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# Information ♪ Moe-moe SIM CARD LIMITED at OTAKU EXPO from a general JAPAN TRAVEL SIM CARD

# Information ♪ Moe-moe SIM CARD LIMITED at OTAKU EXPO from a general JAPAN TRAVEL SIM CARD 

New Release of
for foreign visitors travelling Japan

What we should prepare for travel is the mobile network.
In this century, we can do nothing if we don't have Smart phones and internet access with me, in particularly during travel, we need to search for maps, contact friends, and upload photos on SNS, etc. 
So can't you image your trip without internet access?

Today, we gotta show you something good!
Actually, we have show you before, 
but it was the original version XD
You might wanna take a look at it!

You might still rent some Wi-Fi device or use the public Wi-Fi Japan.
But what if you gonna travel for more than a week. 
We would like to introduce you this JAPAN TRAVEL SIM.
Having it, you can access to Internet anytime in a reasonable cost.

Oh!!! This time is the special limited version!
Here you are! 
ITA SIM for otaku, anime lovers!

Wait...what is ITA SIM??? (痛SIM)
Why it is called ita (literally means hurt, painful)? Feel hurt somewhere?
Originally it is named the term used in Japan called Itasha. 
Itasha means painted and decorated car in some animation. 
Because it makes the one who see it, could not stand the outlook and feel painful. 
Therefore, it is turned to Itasha. 

Wow!! We are surprised by the behind story. 
Even We are not that familiar to animation, that interests us to go look for it by the way.
But where to find?

The answer is...

the event held on 3/28 & 3/29 in Makuhari Messe in Chiba.
Otaku and animation lovers from all over Japan. 

Although you might not have chance to visit this time, 
we gotta show you the SIM card we got and the exciting culture of Otaku. 

Welcome to Japan! This prepaid SIM card can be used throughout Japan.
Available to buy at: Narita Airport, BIC CAMERA , etc.
Service Period: 3 months
Price: 4,093 yen
Wide coverage: Service available throughout Japan.
Transmission rate: LTE  (Maximum download 150 Mbps / Upload 50 Mbps )
* Transmission rate varies depending on your device.
* 3G network is available outside of LTE coverage.

For more info, please click

★NEWS UPDATED★ 2016.1.20 
It is available to buy it in convenience stores NEWDAYS within train stations!

Just insert the SIM card into the smart phone, then you can enjoy the wireless internet.

Simple setting, 
you can use it for 3 months or 2GB in maximum.
And of course, you can make phone call in Japan!

But wait...... 
there is a little bit different to the card seen before...?! 

Wow!!! Moe!!! 
The package is so cute!!!
Who is that girl?

That is the limited version of ITA SIM
Yes! The ITA SIM we have just mentioned above. 
Last time, we have already felt the package is beautiful and filled with Japanese color. 
This time, the illustration of the lady is added!
Make it more attractive huh!

Where did we get?

▲ Makuhari Messe 

It is located in Chiba Prefecture, the second large exhibition hall following the TOKYO BIG SITE.
It is well-known of the holding of of TOKYO MOTOR SHOW and TOKYO GAME SHOW!


COMIKET is a large-scale famous activities held twice, summer and winter every year in Japan. 
  OTAKU EXPO is one of the special event,
which includes Cosplay, doujinshi, animation, etc. of course a lot of limited version of goods.

How did it look like?

Wow!!  A celebration/ big event of excellent quality of cos-players from all over the world. 
Cosplayers from Japan and other countries gathered earlier to 
enjoy the a great time here!! Of course anime lovers couldn't miss.


You know what? We first met the following person there!
Oh! She is the official character of the OTAKU EXPO this time.

Her name is Fudekawa Maya!

Let's get to know her more.
Fudekawa Maya is 20-year-old, a general office lady and cosplayer. 
A lively girl with straight personality. 

We met her walking around in the hall, 
promoting campaign, taking pictures with visitors.
How friendly!

Wow!! Cosplay expert taught us the cute pose!

"Ms. Maya, can you show me some cute poses?"
"What about this?"

Wow!!! A cute picture with Ms. Maya ^^
How exciting!

Overview of the whole event!
There were many kinds of animation, games, dolls, and models etc. 
A busy day! 

"NICONICO" is said as the YOUTUBE in Japan.

NICONICO is popular of the comment of the viewers after watching the movie. 
It is well-known in Japan and no doubt said to be the YOUTUBE in Japan.

This time, it is an activity opened to public. 
Karaoke on stage or leave a message to the video on the internet?
Everything will be broadcast live to internet.

At the beginning, these kinds of interactive and the nature of real-time ideas is very difficult for us to understand. 

But see the comments to the video, we have known the success of this event!

Oh!! All these model figures are very cute!
They are all made of clay, called NENDOROID.

You might be familiar these like Iron Man, Mario, and also Attack on Titan. 
They have become so cute!

Okay! Go back to our purpose to come to here!
Moe moe SIM Card!

Here we are!
It is the SIM card for Otaku, anime lovers, 

You might still don't understand what is it gonna be at the beginning 
Wow!!! You would be surprised when you get there in person. 

Wow!!! We met the main role appeared on the card.
At the booth of  
the illustration appeared on the JAPAN TRAVEL SIM,
SIM card is right in front of us. 

Like a fantasy!
That might be one of the charming attractions of being like COSPLAY.

She is a famous illustrator Kankoudori

Wearing a bright cherry colors Kimono with a long purple hair to the waist. 

Oh!! The famous illustrator Kankoudori, who especially creates this new character for JAPAN TRAVEL SIM

Same ways of using it like last time. 

iPhone >> Nano SIM

Adroid >> Micro SIM

Other  >> Standard SIM

Remember to turn off the smart phone and insert the SIM card.
All steps are simple, then you may easily access on internet. 
Nothing changes, all are simple steps.

ITA SIM and others...

There is also a set of  "ITA SIM (2GB)" + MIO PHONE + Rechargeable card!
All illustrations are drawn by different illustrators. 
Purchasing any of these cards will get the cute paper bag together. 
Purchasing more than 5,000 yen would get a poster as well.
Wow!!! The line is so long!!
Some people bought three of the same thing. 

One for collection; one for usage??? lol

How interesting is the COSPLAY!!!!
Let's take a picture for memory with the staffs. 
Animation, cosplay, SIM CARD , together forms a refreshing ideas!

A keyword we don't wanna miss during travel in Japan. 
Glad that we have discovered a new world of 
a smart travel helper JAPAN TRAVEL SIM and Pop otaku culture. 

On the other hands, 
we were not interested in the pop otaku culture. 
We though it would be definitely another world. 
But after we visited the OTAKU EXPO, 
we felt more energetic!
We would like to join again the COMIKET in summer and winter!

And we appreciate to the interesting ideas!
The cute ITA SIM Card for foreign visitors especially Otaku, anime lovers. 
Glad that we had a chance to get the products in the event!
We wish more people would get to know it as well!

Not only for essentials use 
additional lovely illustration
and a new way to let everyone to enjoy Japanese culture, 

Be smart travelling Japan, 
Moe-moe SIM card is ready for you!


For more info, you might check our previous article:

★NEWS UPDATED★ 2016.1.20 
It is available to buy it in convenience stores NEWDAYS within train stations!

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