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#Shopping ♪ Spring Collection! Latest Trendy Fashion is all over here in Lumine Est Shinjuku!


Spring is coming. Cherry blossoms will be in full bloom.
 Naturally make you wanna go for a trip!
At the same time, wanna have a new spring style on fashion, huh!!!
A Tokyo trip in spring. Let’s enjoy the shopping and at the same time the new trend of this spring 

Here we come to Shinjuku! 
Let’s move on to “LUMINE EST SHINJUKU” which is directly connected to Shinjuku Station.
Today, we have five featuring spots picked up to show you the fun of enjoying the spring season 
Let’s go^^
Before that, let’s check out some basic information of “LUMINE EST SHINJUKU”!



LUMINE EST is opened in 2006.
It is a large-scale shopping mall from B2 to 9F.
It has become a famous shopping spot of the latest trends items in Japan.

▲Directly connected to JR Shinjuku Station East Exit

Let’s start our shopping in Shinjuku here!

Pass through the ticket gate, go check the latest trend then!!!

HOT 1 Immanoel

(1F/11:00~22:00, Weekends and holidays 10:30~22:00)

Popular brand in Kansai
More than 100 types of earrings, jewelries, accessories and cute fashion can be found.

▲The most popular item of Immanoel

First, we are attracted by this cute pair of earrings.
Combination of cubic and pearl
How fashionable!

Price varies from 1,8003,800 yen (tax excluded)
Reasonable huh!

▲Like this

The clasp at the back is pearl. You can choose the size of the pearl.
How cute to be seen, when you tie your hair. ^^

▲ This year trend

Simple handbag wrapped with mini scarf like a lucky charm.
What a stylish and fresh idea!
Let’s try to do it^^

Bag  9,500yen +TAX
Mini Scarf  2,000yen +TAX

▲Enhanced sparkling items

A lot of color variations of bracelet
Oh… which one to pick?
can’t make the decision…


Let’s check the ranking first, then pick the favorite ones!
Enjoy the color variation!

Made in Japan
Colorful jewelry
Of course, TAX FREE^^


(B1/11:00~22:00, Weekends and holidays 10:30~22:00)

Enriched top girly items
Lead the latest trend

We might have introduced this store before.
This time, we are here to check for the spring collection^^

▲It is located on B1
Let’s feel the refreshing lineup of the spring collection!

▲A settling pastel tone

Chic style of Spring Lady

▲The selected spring item in spring^^

Floral lining at the inner side of trench coat
It is perfectly matched with a white dress inside.

Coat 11,800 yen+TAX
Dress 8,900 yen+TAX
Belt  2,900 yen+TAX

▲Boyish Jumpsuit
Although Khaki always gives a strong military impression, having a big ribbon in front and lace design increase the girly impression.

Jumpsuit  8,900 yen+TAX
Sandals  11,800 yen+TAX

HOT 3】@cosme store

(B2/11:00~22:00, Weekends and holidays 10:30~22:00)

Selected shop of Japan’s largest cosmetics review site “@cosme”
It is no exaggeration to say most of the popular cosmetics in Japan can be found here!

There are a lot of attractive items, so here we would like to show you the BEST 3 items

Popular Mask Corner

From mask used every day to high quality exclusive mask
All the latest items can be found here!

▲ All have different functions

You can choose mask that suits you in a variety of application and function, such as moisturizing and whitening.
If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask staffs or counselors for help.^^

Bihada Ichizoku Mask Pack (美肌一族)  429yen+TAX

▲ ② Horse Oil Moisturizing skin cream

Body-used moisturizing skin cream
It is very popular these days in Japan!
Horse placenta has is good for moisturizing skin.

200g  800yen +TAX

▲Let’s use tester to CHECK

Wow!!! It is happy to try the sampling.
Moist your skin surprisingly!

Body mist and fragrant

If you are afraid perfume is too strong,
Mist that you can spray on body and hair is convenient for you.

▲ No problem to spray on clothing too

Feel free to spray
Feel like you are wrapped in the smell of veil^^

HOT 4Ochobohan

(8F/11:00~23:00/ last order Food: 22:00  Drink:23:00)

Okay!! Let’s have lunch here!
A renewed restaurant floor on the 8F
How cute is this Japanese restaurant
Featuring box set…

▲3 featuring box sets and tea

Sushi, soba noodles and side dishes
How cute by just looking at the vivid color!
Featuring box set!

▲Dessert looks yummm

Green tea ice cream with sweet red bean
Sweet pumpkin soup
Fashionable Japanese dessert

▲Fancy Interior

It is a café but you might not feel like you are in a Japanese restaurant.
With the charming table and colorful cushions around,
Feeling excited of what dishes are coming out next.

Okay! Let’s make order!

▲ Menu with English description

You can freely choose three featuring boxes from many kinds of “Boxed Sushi,” “Tea Soba” and “Obanzai.” (Kyoto home-styled cuisine)

▲ A original box shaped Boxed Sushi”

Of course sushi directly made by chef is fresh and delicious.
This kind of box sushi will definitely make you feel unique.

Tea Soba

Buckwheat made by mixture of buckwheat flour and green tea.
Vivid color and good smell!

▲Show time of Jubako (Box as a kind of container for Japanese traditional cuisine)

Wrapped in a cute furoshiki (cloth)
It is a three layers of Jubako
How stylish!

▲ Shrimp Avocado with mentai (seasoned cod roe) mayonnaise (1,380yen+TAX)

A lunch set to make you smile!
What a cute lunch box set!
Nice to taste with tea (Good idea to serve with a teapot)

▲Outstanding taste of a sushi box

▲Perfectly match of Hot springs egg and tea buckwheat

▲ Obanzai (Kyoto home-styled cuisine) is good too >.<

▲We have chosen Salmon and Ikura sushi

Let’s eat

HOT 5Heather be

(2F/11:00~22:00, Weekends and Holidays 10:30~22:00)

Last shop we gotta introduce is
“Heather be”
Can be found all kinds of girl style.

▲Free and stylish casual

A loved awesome style
 Plus, everyone is happy with TAX FREE

▲What is the latest trend on fashion

Long coat like a shirt
Shorts and colored sneakers^^
Nice combination!

Knit Hat 2,500yen+TAX
Necklace 1,000yen+TAX
Logo Knit 3,900yen+TAX
Denim Pants 5,900yen+TAX
Bag 4,900yen+TAX
Sneaker 8,000yen+TAX

Necklace 2,000yen+TAX
Flower Knit 4,500yen+TAX
Overalls denim 6,900yen+TAX

▲HAT Style

Hat is one of the latest trendy items these days.
With a denim jacket for spring!
How nice to match with the floral printed dress.

Hat 3,900yen+TAX
Denim Jacket 6,900yen+TAX
Dress 5,900yen+TAX
Backpack 5,000yen+TAX
Pumps 6,500yen+TAX

▲ Trendy Girly style
Easy mix and match
Pure white backpack!

▲Mixed boyish and girly style

Overalls in red check
Still Girly even with some boyish items^^

Ribbon Inner 2,400yen+TAX
Check blouse 3,500yen+TAX
Sandals 6,900yen+TAX
Bag 5,000yen+TAX

Tokyo Fashion in Spring LUMINE EST SHINJUKU

How was it?

Indeed, the latest fashion spot,
LUMINE leads the new fashion trend!

No worry of finding any favorite items!
You will find convenience and pleasure to shop here!

A lot of popular shops
So that you might get souvenirs here as well!

Directly connected to Shinjuku Station

Put all new items on right after shopping.
Hangout in Shinjuku or you might want to go to Hakone to enjoy hot springs.

Let’s have your own shopping story in Shinjuku!


3-38-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-5269-1111 (extension)
Open Hour: 11:00-22:00 (weekdays) 10:30-22:00 (weekends and holiday)
Restaurant only: 11:00-23:00

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