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# Shopping ♪ Visiting Shiseido THE GINZA Cotton Factory Tour in Hiroshima Chapter 1

King of Cotton!!!

# Shopping ♪ Visiting Shiseido THE GINZA Cotton Factory Tour in Hiroshima
Chapter 1

Hey girls!!!
You know anything about the cotton you are using everyday?
When did it start to be used?
Where is it made?
How to made?
What is the best COTTON?

Have you ever had these questions on your heads?

Today, let us answer you all the above questions. 
So that you would have more knowledge of the background of cotton while purchasing cotton!
As most of you would know,
cotton of Shiseido's  [THE GINZA] is well known as
the top class' COTTON.

Its factory is located in Hiroshima.
A known place of tears for the atomic bomb
and of course other unique charms.

Today, we are going to visit 
the cotton factory of Shiseido's [THE GINZA] in Hiroshima 
where World Heritage "Itsukushima Shrine," A-Bomb Dome, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park are located, and delicious oysters and lemon products are famous. 

Hiroshima is no doubt a fascinating city!

By the way,
why [THE GINZA] is famous?
Let's have a review!


"All skins need skin care."

THE GINZA cosmetics beyond the existing concept. 
is a skin care brand of pursuit of beauty and abundance. 
Combining the new era of technology and energy of the origin of life,
 focus on improving the ability to regenerate skin cells 
then, achieving a satisfactory effect of premium skin care. 

As one of the highest levels of Shiseido cosmetics,
the product line has a faint scent of barley, 
which is designed to create an ONLY ONE brand of high quality cosmetics a suitable for all kinds of skin. 

The high positioning of the brand decides the available selling in Japan. 
Therefore, its strategy is limited to a few places.

<THE GINZA stores>

7-8-10, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Hours: 11:00 ~ 20:00

B1 The Imperial Hotel Arcade 1-1-1
Uchisaiwai-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Hours: 10:00 ~ 19:00

▶ Airport Duty Free ( about 19 duty free shops)
- Narita Airport Terminal 1 and 2
- Haneda Airport International Terminal
- Central Japan International Airport
- Kansai International Airport
- New Chitose Airport
- Hiroshima Airport
- Fukuoka Airport

THE GINZA online store * Japanese / Delivery limited to Japan

▲ Cotton, your good partner of skincare

A few drop of lotion, softly touch the skin and help for absorption.
"Cotton" is an essential item for skin care during day and night. 

created a "COTTON"
to protect our skin during make-up everyday.
Let's see how the excellent quality of cotton is being made!!
Here is our trip in Hiroshima.

▲ "Hiroshima" is the place of the world's oldest manufacturer of cotton !

Let us return to 50 years ago!
Oh! The saleswomen of Shiseido, who is today's "Beauty Consultant,"
used the scissors to cut medical-use cotton in pieces 
allow customers to try the sample lotion.
This is the origin of cotton.

Later, one of the staffs proposed this to make Shiseido's cotton commercialized.
 After repeated experiments and improvements,
the excellent quality of cotton were born. 

Actually, this story takes place 
in a known place of tears for the atomic bomb
and of course other unique charms.

▲ A flight of 1 hour and 30 minutes from Tokyo to Hiroshima^^
Seems close huh!  

▲ Produce the highest quality of cotton

To produce the highest quality cotton,
 Clean water and clean air is needed. 

Hiroshima is good with clear water and air since ancient times.
No doubt, it has become the best location for the production of cotton!

Therefore, Shiseido built a close bond with the cotton factory in Hiroshima. 

▲ Best environment, well management, and patented technology!

Why clean water and air is needed?
What kind of technology is being used?
No doubt you might find many questions,
before satisfying your curiosity, 
let us start our trip and enjoy Hiroshima first!

Let's go HIROSHIMA !!!

▲ If you go to Hiroshima ...

You would still see the vintage trams everywhere in the city of Hiroshima.

Next to Seto Inland Sea,  the geographic location of Hiroshima is determined less rainfall compared to the surrounding prefectures. 
It is a very climate for good cotton production. 

Of course, it is also a beautiful travel destination!
Where should we go first?

A BIG torii of Itsukushima Shrine

Wow! Here it is! 
One of Japan's three best landscape
as well as the World Heritage.
The scene of low tide has been regarded as a major symbol of Hiroshima.

▲ Form a art work with World Heritage~

Fantastic sunset
Never have visited a place like this before. 

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park Museum & Atomic Bomb Dome

We have been taught a lot from lessons of history of  war haven't been experienced.

▲ August 6, 1945  8:15 am

Atomic bomb dropped, 
explosion in Hiroshima.
Have you ever had a close look at the history?

▲ Scary story of nuclear, war, and humanity

A Golden route of Hiroshima Travel
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
You will realize more and deeper here!

Put aside history and citizenship for a while 
Pray for all the sacrifices in this tragedy ...

Delicious Hiroshima

Various seafood of Hiroshima
Delicious eel~

Seafood from Seto Inland Sea 
Big and fresh oysters

Fresh-squeezed lemonade, using lemons of the No.1 production in Japan.

What should we eat in Hiroshima?

We want some... ???

Hiroshima-yaki ^^

Okonomiyaki? No...~
It is Hiroshima-yaki!
With fried noodles together
Extremely delicious!  

You know what during our last trip to Hiroshima,
we almost forgot eating hiroshima-yaki before rushing to Hiroshima Airport. 
Glad that we did at the last and can't forget the taste on the plane.

▲ Let's start shopping in Hiroshima~

Shopping right before the returning flight!
Let's take a look at the duty free shops in the airport. 
Okay! Let's looking for [THE GINZA] COTTON!

▲ Don't miss it!

Shiseido duty-free counter at Hiroshima Airport
Indeed a makeup brand representing Japan!
Loved by most people^^

▲ Highlights the presence of red

Shiseido symbol "Camellia"
Fusion of Oriental beauty in red

▲ Upgraded space cosmetics

If you have seen the production process of cotton, 
you will definitely feel the unlimited enthusiasm of the research and development process of Shiseido.
This Ultimune line products 
no doubt it is the result of it!
An improving skin care cosmetic ~

▲ Japan duty free shops cosmetics

Let's get some limited edition items to 
summarize your travel.

No excessive packaging
Why not buying the cotton of [THE GINZA] ^^

▲ Featuring items

Among the many series of brands in Shiseido
We especially wanna recommend you the items placed at the prominent position on the shelf.
Cle de Peau, and of course THE GINZA


Every time, when we see this sophisticated packaging,
it can't help thinking the important of naming  a product.

A brand name make you to feel the majesty.

▲ Future Solution Line

A nice Shiseido moisturizer ~
Recall us the savory smell ...

▲ Made in Hiroshima, World's BEST!

This gorgeous packaging is the world's best cotton produced in Hiroshima
How natural to be found in the [THE GINZA] line-up.

▲ Hey girls!
You got it?

Are you moved by just a small touch of it?
How impressive!!!
What if you have seen the production process...
you will be...

▲ Elaborate a multi-layer cotton

With the Japanese high-quality sparkling creativity and sophisticated technology,
this thickness will be the secret of this texture of cotton!

▲Wow!  Well-absorbed!

Absorbed fully throughout the whole cotton!

▲ Smoothly wiped on the face

Like breathing
Well-absorbed cotton easily and smoothly to wipe onto the skin.
It is designed to take and give with appropriate amount. 

▲ Completely different texture

It is totally different of directly applying to hands and using cotton.
You can feeling the cool effect after apply and absorb into skin.

Indeed, that is the reason using good cotton! 

▲ Thankful to the sincerity ... 

After seeing the manufacturing process of cotton,
you will then understand the value of paying 400 yen for cotton!
Perfect quality of sincerity 
Happiness is overflowing!

Are you curious?

How does it produced and make us feel happy?
For the one who uses cotton everyday,
you'd better take a look to our next articles about the visit to cotton factory. 
Let's understand the magic and gratitude. 

Historic scenery, natural scenery, delicious food
Besides all these,
Hiroshima is still our choice of travel!
Let's go to Hiroshima, where the beautiful cotton is made. 
Let's go and check out the secret of Cotton!

To be continued ...

THE GINZA (Japanese)



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