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# Shopping/ 2015 Sakura ♪ Wear Kimono to travel Kyoto in Cherry blossom season! Get the best souvenir MAIKOHAN for your cherry blossom skin ♡

# Shopping/ 2015 Sakura ♪ Wear Kimono to travel Kyoto in Cherry blossom season! Get the best souvenir MAIKOHAN for your cherry blossom skin ♡ 

Rent a Kimono
Travel Kyoto!
And..... the souvenir in this flower viewing trip in Kyoto

Many people would ask,
"What is the best season to go to Kyoto? "

Someone says autumn, 
someone says winter.

No doubt, you would like to encounter the Kiyomizu Temple in the world of red maple leaves.
How about a bicycle tour sweating under the hot sun?
Oh!!! A graceful Maikp walking in the cold winter. 
And of course, you would definitely like to wear Kimono walking in the beauty of the cherry blossom world. 

Kyoto is an excellent sightseeing place.
Different charm in different seasons!

Okay!!1 The Kyoto we are visiting today is...

Kyoto in spring
Beautiful landscape of cherry blossoms like a picture. 
Blooming of cherry blossom forecasts the arrival of spring. 
Then, Kyoto enters the silent of beauty in this pink season...
Street filled with Sakura, like shooting in a film. 
So as a "heroine" with the beautiful background,
let us feel the charm of ourselves as well.

Endless of blue sky
A unique panorama of Kiyomizu Temple
It is like an illusion attracting us to be part of it!

What do you want to do in Kyoto?
Let's make a To-do list!

See how many wishes we can fulfill ^^

Wish 1
 Rent a Kimono 

Put a Kimono,
you will no longer a stranger walking in Kyoto 
Wanna become a Kyoto beauty?
Rent a kimono then!

Wish 2  
Take a walk on the nostalgic street

Kyoto, Japan's ancient capital
Each street has maintained its ancient characteristics 
What a special antiquity walking on the nostalgic street

Wish 3
Take pictures with Cherry blossoms

Who looks more beautiful?
Ask for a favor from the people around
or just take a selfie by ourselves, of course with sakura background. 
Don't miss the precious moment!

Wish 4
Take something delicious!

"Green tea,  Kyoto vegetable, Japanese Sweets "
You don't wanna miss all delicious taste in Kyoto huh!

Wish 5
Bring what souvenirs with you when you are back home?

A pleasant trip to Kyoto
Of course, you wanna choose something special for souvenir!

For friends, family, relatives, or even ourselves
Wanna something special with Kyoto features.

Okay! What did we choose?


▲ What is MAIKOHAN???

As its name MAIKOHAN,
It is a makeup brand based on the theme of spring in Kyoto.

MAIKOHAN foundation lotion (left) and powder (right)
Help you to create a baby-like rosy skin
  "Sakura Beauty (SAKURA MAKE UP)"

::: where to buy? :::

PLAZA GINZA (Variety Shop) Tokyu Hands

MAIKOHAN transformation ... before makeup

It is pretty though... 

▲ After makeup!!

Wow!! Transformed into a very beautiful skin like cherry blossom ~

Amazing !!

Let's see how can we do that?
What are the tips?

The first secret is...

SANA MAIKOHAN  makeup lotion
(1,300 yen + TAX)

Use before makeup,
which contains essence ingredient.
It helps applying foundation easier afterwards. 
Cover fine lines and pores to enhance the efficacy of skin tone. 
A wanted item huh!!!

▲ A lovely cherry blossom color package!

We are totally attracted by every single item like this!
And the lotion inside is cherry blossom color too!

This beauty liquid lotion contains ingredient which helps skin from drying out.
Moreover, it is anti-sweat and water resistant, make up can last longer! 

Also, it contains soy ingredient, which is good for beauty~
Let's go and experience the feeling of "cherry blossom" skin^^

The following video shows you more details of MAIKOHAN makeup lotion and powder.
Feel free to go and check it!

▲ Like a cherry petal falling on the cheek! !

Moist texture of cherry blossom color makeup 
to fill the uneven skin!
Whether you have oily skin, dry skin or combination skin
No problem at all!

Faint scent of cherry blossom makes us feel good ...

Let's continue to look at beauty tips for sakura makeup~!
The second secret is...

(1,650 yen + TAX)


What is OSHIROI?

Today, there are a lot of oily type make up goods.
But before that,
what was widely sold in Japan is 
the powder product well-matching the modern society. 

 Just slightly touching the skin

Your skin is then instantaneously turns into a slight cherry blossom pink.

▲ What is the difference between the ordinary powder?

 The powder slipped on the puff
will then melt into the skin depends on the temperature of everyone

  Very fine powder
is able to cover uneven pores
for you to create a silky smooth skin ~

▲ Fine elastic net

The biggest POINT of OSHIROI is the fine elasticity on the net~ 

In order to apply the powder evenly ,
this net presents a great effort!

▲ The secret of cherry blossom colored powder

Cherry blossom extract
Soy extract
Sodium hyaluronate
Ceramide 3
A total of six kinds of ingredients -

Camellia !! ??
It is said that there is a well-known artist kept using camellia oil for skin and hair care.
Gotta prepare some bottles of Camellia.... lol

▲ flexible skin~?

Press gently with puff, net will naturally stretch
Then, an appropriate amount of powder will naturally get on and melt into our skin.

It really makes us wanna keep pressing lol

Just two kinds of cherry blossom makeup products,
then you are perfectly turning into a cherry blossom beauty^^

Girls, want to create a healthy pink skin  ~
We highly recommend this cherry blossom color (pale pink) OSHIROI ~!

What if you want a bit more natural?

▲ Skin color (light skin color)

It is naturally like its name.
Just like our skin color.

We highly recommended to ones who prefer a naturally glorious skin.

▲ The powder won't be flying away. 

You might wonder why the soft powder won't be flying away.
This is the trick of the elastic net then!!!
It is made under the consideration!!!
So no worry at all wherever you wanna do the makeup.

▲ Slightly pressed

A cherry blossom makeup is done.

▲ It is good to use as a concealer too~

Cherry blossom powder particle will help effectively cover pores and dull skin 
by light reflecting 

Especially to the ones who have sensitive skin and likely to have red dots (like us)
The powder will give you a different experience from the past ~

▲ Cherry blossom makeup skin

Even wearing elegant kimono under bright sunshine and full bloom sakura
Natural bright skin color is still attractive^^

Are you ready? Let's enjoy the charm of Kyoto then!

▲ Spring in Kyoto

This is taken right before Cherry blossom in full bloom in Kyoto.

▲ we can't help not press the shutter to capture this moment!

Take a walk along the kamogawa,
catch the wonderful moment then!

▲ A "perfect" staircase

A lot of good-looking and delicious food under the beauty of antiquity
You are in Kyoto!
Here is Sannenzaka.


Give us a deep impression of Japan!
Such a scenic street like this?

Everything just turns to reality here in Kyoto!

▲ How to get along in Kyoto?

Quiet staircase in Kyoto everywhere in Kyoto
Just keep going...

▲ What are you longing for???

Wearing Kimono
Walking on the streets of Kyoto
Isn't it one of your Japanese Dream?

▲ Dream of every girl

Light and soft skin, like cherry blossom
you are longing for it, right?

MAIKOHAN with Kyoto

Spring of Kyoto on the left hand
 MAIKOHAN on the right hand
Let's combine together!!!

 Every step of the beautiful Kyoto trip in spring

A good travel destination will always in the memory.
A beautiful travel destination will always make people wanna come back!
It is always true huh!!

Kyoto no doubt is such a place make you wanna come back.
New experience and new discoveries every time. 
Japan's leading beautiful town- Kyoto

What a wonderful experience of Kyoto in Spring. 
Won't you wanna encounter summer, autumn and winter of Kyoto too?

If you think cherry blossom in Kyoto is bright and beautiful,
maybe you also wanna say MAIKOHAN makes you skin and mood brighter^^

We will be back, Kyoto! ^^


::: where to buy? :::

PLAZA GINZA (Variety Shop) Tokyu Hands

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