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# Shopping ♪ Visiting Shiseido THE GINZA Cotton Factory Tour in Hiroshima Chapter 2

King of Cotton!!!

# Shopping ♪ Visiting Shiseido THE GINZA Cotton Factory Tour in Hiroshima
Chapter 2

To continue our journey of cotton tour in Hiroshima,
here we go!
Let's visiting the factory of SHISEIDO [THE GINZA]  
to see how cotton is going to be produced.

Yes! Last time, we have introduced you the secret of  
the world's greatest beauty cotton!
Okay! Let's follow us to check out the
natural resources and fine technology of cotton factory in Hiroshima!

 ▲ Why the best cotton factory is in "Hiroshima"?

Unlike other beauty appliances,
we use cotton directly contact with the skin,
that's why it can not be casually from any unidentified local production.

In order to produce the world-class excellent quality cotton,
Hiroshima has an essential condition of its production.
That is...


▲ There is "soft water" in Hiroshima.

Hiroshima is surrounded by mountains called "topography of the Inland Basin."
Therefore, the water from the underneath of the inland basin would pour out "soft water."

▲ Japan's third largest sake brewing land "Nishijo-cho"

Soft water = rich in Hiroshima
Especially in Nishijo-cho, 
it is also known as one of the largest sake brewing place in Japan. 

Originally sake is rich in calcium, magnesium and other elements
Therefore, most of them are produced in the hard water areas where there is a lot of rains.

However, Hiroshima has made use of its abundant soft water,
to brew  a high sugar content and soft texture sake. 

▲ Soft water, soft sake

Actually, soft water is certainly not suitable for making sake.
Soft water in the brewing process for yeast fermentation of Japanese sake
will also produce a variety of adverse effects.

▲ Using the [soft brewing method] to make sake

In order to brew a high sugar content of soft taste and gentle sake,
People in Nishijo-cho put effort especially in the rigorous fermentation process, 
finally developed a [soft brewing method]
Thus, this gains the fame of making soft sake in a sake industry in Japan.

By the way, 
what is the relationship of soft water and excellent quality of cotton?
Let's see!!

▲ The secret of the layered soft cotton!
Let's see...

Before using cotton of THE GINZA
most of us just used the medical-used cotton.

▲ Creativity of Shiseido's staff

Back in time to 50 years ago,
While a Shiseido's staff was showing the guests the sample of cosmetics
using a cut cotton, 
she spoke out her ideas. 
Saying that 
"This cotton probably cannot show the advantages of cosmetic products."

Because of this,
Shiseido had started its partnership of beauty cotton production in Hiroshima.

▲ World's best BEAUTY COTTON

After numerous studies and experiments
This facility located in Hiroshima found that the secret element to create excellent quality using "soft water."
Then, the factory moved to the east of Hiroshima,  Saijo-cho
Together became the [soft wine cellar] of the best brewing Japanese sake.

Finally in 1962
  [Shiseido] The world's first cotton
[Beauty Cotton] was born!!!

▲ Shiseido Cotton's history 

Since 1962, the first Shiseido's cotton
until the latest one in 2015.
We can find the historical footprints of the excellent quality of 
the cotton of 
Shiseido [THE GINZA] 

▲ Obtains its highest quality through improvement 

Even after the first release of [Beauty Cotton] ,
Shiseido has never stopped manufacturing the best beauty products through research.
Through continuous improvement of the materials and manufacturing methods,
to maximize the ability and benefit of each cosmetics,
THE GINZA  [Superior Cotton] 
The world's highest level of cotton was born.

▲ History of the highest quality, for the improving manufacturing methods

After numerous tests and improvement
THE GINZA  [Refining Cotton (white)] and [Superior Cotton (pink)] was born. 

the secret is...
Let's check out the production process.

▲ 100% raw cotton

Original cotton is imported from USA and India and other places.
Combined with a variety of raw cotton,
to achieve the optimum fiber length and other conditions on the cotton production.

▲ The first step of removing "oil" and "impurities"

Raw cotton is expected to be mixed with vegetable oil, shell oil and impurities.

The " usual cotton" we have mentioned 
is the raw cotton get rid of the oil.

If raw cotton has never under this process, will be seen like the picture above. 
Cotton would float on the water because of containing oil. 
So the first step of cotton production is getting rid of the oil and impurities.

<Skimmed Cotton>

▲ It is a long long journey from making a high-quality cotton.

From raw cotton into a skimmed cotton...
It is just like a 
"bathed" clean cotton.

But still a long process to become a qualified high-quality cotton...

▲ Cleaner, softer

Through multiple pipelines in the factory,
Cotton were treated many time of removing impurity.
In order to monitor the condition of the treatment of process, 
a high precision camera is installed
Keep pursuing every step perfect.

▲  A mono-layer cotton through washed and dried!

After a perfect process of removing impurity,
cotton will be washed and dried though high temperature and pressure.
Then, a mono-layer of cotton is made.

Okay!!! Magic starts here!

▲ Why it has transformed into this thick multi-layered cotton?

Oh!!! Finally, it is the appearance of "soft water" we mentioned!

▲ Woven cotton with water?

"Soft water" here plays the role as a "needle."
What does this mean? Most of you have no ideas huh!
Can you see the black comb-liked thingy above_
It is actually the pressured water flow formed 
by the "soft water." 

This slim and sharp flow is like needle. 
It is powerful enough to pass through metal!

▲ Super Water Jet Technology
This extremely fine pressured water flow, 
plays a role as to weave cotton in layers.
Using the [Water Jet] technology from America, 
through sophisticated improvement and development.
A [Super Water Jet] technology applicable to the manufacture of cotton is invented.
What if we use "hard water" instead of "soft water,"
cotton fiber will be hardened. 
We need the "soft" texture of cotton.
Like a makeup sponge to have a air layer for absorbing the certain amount of water.
Wow!! That is the hidden secret then!!

▲ Thick and detailed high-quality woven cotton~
It is not yet finished!
Well-woven cotton will be gone through the check and X-rays by inspectors. 
Last, cut into sizes and being packaged. 
A cotton is then finished!
It is not allowed to have even a tiny error.
After reading this article, 
you will then feel the sophisticated manufacturing process achieving in Japan.

▲ Ready to be sent to you all over the world ~
THE GINZA cotton is exported to the US and Canada and 38 countries in the world.
Through days and months, cotton finally encounters the ones around the world. 
Wow!! Feel very proud! ^^

The world's highest quality BEAUTY COTTON
A perfect production process!
While looking at a variety of supplies for the convenience of our daily lives,
we occasionally feel curious to its production process. 

Use a cotton to better absorb skin cosmetic, enhance a better makeup effect. 
After looking at the production process in this article, 
you will definitely understand the principle and gratitude. 

The origin of the cotton is based on the gratitude towards customers
 to effectively use the high quality of cosmetics. 
After a long journey of the born of a cotton,
[THE GINZA - Superior Cotton] has become famous. 

It there is no Japan, no Hiroshima, then, no Shiseido!
An excellent cosmetics brand would be appeared. 

Why Shiseido has become a well-known cosmetics?
One of the reasons should be the BEAUTY COTTON which presents its perfect quality. 

For the ones who travel to Japan, 
the ones who plan to come to Japan!

The must-buy item
There you are!
Shiseido [THE GINZA] cotton

Duty-free shops at the airport 
Please come to check the red counter of Shiseido then ~

<THE GINZA stores>

7-8-10, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Hours: 11:00 ~ 20:00

B1 The Imperial Hotel Arcade 1-1-1
Uchisaiwai-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Hours: 10:00 ~ 19:00

▶ Airport Duty Free ( about 19 duty free shops)
- Narita Airport Terminal 1 and 2
- Haneda Airport International Terminal
- Central Japan International Airport
- Kansai International Airport
- New Chitose Airport
- Hiroshima Airport
- Fukuoka Airport

▶ THE GINZA online store * Japanese / Delivery limited to Japan

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