteed.

dan genten

The design cherishes the original natural texture of leather. 
 Enjoy the feature of  "aging," as you keep using it. 
It is an unique shop of a rich assortment of leather items. 


With the concepts of "NEW RECYCLE,"
gathering antique items from all over the world, 
as well as items from individual collectors along with unique stories. 
It is a recycle shop full of uniqueness and creativity. 


"TORAYA CAFE" belongs to the tradition Japanese sweet brand of "TORAYA,"   which has 500 years of history. 
With the best combination of Western and Japanese style, 
welcome you to enjoy "a new style" sweet here! 

let us check all these fresh points in details!

▲ Dior Perfume & Beauty Boutique
(Main Building 1F /  Open Hours 11:00 to 21:00   Sunday until 20:00)

"Not only make ladies more beautiful but also happier."
"Dior, " a brand the most ladies admire!
It is boutique that you can experience makeup, skin care and fragrance. 

An elegant and modern store

Overall is based on Montaigne Gray & Black
Decorated with Canage motif and gold accents.
A space of the longing Dior.

▲ limited & new items

Limited Items only for Omotesando boutique
Indeed, the latest fashion spot ~Omotesando Hills~ ^^

[Information of limited & new items  (right → left)]
(Available from March 11 with limited amount)
5 COULEURS #686 Tangerine Dream  8,208 yen (tax included)

(New Release in March 20) ※ Items are not available in China

LOOSE POWDER  7,020 yen (tax included)
POWDER COMPACT  6,804 yen (tax included)
Nude Healthy Glow Ultra-fluid Serum Foundation  SPF25/PA++   6,804 yen (tax included)

▲ Make up SERVICES

Chinese-speaking handsome makeup artist
 Makeup service that makes use of the makeup skills of Dior.
Come and enjoy the professional makeup technique using the latest Dior products^^

▲ Best combination of skin care!

Dior No.1 beauty cells (stratum corneum) Care Serum "ONE ESSENTIAL"
A beautiful red package, 
red hibiscus nurtured in the Dior Garden has been formulated.

An age-defying perfect skin creator that refines skin texture, evens skin tone, diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, and increases radiance. 

Both are no doubt the best combination of Dior skin care!

(Left) ONE ESSENTIAL (30ml 12,420 yen / 50ml 15,660 yen (tax included)
(Right) CAPTURE TOTALE DREAMSKIN 30ml 12,960 yen / 50ml 17,280 yen / Refill 16,200 yen (tax included)

▲ Miss Dior

"Extension of a Man" 
"Miss Dior" fragrance appears on a movie-like TV commercial 
starring by Natalie Portman.


Was released in 1947, the first famous perfume of Dior "Miss Dior."
"Blooming Bouquet"
Encouraging ladies to the ideas of freedom

Fruity element and floral element melt together
Sparkling floral. Scent wrapped in happiness.
Let you feel the wrapped scent gradually.

Miss Dior BLOOMING BOUQUET 30ml 6,480 yen (tax included) / 50ml 9,720 yen (tax included)


It is a service provided by fragrance Specialist of Dior.
Choose the optimal flavor for us from the collection called "LA COLLECTION PRIVĒE *"

You may talk to the specialists (English and Chinese speakers are available) 
to choose your own scent. 
(* There is a limited collection for Omotesando boutiques and another store. 
 Dior finest fragrance collection of 12 kinds of luxury scent)


According to the condition of skin of individual,
beautician will make use of the product of Dior. 
Allowing us to experience various kind of facial treatment on both eyes and face
such as detox, whitening, and anti-aging. 

New detox programs are available.
· DIOR PRESTIGE Face & pack treatments 90 minutes 24,840 yen (tax included)
· DIOR PRESTIGE WHITE Face & pack treatments 90 minutes 24,840 yen (tax included)
· ULTRA DETOX (ONE ESSENTIAL) Face Treatment 60 minutes 11,880 yen (tax included)
· ULTRA DETOX (ONE ESSENTIAL) Face & pack treatments 75 minutes 14,040 yen (tax included)
· AGING CAPTURE Face & pack treatments 75 minutes 16,200 yen (tax included)
· AGING HYDRALIFE Face & pack treatments 75 minutes 12,960 yen (tax included)
· WHITENING DIOR SNOW Face & pack treatments 75 minutes 14,040 yen (tax included)
· REJUVENATING EYE TREATMENT Special Eye Face & pack treatments 75 minutes 16,200 yen (tax included)
(Prestige 75 minutes 24,840 yen (tax included))

▲ dan genten
(Main Building 1F/ Open Hours 11:00~21:00  Sunday until 20: 00)

Looking forward to the "taste" coming out naturally while using.
A lot of excellent quality of natural leather bags are available. 

▲ Simple is the Best

Excellent material, natural design. 
Goat leather backpacks are most likely to fit any styles. 

Oh! It is TAX FREE!

Aged Goat Leather Backpack 59,000 yen + TAX

▲ Goat Leather

Nice color tone and texture.  "Goat leather," which has undergone "aging" process.
A thin and light but durable leather. 
Allow you to keep a lot of memories together! 

▲ A bag makes you wanna go on journey

Italian Vaqueta Leather is used. 
A charming designed travel bag.
Stay with you in whatever harsh journey^^

Travel Boston 125,000 + TAX

▲ Unique design in details

Leather that takes time soaking with oil
Then, it ended up to form a natural shape of unique baf. 
Made in Japan 
quality is guaranteed  ♡

tote bag 46,000 yen + TAX
2way bag 44,000 yen + TAX

▲ Nice matching with Canvas!

A natural concept 
using plants, dyed with natural dyeing.
Then, a cute Canvas bag is done!
Perfect for spring coordination!

PIANTA rucksack 45,000 yen + TAX
knit 39,000 yen + TAX
pants 24,000 yen + TAX
sandal 36,000 yen + TAX

▲ Unique leather accessories

Various accessories such as wallets and pass case.
All are in unique design.

Leather goods 7,000 yen + TAX ~

▲ Feel the warmth of nature 

It is recommended to the fashionable ones who like simple. 

Epidemic, is said to be this or that around.
Actually, you might say it is originally from the spirit of recycling.
We found this nice shop in Omotesando Hills. 

(West Hall B2F  Open Hour 11:00 ~ 21:00  Sunday  until 20: 00)

From the old to the new, let's tell and build the new memories and values.

A recycle shop like the concept of passing the baton.
If you are interested, go and have a look then!

▲ A trendy recycle shop^^

Individual items. 
Individual items full of memory.
Adding new value to companies' dead-stock
Vintage and antique items from oversea. 

Going through the process of 


Then, a new item will be formed!


Mass production of tea cup.
No longer an item for sell if there is dirt, etc. 
But the is no problem to be functioned as tableware. 
Let's draw a little cute illustrations
to "REMAKE."
A splendid reborn. What a nice idea!

Goat & Wolf Remake tableware 1,500 yen + TAX ~


Look at this necklace.
It looks a very pretty trendy design.
Actually, it is made about 30 years ago.
A new designed package revives its charm!

allowing spot light on the item 
A new attempt of PASS THE BATON 

THE ATTIC - came out from the attic - 5,000 yen + TAX


Dead-stock that had been sleeping at the manufacturer's warehouse, 
such as fabrics, ribbons and buttons, etc. 
Showing in a newly stylish way, 
reviving the retro items with new value. 
How interesting ^^ 

New pictured applied only!
Then, some nice new recycling tableware are finished!
Simple design that most people would like!

▲ Items with behind story 

The price recycling items vary from a variety of story ♡

▲ Speaking of recycling, it is antique item,

A lot of vintage antique collections are ordered from various places in overseas.
By just looking at it, 
you would probably want to decorate your room with all these items.

Last but not least,
the tour of our "fresh spots tour" in Omodesando Hills...
let's take a look at some Spring sweet^^

(Main building B1F / Open Hours 11:00 ~ 22:30  Sunday until 21: 30)

Sweets of long history sweet house in Omotesando style! 
Choices of exquisite harmony of Japanese and Western style of sweets!

▲ "An Paste"

An Paste is made with Japanese red bean paste, brown sugar, maple syrup, and chocolate.
Taste with bread or put in in the drink!
Enjoy your own way of eating! 

▲ Green tea + white chocolate

Look at this vivid green "an paste"!
It is the combination of green tea and white chocolate!

Macaroon filled with "an paste"
The taste you can only taste in Japan.

Limited sale over-the-counter "An paste" macaroon   270 yen each (tax included)

▲ Feel the harmony of modern Japan  

Of course take-out service is available. 
Let's enjoy your time here!

Don't miss the fresh spring menu ♡ 

▲ Speaking of spring 
most of you would say "Sakura (Cherry Blossom)"

Highly recommended!!!
Glamorous in spring!
"Cherry blossom parfait"

Jelly of Japanese sweet "Sakura-mochi" 
Fresh strawberries, banana, lychee 
Red bean paste and soy milk flavored ice cream on the top

On top of the cream is salted cherry. 
A premium fresh parfait in spring ^^

Scooping from the bottom with a spoon
You will then taste the another exquisite harmony ♡

Cherry blossom parfait 1,080 yen (tax included)
Cherry blossom parfait (with drink) 1,512 yen (tax included)

Tokyo Shopping in Spring
Sensitive to the epidemic
Wanna enjoy the short cherry blossom season to the fullest?
Wanna shop and have fun at the same time?

Omotesando Hills will probably be your choice 
to check the latest trend in Japan!

Enjoy shopping 
comfortably and freshly^^

From March 14th to May 6th, we are holding the ''FEEL JAPAN'' campaign for customers who paid by the UnionPay. 

We have a colorful friction ball-point pen for those who have a receipt made shopping more than tax-included 2,500 yen 
 in once at the shop in the Omotesando Hills. 
Please drop by the information counter on the first floor in the main building. 

And more, at 21 stores set a special treatment or discount for customers of paying by the UnionPay. 
By all means, please come to the Omotesando Hills! 

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