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# Share House ♪ Oakhouse Social Residence Fussa Haijima, Grand piano, Spacious storage, fully expressing oneself

# Share House ♪ Oakhouse Social Residence Fussa Haijima, Grand piano, Spacious storage, fully expressing oneself


Today, we come the largest-scale share house facility we have ever visited!

Bright public space and spacious private space maximize our living standard. 
Making full use and advantage of the living space itself,
Giving a new design to our living culture 

Why do we stick with OAKHOUSE always?
OAKHOUSE facilities are planned to build for various people. 
It is just like a dream living for everybody!

So you just check with the location, 
and look for your dream OAKHOUSE then!

OAKHOUSE provides us with a comfortable way of living!
People with different background, from different part of the world,
select the area of interest for their own lifestyle, then live together.

No worry!
There is official website in English.
Go check it out!

Official website is in 5 languages.
Over 240 buildings and 3,800 rooms in Japan are introduced in 5 languages.
Such as rooms in share house, apartment and social residence. 
You can search the keywords to check the availability of vacancy.



・No key money, gift money, agency fee is needed
・No guarantor is needed
・Fully furnished 
・Internet fee is free
・One-time-only management fee
・Can transfer between share houses

Not only those, 
the most important thing is to enjoy a simple living through communication with a number of people together!


Through SOCIAL APP®,
you can know people with a lot of different background and talent live together. 
Therefore, various of workshops, events and seminars are held regularly. 

Soundproof room allows you to play musical instrument.
Theater room allows you to enjoy movies and video.
Study room and conference room are 24-hour available.  


Today, we have come to the SOCIAL RESIDENCE which is just 8 minutes walk 
from Haijima Station. 

Take the Chuo-line from shinjuku, 
just 38-minute,
no need to transfer 
a super convenient location!

Let us take a look at its 7 charm points!!!

Charm Point 1
Arrange your room according to your own personal lifestyle

Any arrangement according to your personal interest and lifestyle!
Not just the interior design
but also consider both rationality and practicality together! 

Charm Point 2
Connecting room

Connecting two rooms
Expect a spacious space and of course maintain its private space
Use alone or share with somebody is also convenient!

Charm Point 3
Public bathing facilities 

Not very common in public housing though!
Enjoy your life in bath tub every night!
Get rid of the fatigue of a day!

Charm Point 4
Heated toilet seat

Not only clean 
but a heated toilet seat has become the necessities of life
especially living in Japan.
You can't stand the cold toilet in winter huh lol

Charm Point 5
A spacious space of open kitchen

Fashionable open kitchen 
Helping each other to make a delicious dish!

Charm Point 6
Public shared space

Exercise studio has mirrors on the entire wall.
Theater room is equipped with a large projection devices and stereo sound devices.
Study room to read alone or do project with friends.
Maybe you would be inspired of some new ideas. 

Variety use of public space
Enjoy your own interest!

Charm Point 7
A comfortable lounge 

Feel the warm sunshine
a comfortable atmosphere fill the while room

Social Residence Fussa Haijima
Extend your diversity of living.
Advocate the creation of a new living culture. 

Let's check them out in details.

▲ JR Chuo Line/ Seibu Shinjuku Line 
[Haijima Station]

8-minute walk to Social Residence Fussa Haijima

▲ Convenient Haijima Station 

Bookstore, restaurant, bakery cafe, convenience store
All the commercial facilities are convenient for living.

Available train lines include two lines:
JR Chuo Line and Seibu Shinjuku Line
As a starting station of JR Chuo line, just 38-minute sitting comfortably, directly go to Shinjuku or
44-minute  to Takadanobaba through Seibu Shinjuku Line
Convenient to reach Tokyo through either line.

If you have times on weekends, 
you might want to go around the Tokyo suburb.

You might take the Seibu Shinjuku Line to 


▲ Convenient facilities around Haijima

Various convenience stores
Supermarket Ito-Yokado
Golf Course
Post office, etc.
No problem of living at all!

On the other hand,
 Akishima Outlet
a new outdoor activity facility has had its grand opening on March 13. 
Let's get some goods and go camping then!

it is said that there was a 127m long, the longest rail track in Japan.
Unfortunately, this track has been stopped on May 31, 2009.

▲ A quiet residential area

The whole street gives you a quiet and comfortable feeling.

How romantic to see cherry blossom on the two sides of the roads!

Gotta come again next year for the bloom of cherry blossom.

Social Residence Fussa Haijima Entrance 

Social Residence Fussa Haijma
A four-story building
195 rooms 
divided into 4 parts A, B, C, D
What a special internal structure!

<Details of Social Residence Fussa Haijima>

Address:  5-5-7 Mihori-cho, Akishima, Tokyo
Line name / Closest station: JR / Seibu Shinjuku Line Haijima Station
Walk to nearest station : 8-minute walk
Number of rooms: 195
Other facilities: Public Hall / parking / Bike parking / optical fiber for Internet

▲ Shoes box for 195 residents

Spacious entrance
Not only space for shoes but also post box.

Privacy is protected!!

▲ Where is the piano sound?

How sweet is the piano melody near the entrance~

▲ Grand piano

A recreational space near the entrance 
Oh! that is  where the elegant piano melody came from!

Enjoy a time of nature and romance.


The main living room and dining room.

A comfortable sofa besides the open kitchen
An atmosphere of harmony to create a good communication environment.

▲ Spacious kitchen

All kinds of electronics are well prepared!

You definitely won't be well equipped like this if you are living by yourself. 
Let's make something good everyday!

▲ Dishes washing after meal!

Follow the basic guidelines!

▲ Natural sun light

Through the large transparent window 
a comfortable natural light streaming into the lounge.

A tidy and neat interior design 
makes you feel no stress!

A large screen monitor 
carefree to lie down in front of it!

▲ Hammock

A variety of gorgeous decoration
The hammock attracts us the most!
Don't wanna think, don't wanna see, just wanna stay peacefully!

▲  Lying on a hammock leisurely reading a book ~

▲ Outdoor cafe

Brew a pot of tea
Feel the comfortable green and nature.

▲ Indoor cafe

Have a cup of coffee, enjoy an leisure afternoon!
A kettle is equipped.
How thoughtful!

▲ Study room

A general study room just like a cafe
Wow!!! A lot of celebrity photos on the wall,
Ain't they there to encourage us to study hard? lol

Learning in this environment
fresh idea no doubt is getting ready!

Keep quiet!

▲ An open meeting room

Room with ethereal white curtains for casual conference and discussion

It is convenient enough for those who always have small meeting with clients on business.

▲ Home Theater

Wow!! It is like a real cinema. 
Movie lovers!
Don't wait!!
Start playing your favorite movie here!

▲ Still under construction?

Oh!!! It is a soundproof room!

Wanna play the piano? There is one near the entrance!
Wanna play the musical instruments? Just come here then!

Create a band? 
Rock and roll!!

▲ Keep clean from individual

▲ Public washstand and washing machine

Enough quantity of washstands, no worry of the crowd in the morning!

Washing machine
Iron and ironing board

How thoughtful!

▲ Separate shower of men and women

 ▲ Shower for women only

Dresser for girls who care beauty ^^
Can you feel the fashion sense from the wall?^^

▲ Divided into A, B, C, D set 

AB building and CD building are connected by the walkway on the second floor

▲ Walkway connecting two buildings

Doesn't it feel like a secret channel ? lol

Let's us go check the room...

Social Residence Fussa Haijima
There are three types of room:

1. Corner room (as shown)
2. Connecting room
3. Regular room

 Information for corner room 
Rent 50,000 yen / total benefit costs 12,000 yen

Social Residence Fussa Haijima (English)

▲ A simple modern CORNER ROOM

Sunlight streaming into the windows and balconies
warming up the entire room 

A room of rationality and practicality
How comfortable!

▲ A big cupboard for shoes

No worry of no spaces for all our shoes...

Perceptual space for modern people who are looking for an excellent quality of life 

Arrange and decorate according to one's lifestyle 

Wow!!! What a wide storage space behind the white curtain!

Sufficient storage space is one of the major features of OAKHOUSE.
There is no exceptions here! 

▲ balcony

Wanna get some fresh air or overlooking the surrounding scenery
You will know how content to
live in a single room with balcony!


Simple interior design with efficient storage space
Make our life more efficient 

Information of REGULAR ROOM 
Rent 50,000 yen / total benefit costs 12,000 yen

Social Residence Fussa Haijima (English)

Wooden floors and solid wood furniture 
simple and stylish~

Drawers under bed 
No waste of every inch of space. 
Making full use of every corner. 



Two rooms connected together
Independent door outside
but both rooms are linked together actually. 

Information of CONNECTING ROOM 
Rent 69,000 yen / total benefit costs 12,000 yen

Social Residence Fussa Haijima (English)

spacious storage everywhere~
This is the room on the right!

And while entering the room from the left,
another spacious space ....


Pull the door between two rooms
A public space instantaneously turns private.

▲ Find the difference

Share both public space and private space

Even in economic and space
It is a pretty nice choice.

▲ We are good friends ~

Independence is important
It is also important to help each other!!

The significance thing to live in OAKHOUSE is 
to provide space 
enhancing the living and communicating with people around. 

▲ Two friendly managers of Social Residence Fussa Haijima

Mr. Watanabe (left)
Mr. Otsuka (right)

They are responsible for all kinds of support.

In today's individualistic society,
OAKHOUSE provides common living space for everyone here!

Let's enhance harmony in the society,
create a new life here!

Social Residence Fussa Haijima 

Comfortable living together 

Social Residence Fussa Haijima (English)

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