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# Snacks ♪ Japaneses representative Candies~ HI-CHEW Certified as "Space Japanese food" is getting popular in Major League!

# Snacks ♪ Japaneses representative Candies~ HI-CHEW  Certified as "Space Japanese food" is getting popular in Major League! 

Representative Japanese Candies 

Fresh fruit taste,
not even a candy nor a gum. 

HI-CHEW, like Janus of the snack industry, has been loved by everyone for 40 years.
Always bring delight in our mouth, 
made the birth of "Chewing Candy" in Japan. 

Okay! Its name is called "HI-CHEW. "

Although there are  a lot of similar products can be found in supermarket recently,
HI-CHEW is still the representative at all.

HI-CHEW is the products made by MORINAGA in Japan
What a catchy name!
You know what? Most of the products of this company are humorous and friendly. 
Also, they are easy to remember, as the names are born according to its characteristic,
which is the name strategy of the company.

At the time of HI-CHEW appeared in this world, Japan is in the high-growth period. 
It was popular to say anything with "HI" at the beginning of words/phases. 
Originally, HI-CHEW was created as the compound word of HI and its original name "Chewing Candy."

Now, HI-CHEW is loved by more than 10 countries. 
HI-CHEW is now popular enough to be the word used as describing "Chewing Candy."

Actually, HI-CHEW is full of a lot of interesting stories ....

Let's check them all out then!

The most popular HI-CHEW 
TOP 3 in Japan

1. Grape flavor
2. Strawberry flavor
3. Green Apple flavor

I see I see.....
We all like the simple flavors^^
Personally, we are interested in the one that has strawberry chips filled. 

HI-CHEW is easily to be found anywhere in Japan!

Convenience stores, supermarkets, grocery stores, drug stores, vending machines at the station...
It is easy to get HI-CHEW at anywhere in our daily life.
By the way, it is very common ordinary candy though.
(Of course, it tastes nice^^)

Hello!!! It is HI-CHEW of Grape flavor

It has been upgraded continuously in 40 years. 
The most favorite flavored HI-CHEW!!!!

HI-CHEW Grape Flavor (12 pieces)  100yen (tax excluded)

Two-layer structure^^

Because of this structure, 
we can feel and taste the juicy HI-CHEW!
If you wanna eat grapes however not in the seasonal period, 
this can definitely satisfy you! 

Huh!! Grape is the most favorite??
How about strawberry?

Of course, strawberry also shares the popularity relatively.
Strawberry is the flavor loved by a wide range of generation groups. 

Filled with strawberry chips!

Can you see the red dot on the appearance.
 Those are the Strawberry chips!
In general, case of gums and other candies, 
strawberry flavor will gradually get lighter as chewing. 
But HI-CHEW, you will find the taste of strawberry getting stronger as chewing!
So while choosing among grape, green apple and strawberry flavors, 
you are no bothering to choose strawberry then lol

Ladylike green apple flavor ranked number 3. 

Not just normal apple, but green apple. 
Taste that refreshing your mouth. 
It is no exaggeration to say it is just like having a bite of a green apple. lol

Extraordinary refreshing taste

Compared to HI-CHEW, it is slightly sour. 
But it is pleasant to have one having refreshment.

Unique HI-CHEW Three Brothers 
Premium rank in Japanese Sweets.
We can't miss out the story of its history of 40 years. 
let us show you the six of them. 

Episode 1

HI-CHEW  getting into space?

 HI-CHEW "Space Japanese food" 

Since October 2014, HI-CHEW has been certified as "Space Japanese food" by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) 

This first space chewing Candy 

HI-CHEW is provided to the Japanese astronauts living in the International Space Station. 
It is very useful for nutritional balance and stress release. 

Episode 2

 Popular in Major League Baseball. 

HI-CHEW is getting popular in the United States among the field of Major League Baseball. 

Wait? What do you mean?

Have you ever seen players always chew gum during baseball game?
So instead of gum, 
chewing HI-CHEW has become a little boom among players recently!

By the way, 
who started it?
It seems the famous Japanese major league's player "Matsui" did it!

So what is good is that, 
you don't have to get rid of the candy from your mouth,
just chewing and let it melting inside your mouth. 
How convenient if comparing to chewing gum, huh!

 As a result of this popularity, 
on March 21, 
A charity match will be held at Tokyo Dome. 
Famous players like "Derek Jeter," who loves HI-CHEW
are expected to be shown up!

For more info about the Charity game in Tokyo Dome, 
please click

Episode 3  
HI-CHEW from all over Japan

Distinctive HI-CHEW of each area can be found. 
Let's enjoy the only-taste of HI-CHEW of each area in Japan!

Episode 4  
HI-CHEW Abroad!

Not only Japan, 
But also America, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea,
 Thailand, Singapore, Australia, 
New Zealand, Italy, Vietnam and etc. 
HI-CHEW are being sold in all above countries!

Overseas version VS Japan version

Most of the HI-CHEW sold at overseas, 
are mainly made in Taiwan. 

They are almost the same taste. 
Maybe a lightly hard. 
Of course, everyone has one's own favorite^^

Made in Taiwan "HI-CHEW"

HI-CHEW are loved in Taiwan. 
In the above picture,  one of the ladies is originally from Taiwan.
Guess who?
(Hint: Very good friend with KURUKI )
→ more hint?

Episode 5 
PREMIUM HI-CHEW for adult 

A special luxury package
which is "HI-CHEW PREMIUM" for adult.
HI-CHEW used premium fruit juice exclusively.

HI-CHEW PREMIUM  Red grape/ white grape flavor (35g)  120yen (tax excluded)

Enjoy the scent of HI-CHEW

Just like drinking the a premium fruit juice 

Smell and taste for adult.  Make you wanna kiss ~

Using the representative grapes for red and white wines 
 "Karubene"and "Chardonnay,"
smell spread through the mouth from the moment you put it in mouth

"Want one more kiss" among lovers
"Want one more candy" among friend

Episode 6   
40th anniversary  
HI-CHEW "Peach flavor"

To celebrate the 40th anniversary, 
voting among fans was held in the homepage of MORINAGA.
Peach flavor was being selected!

the 40th anniversary special ~2nd version~
Peach flavor 
(By the way, 1st version is yogurt flavor)

Okay!!! Here you go!!!
The special story!!!!
Let's take a look at the HI-CHEW Japan map.

From Hokkaido to Okinawa

Wow!!  Big Japan! Plenty of HI-CHEW!!!!
Only flavor in each area!!!
Let's start our HI-CHEW trip then!

12 pieces a pack x 5 = 1 Set

Wow!!!  Various HI-CHEW can be found in each region!
HI-CHEW regional limited version (12 pieces x 5) 600yen (tax excluded)
Price varies by region   

1. Hokkaido

Treasure of gourmet!
A lot of nice ingredients from the sea, 
milk, cheese, corn, potatoes and "King" of fruit from Hokkaido, 
which is Melon from Yubari!

Finest fruit in Tokyo!
One for 10,000 yen! 

Nurtured in this wide and natural Hokkaido...

Yubari's Melon HI-CHEW

Using the most concentrated sugar content of fruit juice of Yubari's Melon.
No doubt it is awesome!

2.  Tohoku

Speaking of Tohoku, what can you imagine?

Aomori apples and Yamagata cherries
They are the representative of Japan fruit!

Sendai Town

In this natural town of Tohoku,
What limited version of HI-CHEW can be found?

Tohoku's apple flavor!

It is different from green apple huh!
Let's enjoy the concentrated apple taste HI-CHEW!

One more!!! Cherries!!!

Japanese Cherries! 
Sweet cherry taste spread inside your mouth. 
A pleasant fruit taste of HI-CHEW!

3. Shinshu

A spreading Minami Alps, is called the roof of Japan. 

Taste of apple in this region
is different from the one of Tohoku region. 
Another good taste!

The great view of Minami Alps 

Vast mountains wrapped the Mount Fuji is just like a folding screen.
This is born from the nature.... Cool

Shinshu's apples

A refreshing taste of apples from Nagano, Shinshu.
Can't imagine the variety of apples huh!!!!

4.  Osaka

The town of Kuidaore, Osaka!
Full of funny people. 
What a bustling area!


Let's take a trip of Kuidaore town. 
A lot of events are held over this bridge.

Osaka's Tiger-chew^^

The day "Hanshin Tigers" wins the champion. 

Hanshin Love of Osaka people is like the belief of a religion?
That's why we find this "Tiger-chew" here!

It is a mix-fruit juice flavor including mango, pineapple, banana, and milk. 
Representative drink of Osaka. 
Taste extremely great!

5. Kyushu

Strawberry brand "Amaou" of  Fukuoka
Mandarin orange brand "Dekopon" of Kumamoto

Wow!!!! A wide sea facing a  passionate volcano.
Here we are in Kyushu!

There are many hot springs and delicious ramen. 
Then, the limited version of HI-CHEW in Kyushu is ...????

Dekopon Flavor (Mandarin Orange)

Combine both orange and mandarin orange. 
It is original from Kumamoto. 
Always full of passion.

Amaou flavor!
Powerful rival of "Tochiotome" in Tochigi!
Queen of strawberry
with high sugar content!
That is the ideal of strawberry^^ 

6. Okinawa 

Another Japan, Okinawa!
Best resort in Japan.

Transparent blue

There is no appropriate words to explain the excellence of the world of sea. 
Let's enjoy the sweet tropical fruit here in Okinawa!

3 tropical fruits

Citrus depressa: feel the sourness of Okinawa
Mango & Pineapple: feel the passion of tropical king

Oh!!! Making us wanna go to Okinawa!

Keep making memories....
with our friends 
HI-CHEW, candies that we have know since childhood.

No doubt we have a lot of memories and grow up together with candies/ snacks around us in childhood
Even we have grown up, new memories will continuously be created with our favorite candies.

Although many new candies/ snacks are born these days, 
speaking of candies that grow up together with you, 
it is interesting to discover the newness of it sometimes. 

Long-seller for 40 years, 
representative of chewing candy.
Certified Space Japanese Food 
Popular among major league players
There you are!
Keep on sharing new stories with us!

HI-CHEW is just like good friend of us^^

When you have chance traveling Japan,
why don't you take a visit to convenience or supermarket, 
to meet HI-CHEW and create new memories!

It is true that.... all taste great!!!

Let's chewing HI-CHEW while playing baseball!
Wanna be play baseball like major leaguer!!!

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