Wednesday, April 22, 2015

# JEANSMATE ♪ Shopping Paradise, Harajuku, fully present your personality on fashion!

# JEANSMATE  ♪ Shopping Paradise, Harajuku, fully present your personality on fashion!

Fashionable Takeshita-dori street
Paradise of character items

Harajuku Station Takeshita Exit 
Walk across a short sidewalk
Wow!!! We are gotten into the sea of crowds in Takeshita-dori.

Shops concentrate together in this compact area. 
Unique, punk, funk, and cute shops can be found here!
You could say all are real Harajuku style.

Wow!!! Among a number of shops, 
where are we going today?

To conquer the Harajuku fashion,
let's get something basic first!

For example... 


What do you think about this big tote bag?
Living in this fashionable Tokyo,  it is essential to have a bag with big impact. 
(Especially, Europeans and Americans would like this kind of bags in causal huh )

Walking on the street in Tokyo,
having every single belonging,
everyone has its own style and personality.

Where can we get those?

▲ We get the bag no doubt at Harajuku!

Gathering a variety of exquisite and fancy items 
Wow!! A shop full of items of real Harajuku style.

▲ JEANS MATE Harajuku Store

We have visited before.
Like the one in Ikebukuro, it opens 24 hours. 
And the one in Shibuya, it is full of casual items like Dickies.

For more details, feel free to check them out!

JEANS MATE Harajuku Store
Open Hour 9:00- 21:30


▲ Create a cartoon character trend ~

JEANS MATE Harajuku store gathers all sorts of cartoon character items.
Especially cartoon T-shirts, plenty for you to choose~

▲  Line up of various jeans~

From the origin of jeans LEVIS's to Lee, EDWIN, and Wrangler, etc, 
various brands are available for you to find your favorite one!

▲ Say goodbye to all the simple socks~

Are you familiar to Sailor Moon and Simpson?
If you have chance come to Harajuku,
just drop by JEANS MATE Harajuku store
to find your favorite pair of funny socks then!

▲ Want all the patterns and designs!!!

Have a collection of all cute members of sailor moon and Simpsons ^^
Oh!!!  There are the Moomins, too!
Wanna bring them all home!

Cartoon socks   ¥ 990 + TAX for three pairs / 1,500 yen + TAX for 5 pairs

▲ Caps, essential accessory of your fashion items

Wanna to be your own stylist of Harajuku fashion?
You don't wanna miss out the caps.

Pick one
according to your daily mood and styles. 
Mix and match with your varies outfit everyday!

Interest in American style?
These caps help create a NEW ERA!

DUCK DUDE cap    from1,900 yen + TAX

▲ Expected popular trend!

Trend of outdoor sports has been getting familiar these days!
Therefore, casual wear like leisure caps have become popular again!

Indeed, our popular fashionable store in Harajuku

Leisure caps 3,900 yen + TAX

▲ After caps, let's pick a bag!

Backpack, messenger bag, tote bag ...
A variety of unique bags
for any kinds of casual style!

DUCK DUDE backpack 6,900 yen + TAX

▲ Very popular within foreigners~!

Not only tote bags written with the two Chinese characters "Harajuku"
Others have written "Tokyo," "Shibuya," and other popular spots in Japan. 

It seems those are popular among European visitors!
Anyone knows why?

Chinese Character TOTE BAG 1,000 yen + TAX

▲ You know what large-sized backpack has become a bloom these days in Japan!

Speaking of leisure, 
a large backpack is more practical! 
Small torch, kettle, camera, jacket, enough space for everything!
Stylish and practical! 

▲ Japanese famous cartoon characters Funassyi ~ 

Recently most popular regional mascot in Japan (it is called Yuru-kyara)
Famous among all age groups

Funassyi keeps bouncing and jumping.
It has been starred with popular idol group SMAP in the TV program SMAP x SMAP
and also ARASHI as well.
Indeed a national popular mascot!
Let's get touch with it in JEANS MATE.

Watery eyes + freckles under the eyes
Looks how cute it is!

Funassyi hoodie  from 3,900 yen + TAX


▲ So cute...

How cute is this little yellow chick^^

Oh! It is the mascot of the Japan's oldest noodles "chicken ramen"
How adorable!
It makes us wanna give him a bite!

Nissin Chick T-shirt 1,900 yen + TAX

▲ Stepping on skateboard ....

Saying that JEANS MATE gathers most of the casual style fashion,
how about this T-shirt with a lovely bear riding on a skateboard!

T-shirt of bear riding on skateboard  1,900 yen + TAX

 What is next then?

▲ Best matching, jeans indeed!

Black cap, black T-shirts and jeans
Plus, a big white backpack!

Perfect mix and match always!

Cap 1,900 yen + TAX
T-shirt 1,900 yen + TAX
White Backpack 3,900 yen + TAX

▲ Handsome mustache cat 'LUCPY'
Like a handsome British gentlemen

it shares the popularity with "DUCK DUDE"!!!

Cap 1,900 yen + TAX
Shirt 2,900 yen + TAX
Big bag 2,900 yen + TAX

▲ Don't be shy!  Matching T-shirts for couples!

Saying the world's best cartoon couple (?)
None other than Mickey and Minnie, right?
Let's put them on with your partners, and become a pair of fantastic lovers^^

Mickey T-shirt 1,900 yen + tax

▲ A variety of cartoon T-shirts

From muscle man(Kinniku-man) to Dragon Ball,
there are a variety choices of T-shirt!
It is hard to make a choice!!
That is why JEANS MATE Harajuku shop is very attractive to both Japanese and foreign visitors. 
What a luxury choice!

The simplest and fast starting point for Harajuku fashion

like Jeans with a T-shirt , caps, bags and socks ...
Come to Harajuku!

How to wear clothing with our own personality?
You just need simple item that fits you!

Gathers a variety of cartoon printed items.
If you like anime and manga, 
you definitely like these kinds of simple fashion.

Of course! From Casual style to every single item like jeans,
all are ready for you to coordinate and match with your personality~

Before going to the deep area of Harajuku fashion,
want something casual but unique?
Just drop by JEANS MATE!
Pick one or two items casually,
let's experience the crowds of sea in Takeshita-dori street.

Wanna be a member of the fashionable Harajuku?
Let's start from here JEANS MATE Harajuku ~

JEANS MATE Harajuku Store
Open Hour 9:00- 21:30


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