Tuesday, April 28, 2015

# Entertainment ♪ Japan Pop Culture- Mobile game APP- Coooby the Run! What a cute monster!

# Entertainment ♪ Japan Pop Culture- Mobile game APP- Coooby the Run! What a cute monster!

Tokyo little monster Coooby
Let's have a race of running!

Originally from Tokyo
1.5 m (?) 
a cute character Coooby
It lives in the world of game! 
Wouldn't you feel pity of it can only appear in the world of game??
But recently, it is getting more popular in some ways....

so it is getting busier then before.... 

Oh!!!! We found Coooby at [JAPAN EXPO] in Paris, France.

Oh!!!! It has become good friends with Funassyi, 
a popular Japanese mascot character recently.

Wow!!! Getting more fans in the event!!!

By the way, 
What is Coooby?

Coooby is the character from a mobile game APP.

Coooby is the main character of a mobile game APP called "Coooby the Run."
Oh!!! The cute one that always keeps running and running!!!

Let see how is it introduced in the iTunes' page!

Little cute monster Coooby,
a Tokyo-born cute character,
can race around the world with four friends at the same time. 
During the game, 
you can use a variety of items!
The game is simple!
Vibrant and beautiful images.
Just keep running and jumping to the left side of the screen. That is it!


Coooby the Run [Official Site]

Coooby Goods 1
 Phone Case

Although it is the in a cute, lovely and girly style.
It is light yellow and light blue color which gives us a feeling of spring. 
Somehow stylish huh!!

Coooby Goods 2

Wearing this T-shirt with an unique illustration printed,
let's get along into the Shibuya street culture!

Coooby Goods 3
Cellphone strap

Hang this cute monster on your cellphone or key chain,
get more people paying attention to you! lol 

Coooby is unexpectedly popular and attractive!

Coooby Goods 4
Tattoos Stickers

Summer is coming!
We have more chance to show our skin!
Let's put on a Coooby tattos sticker to show your unique fashion sense then!

Let's get along together with Coooby during travel!!
We can't miss it this summer!!!!

Wow!! Even in Universal Studio Japan (USJ), 
where a lot of famous stars and characters can be found,
we can's ignore the attraction of Coooby!

Although it is a little monster, 
it is ignorantly cute sometimes. 
Of course, its fashionable sense makes us wanna bring it around all the time during travel. 

Please looking forward to our dating with Coooby in the near future.
If you encounter Coooby while traveling in Japan,
why don't you just say Hi or bring it around together?

Coooby the Run  [Official Site]


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