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#Shopping ♪ atrē Akihabara ~ A convenient and fun facility directly connected to JR Akihabara Station

#Shopping ♪ atrē Akihabara  A convenient and fun facility directly connected to JR Akihabara Station

Easy access to everywhere
Shopping mall that directly connected to the Japan Railway (JR)
atrē in Akihabara

"JR" connecting all the cities, areas
"Shinkansen" going through the whole Japan. 
The center of the rail network of East Japan  
It is "JR (East)"

Japan National Railways became privatized in 1987 
and JR (East Japan) was born.
One of the shopping facilities connecting to most of the popular station buildings is called 

Miscellaneous goods, daily necessities, restaurants, sweets, fashion and etc. 
A shopping center contains all those facilities and shops to fit our life style, connecting to the station of our town. 

Shopping malls directly connected to the station are convenient on rainy day
especially when you are carrying a lot of shopping bags lol

JR Station where atrē is located...

Ebisu / Meguro / Yotsuya
Kichijoji / Kawasaki / Omori
Oi-machi / Shinagawa
Akihabara / Ueno
Matsudo / Kameido / Shin-Urayasu

Then, we know we can find atrē at most of the main JR station in Tokyo/ Kanto area. 

Today, we gonna show you 
some HOT spots of atrē when you get off from the station. 

First, let's take a look at the one in Akihabara, 
where you would never miss out during Tokyo travel. 

Okay! Let's check out 4 HOT spots of  "atrē Akihabara " connected to JR Akihabara Station. 

 atrē Akihabara

atrē Akihabara consists of two building of  "atrē1" and "atrē2".
Respectively, there are a lot of convenient and fun shops presenting the characteristic of Akihabara. 

[atrē Akihabara]
▶ ︎ atrē Akihabara 1:  1-17-6 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (Central Exit / Electric Town Exit / atrē 1 Exit)
▶ ︎ atrē Akihabara 2:  1-9 Hanaokachō, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (Showa-dori Exit)
▶ ︎ Open Hours: atrē Akihabara 1 / AM10: 00 ~ PM9: 00
▶ ︎ Open Hours: atrē Akihabara 2 / AM7: 00 ~ PM11: 30
▶ ︎ Telephone: 03-5289-3800 (Representative)

Website (English)

HOT 1  Come to atrē to get smartphone accessories!

Akihabara is a popular place of smartphone or tablet!
"Selfie Stick"the most latest item in worldwide for all kinds of colorful smartphones 
and stylish chargers are all available to find in Akihabara. 

HOT 2  "Stand-up eating Style Sushi"!

You probably would understand it is always very busy during trip in Tokyo. 
Therefore, we are looking for place where can eat lunch speedily and deliciously. 
Here we are... the "Tachigui-style" (stand-up eating style) of sushi.
What a nice and unique Japanese dining experience. 

Hot 3  Let's being "Ta-chan " of railway!!!

Speaking of Akihabra, it is a holy land of ""Otaku" culture!
atrē, directly connected to JR Station, 
we are here to experience the maniac railway goods!

March 14, come and check out various goods of "W7 Series Car" during the opening of 
"Hokuritsu Shinsansen " connecting Tokyo and Kanazawa. 

 HOT 4  Close and delicious Station Cafe!

You know the hideaway station cafe "TULLY'S" in Akihabara
2F of atrē 2 directly connected  station 
Plenty seats
Coffee are hot dogs are pretty delicious!

What do you think the 4 HOT spots that JAPANKURU's recommended?
It is a nice place huh!

Okay! Let's take a look at it! 

 In the atrē  Akihabara 1 

From 1F to 6F, 
shops of miscellaneous goods, drugstores, supermarkets, fashion boutiques, cafes and restaurants. 
A shopping mall of everything connected directly to station. 

Take the escalator right after getting out from the ticket gate. 
Just enjoy shopping at any shops freely!

▲ Smart Labo
(3F/ Open Hours:  10:00 to 21:00)

Specializes in a variety of accessories of smartphone. 
Case, film, battery, and all kinds of items to fit personal life style!
Let's discover an infinite of smartphone style.

 ▲ MADE IN JAPAN  Interesting iPhone case

Make use of the technology of Japan artificial grass
a "Shibaful" case is made!
It seems becoming a popular item recently!

Various designs 

Even the same artificial grass, 
this camouflage design is cool!!!!

▲ Isn't it the case as usual?

Oh!!! using the photo in our smartphone. 
Just 15 minutes, 
you can then create the only one original printed phone case in the world.!!!
Won't be find the same one anymore^^

▲ Bluetooth speaker!

Recently, it has become one of the must-have item for most people. 
Bluetooth speaker also has various designs huh!!!

▲ The most popular! Su-Pen!

Popular stylus pen can help writing smoothly and comfortably

Light material of aluminum and brass, carbon, etc.
Let's choose yours according to your preferences. 

Its popular reason? It is good to play with game!

No matter writing letters or drawing pictures, 
it is really good for playing game!
No doubt it is Akihabara! lol 

▲Wow!!! What a fashionable cell phone charger^^

It is DANBOARD the main character of animation "Yotsuba" ^^
When your smartphone is out of battery, you might probably go to buy the extra one at convenience store.
Why don't you wanna get a stylish one in advance at atrē?

Is it sushi?

Popular strap for cellphone!! 
"Japanese Food Sample"
How interesting!!  
Just look like the real ones!

Wanna have some sushi?

Let's go to eat sushi in a "smart" way!!!

▲Standing sushi bar Tsukiji Uogashi Nihonichi

(1F / Open hours 10:00 to 22:00)
Just 75yen for a dish in this Standing sushi bar!
Lower price doesn't mean low quality. 
What an interesting style of Japanese Fast food. 
 Let's see ......

This is the Stand-up-eating style!

In Japan, you can see this style of 
soba-ya, udon-ya, and Izakaya at most of the large train terminal. 
No seats and just stand-up eating.
It has become one of the Japanese unique culture today.
It is a nice idea for the one who is in hurry.
That's the fast food of Japanese style.

Among them, stand-up eating style of sushi is very unique.
Let's come to atrē Akihabara to experience!

This set is 1,000 yen.
Look at the volume of this sushi set!
It is worth more than 1,000yen.

Can you see the meal is written in multi-languages. 
Let's experience and challenge!  

▲Order two types of sushi at once!

Select two types of sushi at once!
Select smartly! Eat smartly!

▲ Fresh sashimi directly from Tsukiji market

Fresh sushi is delicious even stand-up eating!
Using sashimi directly from Tokyo Tsukiji market every morning, 
professional chef then press and make it in front of you.
No doubt this will be the best cost performance. 

We are standing!!!
Even there is no seats, we still eat deliciously and have fun!!

Smile is priceless^^
No matter the style you eat, 
fresh is fresh.
delicious is delicious. 

How much is the combination?

It is the seasonal special. 
King of the "Triple crown"
Negi-toro (Tuna with leek) and Bincho-maguro (tuna)  350 yen (tax excluded)
It is just the same price 350 yen if you line up at Tsukiji market in the morning. 

Speedy, inexpensive, delicious

Besides, Kaiten-zushi (sushi-go-round) , another "smart" way to eat sushi!
It is stand-up eating!
Let's experience it in Akihabara then!
After finishing lunch...

(2F / Open hours 10:00 to 21:00)

Railway design goods shop with the concept of "Let's enjoy railway in a fun way!"
It is perfectly to be found at JR Akihabara Station.
 An interesting place for railway lovers! 
A lot of railway items!
It is fun to stop by!!!

Tokyo Station ~Celebrating 100th anniversary~

Landmark of Tokyo Railway

Reproduce in miniature 

Smaller than LEGO
which is called Japanese born "nano block"

Oh!! This is Tokyo Station.
Wanna have a set huh!^^

(Station lunch box)

fantastic idea!!!
A towel set in the shape of eki-ben of Tokyo Station^^

▲ Travel by Shinkansen (bullet train)

Why don't you buy the same shaped real eki-ban together?
everyone might definitely be surprised! lol
 2,160 yen (tax included)

▲Souvenirs for your Tokyo Travel 

Chocolate in  package of station names of JR line and Shinkansen are written
9 in 1 set. Good for souvenirs.
734 yen each (tax included)

▲Surprisingly stylish and convenient items

After chocolate, we have found these "Masking tapes" ^^
Printed with station names in various colors
Easy to stick and remove
350 yen each (tax included)

▲ Started from 3.14 ! Hokuriku Shinkansen

Connecting Tokyo and Kanazawa, a new type of Shinkansen (bullet train)
It is started from March 14.
Of course, you might find a lot of featuring items!

Hokuriku Shinkansen?

"Hokuriku" refers to the area of of "Toyama, Ishikawa, and Fukui, " which are located at the northern part of Japan.
"Hokuriki Shinkansen" runs though the the traditional city "Kanazawa" and Kurobe Alpine, skiing resorts "Nagano", etc.
A new bullet train to reach most of the Japan's leading tourist destinations.

Before March 14, 
it was hard to access by cars, buses and airplanes. 
But now, 
just 2 hours and 28 minutes to reach Kanazawa and 2 hours 8 minutes to reach Toyama in 260km/hour. 
A convenient transportation for most of the charming tourist destinations. 

Until now,  moving from Tokyo to Kanazawa,
 mostly took 7-8 hours by bus or 4 hours by train!
That is why it was inconvenient to reach the tourist destination.
Let's have a trip to Hokuriku by Hokuriku Shinkansen.

After hanging around, seeing, touching, eating,
we pretty enjoy atrē Akihabara.
But we find a little bit tired, gonna have a coffee break!

We know there is cafe in front of Akihabara station, 
but it is too crowded there!!!

At that time, we decide to move on to atrē Akihabara 2

(atrē Akihabara 2 / 2F / Open hours 7:00 to 22:00, 
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 8:00 to 22:00)

"TULLY'S, " which is US No.2 coffee chain following STARBUCKS. 
It is born in Seattle, America West Coast.

In Japan, it is operated by "ITOEN, " which is famous of its "O~i Ocha. "
Using the excellent quality of coffea arabica bean, brewing every cup of coffee by the manual machine. 
The cafe is filled with all delicious coffee smell.
Want a cup of delicious coffee?
We recommend here without hesitation!  

▲ Espresso machine

As a coffee lover...
Use a luxury machine "LA CIMBALI"
 extracting espresso seriously

Crema is rich, and perfectly matched with milk. 
Rich and deep scent

This is why we are sticking to TULLY'S

Popular Meal

Latte + Paul Park Dog Original (740 yen including tax)
Simple hot dog with delicious ingredient & rich latte! Nice combination!

Why we hadn't noticed it until now?
It is a facility directly connecting JR station building that we haven't recognize in your Tokyo travel.

Wow!!!  We have been playing hide and seek with that much of fun spots lol
Return of shopping when you go back to hotel.
there are places for you to find things forgotten to buy. 
Also, there are places for you to have a fast meal too.

Here you are atrē Akihabara!  
Let's have a atrē adventure!
Explore shops inside atrē Akihabara!
You might definitely find unexpected surprise.

Looking for a deeper content of Tokyo Travel. 
Let's start your new discovery here!

Next time, we gonna explore the atrē Ueno!
See you next time!

[atrē Akihabara]
▶ ︎ atrē Akihabara 1:  1-17-6 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (Central Exit / Electric Town Exit / atrē 1 Exit)
▶ ︎ atrē Akihabara 2:  1-9 Hanaokachō, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (Showa-dori Exit)
▶ ︎ Open Hours: atrē Akihabara 1 / AM10: 00 ~ PM9: 00
▶ ︎ Open Hours: atrē Akihabara 2 / AM7: 00 ~ PM11: 30
▶ ︎ Telephone: 03-5289-3800 (Representative)

Website (English)

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