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# Entertainment ♪ 1000yen discount at Robot Restaurant! Attracting World's attention Real Robot Performance at Shinjuku Kabukicho!

# Entertainment ♪ 1000yen discount at Robot Restaurant! Attracting World's attention Real Robot Performance at Shinjuku Kabukicho!

(Price will be varied, please re-confirm before visiting! ※  Currently updated: April 2015)

In Shinjuku Kabukicho, 
you can see people from different countries.
Especially, here!
Robot Restaurant!
It is very famous in the world largest travel site "TripAdvisor."

Last time, we came in December.
This time, we found there are some upgraded performance!
Today, as a fan of Robot Restaurant
we would like to show you seven awesome points of Robot Restaurant!

Okay!!! Let's check the seven points with all those fantastic performance!

POINT 1!  Brilliant Robot Performance

Under the brilliant laser beam, 
there are a lot of huge real robots appearing on the stage.
While sharing your time with all these robots, 
you would feel like getting far away from the reality, 
No wonder it is a fun experience!

POINT 2!  Robots appear in front of you!!!  Extremely reality! 

The stage of robot restaurant is very close to audience. 
You would be excited to enjoy watching the movement of the thrilling robots 
right in front of you. 

POINT 3!  Android Beauty!

Not only robots!
A numbers of Android beauty are there to live up the show!
Let's check them out in every of the performance!

POINT 4!  Shows to be upgraded every season!

Of course many of the audiences are the first time visiting Robot Restaurant. 
Some of them have visited many times too. 
Because they are attracted by the upgraded content every reasons. 

POINT 5! Enjoy the time while waiting for the show!

Wait at the sparking room until show time!
Listening to the live music of robots.
Drinking beer. 
It is still fun while waiting.

POINT 6!  Happy time for everyone among a wide range of age group. 

Admission of children is allowed!
So the children have popcorn 
while the adult have beer on their hands.
Everyone enjoys a great time here! 

POINT 7!  Happy discount to foreign visitors!

To all foreign visitors, 
we have gotten a happy notice to you!!!!
Just show the following picture, 
you can enjoy a 1,000yen discount for admission!

Just show it to the staff at the entrance!
1,000yen discounted! 
Sounds nice huh!

(Price will be varied, please re-confirm before visiting! ※  Currently updated: April 2015)

▲ Robot Restaurant Discount Coupon ▲

Show it the staff and get 1,000yen discounted!

What do think about the 7 points mentioned?
Let us tell you more about this hot place 
in details!

Robot Restaurant Information
▶ ︎ Admission fee:  7,000 yen per 1 person
(Show the above picture at the entrance to have 1,000 yen discount)
▶ ︎ Performance Time:  90 minutes in total 
▶ ︎ TEL for reservation  (English is okay!)  03-3200-5500
▶ ︎ Website (Japanese)
▶ ︎ Website (English)

Robot Restaurant HP

Shinjuku is under transforming!
A new landmark will start changing the town of Shinjuku little by little.

This coming April 24, 
A new 30-story hotel called Hotel Gracery will be opened in the center of the the bustling Kabuki-cho.

Let's find out where has the Godzilla hidden on top of the floor. 


In addition, the IMAX cinema (TOHO CINEMAS) will be opened at the same time!
Seems there are not many IMAX cinemas in Tokyo! 
But there will be one in Shinjuku. 
How excited!! (Let's go watch Avengers 2 there!!!!)

▲ A world's leading entertainment place

A keep changing gorgeous town Kabukicho, Shinjuku. 
A never sleeping city! 
Let's go o have a blast!

Robot Restaurant entrance 

 When you come to this gorgeous Kabukicho town, 
you definitely don't wanna miss out the hottest and most popular restaurant!

It is right beside convenience store [SUNKUS] ,
let's go and check it out!

"Robot Restaurant"

▲ I am from overseas.

Remember to show the capture of coupon for discount! 


Show the coupon to the staff for discount at the entrance!
Then, staff will bring you to the reception desk!

Reception desk

Reception desk of robot restaurant no doubt is gorgeous. 
You can buy tickets and put your belongings here! 

Robot Restaurant gained the attraction from all over the world! 
Many famous celebrities have spent their visit here!
Therefore, it is a must-visit hottest place in Tokyo travel!
You know what?
Norman Reedus from movie "The Walking Road" pretty enjoyed visiting here too!!!
Also, famous American director and producer Tim Burton has spent a visit before!!

▲ Admission fee is 7,000 yen ! ! But....

what if you are foreign visitors, just show the coupon by JAPANKURU, 
then you will have 1,000yen discount. 
Admission fee is just 6,000yen!!!

Shows start from 16:00 everyday!
Total is four times a day!
There are 4 points to be noticed!

 1. Wait at the waiting room [Robot Lounge] (For free) before the show

2. [No Smoking] in all areas

3. Admission is allowed for all-age group, including children

4. Photo taking is allowed in all areas (but no flash lights!)

Let's follow and have fun  ^^

▲ cash / credit card is accepted.

You can pay for your admission by cash or credit card.

▲ If you pay by cash, just buy it at automatic machines
It pay by credit card, please go to the counter window.

 Show the coupon(screen) at the entrance, make the payment inside 
either at the automatic machines or counter window.

If you purchase ticket at machines,
please select the show you are going to watch.
And don't forget to press the button of  discount amount [6,000 yen]!

▲ Lockers (free of charge)

Maybe you will find inconvenient to carry bags and belongings while watching performances.
You can use lockers here!
It is free of charge! Use as many as you want lol

Don't forget your password though.
No coin is needed.

▲ Waiting room [Robot Lounge] (3F, free of charge except drinks and snack)

30 minutes before the start of show, 
you can order drinks and snacks. 
Getting ready under the dazzling lights and gorgeous interior. 

 4 performances per day 
Admission time / performance start time as follows:

Show 1: Admission 15:20 / show began at 16:00

▲ free speech waiting room [Robot Lounge] (3 layers)

Admission 30 minutes before the start of performances in this free play room waiting for a beer,

Dazzling lights ornate decor, so wait for it to become a kind of enjoyment.

Daily 4 performances, admission time / performance start time as follows:

Show 1:  15:20 / show starts at 16:00

Show 2: 17:15  / show starts at  17:55

Show 3:  19:10 /show starts at  19:50

Show 4: 21:05 / show starts at  21:45

▲gold plated (?) Toilet!

Not only the waiting room but also the bathroom is all gold!
What a shinning toilet!

It is said that it is highly ranked as the ones in aquarium and ski resort in Japan.

▲ Bar

Order a beer during waiting time^^

Just 500 yen a beer!
It is named [Ninja beer (NINJA BEER)] ~

▲ Robot Concert

Robot Band (?)  A little performance to everyone ^^

What a happy time in waiting room!
Oh!! 20 minutes to the show!

Where is my seat?

Number is written on the ticket! Let's check!

▲ Most of the foreign visitors are enjoying their bento (lunch box) before the performance

 It is not that rare today of the scene that foreigners try to use chopsticks to eat!

Okay! 10 minutes to the show...

▲ Confirming the safety of stage

Okay!!! Let's sit on the front row to experience the energetic show!!

Wow!!! Most of the audiences are foreign visitors!!

▲ Getting ready to enjoy fully^^

Beer, coke, popcorn, and potato chips!

Everything is ready! Can't wait until the show!

Oh! Light is off in suddenly.  
Ok!!! It is show time! 

▲ Show time!!!

 We are excited with powerful rhythm of the drums!
Have a blast!

▲ Harmony made by performers and audiences

All the smile make the atmosphere of stage

Okay... next performance is ......

▲ New performance this spring ["Senbonzakura" (Thousands of Cherry Blossom)]

The show which uses the music "Senbonzakura" of the popular virtual singer called "Hatsune Miku."
This song is used in musical and novel; it has now become a unique genre of Japanese pop culture.

* Virtual Singer has become a Japanese Otaku pop culture
The software is based on the sound VOCALOID with  a humanoid persona voice.

AKB48 has sang this original song and then this song has been out breaking popular!

It is a story happened in AD 2011 (Taisho 100th year).

"Senbonzakura" (Thousands of Cherry Blossom) is a show full of mystery, which tells  story of an exotic city filled with cherry blossoms. 
In the story, Miku and her family have been passed going through Taisho Period telling the interesting story. 

▲ Oh! Heroine "MIKU" with her graceful posture

The music is exactly matched to the story.

▲ Dramatic dances

From the beginning to the climax, you can't take your eyes off of all the amazing performers!

▲ Need more snack?

 During the break of the performance, you can see the staffs are holding the above sign selling snacks.
You might have concentrated watching performance and grabbing popcorn and putting them onto the mouth unintentionally. 
So it is time to refill some lol

▲ Giant shark appears!

Atmosphere has changed suddenly!
A war between nature and machine is started!???

▲ Female fighter!

Brave and sexy! ^^

▲ Got an attack from a blue constrictor!


▲ Oh my gosh!!!  It burst into the seat of audience !

Oh! It is the snake!! A head comes in front of us!
The show gets into a climax!
  Robots are coming out after the battle!

Oh!!! There you are!!!

A full 2.5-meter robot!!!
It is appearing in the grand brilliant light!

▲ flash ~ flash ~

We are amazed by the robot in front of us!
Make us want to jump up and ride on the stage immediately.

▲ Welcome to the challenge!

Welcome the audience who would like to come up to have a boxing battle !!
Let's release your stress here then!!

▲ Dance Party

Any other enjoyment in Robot Restaurant is 
dance with all the talented ladies' dancers!

▲ Let's dance together~ ^^

Everyone is so nice and says "Hello" to all the audiences.
We are also unconsciously moving up and getting high with the rhythm!

Okay! Last but not least,
the next stage is the mysterious beauty group!

▲ Robot? Or human?

Ladies riding on the robots!
Are you guys human or robot?

▲ A long-awaited climax!

Parade of robots and ladies' dancers.
It marked a perfect ending of a 90-minute show.
Time flies especially for the wonderful time!
(We need more time to take pictures lol)

Tokyo, Shinjuku, Kabukicho
Experience the fantastic visual here!

No matter among Japanese or foreigners, 
Robot Restaurant has become the most popular hottest sightseeing spots in Tokyo!
If you have not yet visited,
don't forget to put it into your plan!

If you wanna spend a special night in Kabukicho, 
we highly recommend the hottest performance here!

Don't forget to bring the coupon of 1000yen discount!
Come on! Capture the screen!

Robot Restaurant Information
▶ ︎ Admission fee:  7,000 yen per 1 person
(Show the above picture at the entrance to have 1,000 yen discount)
(Price will be varied, please re-confirm before visiting! ※  Currently updated: April 2015)
▶ ︎ Performance Time:  90 minutes in total 
▶ ︎ TEL for reservation  (English is okay!)  03-3200-5500
▶ ︎ Website (Japanese)
▶ ︎ Website (English)

Robot Restaurant HP

▲ Robot Restaurant coupon ▲

Show it to the staff and get 1000 yen discount!

(Price will be varied, please re-confirm before visiting! ※  Currently updated: April 2015)

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