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#Cosmetics ♪ Perfect Stylist Eyes! CANMAKE helps us to create a Japanese Style Makeup!! Recommended Eye Shadow!!!

#Cosmetics ♪ Perfect Stylist Eyes! CANMAKE helps us to create a Japanese Style Makeup!! Recommended Eye Shadow!!!

Want a Party Look or Casual Look? Up to you!

Most ladies love to be looked beautiful!
In order to be more attractive,
we all are sensitive to all kinds of ideas about beauty!

So what if you ask,
the simple plan for an attractive makeup is....???

We might say

Eye shadow

Whether it is a casual makeup or a gorgeous makeup? 
CANMAKE prepares 5 colors a case for you in any occasions. 
Want to know the magic of makeup?
Follow us then!!!

Perfect Stylist Eyes

- A total of six kinds of color tones    780 yen each  (+ TAX) -

Such a box of "smart" eye shadow
Shining pearl natural color + cute gorgeous color hand ~
Two good points comes together!! Hooray!!

▶ PARTY LOOK makeup  No.09 Sunny Brown

▶ CASUAL LOOK makeup  No.08 Mermaid Blue

Red series (No. 07)
Gateau Framboise☆
A glamorously cute, vivid set of shades.
TOPPING JEWEL in the center is popular for the latest make up.

Pink Series (No. 05, 10)
Pinky Chocolat☆
Sweet Flamingo☆
Sweet and gentle feminine shades. 
Standard for PEARL MAKE UP
Make the inner corner of the eyes a little shiny 
to create an elegant outlook.

Gold Series (No 02, 09)
Baby Beige☆
Sunny Brown☆
Gold and pearl color is the best color choice for spring~
Wanna add some party accent?
Draw a thicker eyeliner then^^

▶ PARTY LOOK makeup No. 09 Sunny Brown
A warm shade with orange accents. 
For big eyes to look rich and luscious♪
The golden topping jewel color in the middle upgrades the gorgeousness!

▶ PARTY LOOK makeup? Don't forget the Golden Series!

Golden color not only present the gorgeous and elegant female beauty
but also brings you a little more luxurious feel.

The fine particles of eye shadow put on the corner of the eyes
makes your eyes look more like a pearl.

▲ PARTY LOOK makeup   counterclockwise!

Wanna try a party makeup?
Just use the color on the box counterclockwise.
The TOPPING JEWEL color in the middle can be used as the accents under the eyes.

▶ CASUAL LOOK makeup  No. 08 Mermaid Blue

In Japan, it is called "the sense of NUKE."
It means instead of keeping perfect,
keep some sense of looseness
in order to present the natural atmosphere.

is based on the brown color tone on eyes.
Draw a longer eyeliner on the eyes' corner to make the eyes look longer.
You can use No. 4 color for the inner eyeliner~

At the distance of 1/2, 
makes the line more solid and visible.
You can draw 5mm upper from the corner.

Silver TOPPING JEWEL color
helps you to create light and soft and moist eyes
A clear and refreshing color ~ Increase the sense of mystery~!


MERMAID BLUE (blue mermaid)

Summer is coming soon!
This is the perfect color then!!
Blue eye shadow will not only give a fresh feeling
but also create a cool and nature sense for the entire face.
A chic and charming eye-makeup is done!

▶ CASUAL LOOK makeup   clockwise!

Opposite to the party makeup! Want a natural makeup? Just go over clockwise~
1. Base
2. Topping Jewel
3. Natural
4. Line
5. Bright

▶ Use TOPPING JEWEL for "lying silkworm eye makeup"

Recently popular lying silkworm eye makeup!
Brighten the bottom of the pouch
Make you look 5 years younger
Don't forget the middle part of the eye shadow box.

▶ Complete the eyeliner by eye shadow!

Eye shadow instead of eyeliner
Shadow effect can be made and make the entire eye makeup looks more natural and soft.

▶ Be My Baby BB Cream
650 yen (+ Tax)

Wanna have a baby skin? 
You don't wanna miss the magical BB Cream.
It is not just a concealer BB Cream,
but also it has the function of beauty essence, lotion, foundation and sun block.
Use "Be My Baby BB Cream" after lotion
Then, CANMAKE BASE MAKE is done!

Strong UV sun block of SPF 50 + PA ++++
No problem in any seasons then!

▶ Be My Baby BB Cream

With this BB cream upgrade our confidence on skin.
Just put some powder to top.
It is done!

▶ Mat Fleur Cheeks 800 yen (+ Tax) & Soft Cheek Brush 700 yen (+ Tax)

This cheek is very popular as its long-lasting effect.
And the brush is soft and comfortable enough for skin.
Let's use different ways to draw a beautiful blush!

▶ SOFT CHEEK BRUSH for different expression

① Soft and Natural
Place the central portion of the brush head on the cheekbones
Keep the brush horizontally from outside to inside the brush like drawing a longer oval

② Increase the sense of beauty
From the nose to the ear lobe 

③ Emphasize female beauty
A slight angle from the highest point of the cheekbone to the temple direction
Relatively high position of a triangle blush

Finally, touch your whole face gently with hands to make it long-lasting!

▶ Lip Tint Syrup
650 yen (+ TAX)

Can be found at drug stores all over Japan!
The best sellers among CANMAKE items!

▶ Lip Tint Syrup
650 yen (+ TAX)

Name sounds too sweet!
It is a great news for girls who don't really like sticky lip gloss!
This is non-sticky and long lasting!

▶ Lip Tint Syrup
650 yen (+ TAX)

Just put a little in the central part of the lip
Then spread out and draw it naturally 

Smart and moist lips ~! 

▶ Lip Tint Syrup characteristic 

Long lasting
Even after meal,
the color looks more vivid as well.
That is the charming point!

▶ Gel Volume NAIL COLORS 2 colors 580 yen (+ TAX)
Quick & Easy Remover 400 yen (+ TAX)

Excellent quality of cute nail polish!
Let's use it as TOP COAT!

▶ Charm point of Gel Volume NAIL COLORS!

After applying the general texture of white nail polish
Apply this Gel Volume NAIL COLORS

It seems to make the white glazed ceramic works more beautiful.

Eye shadow 
a magical make up according to different occasions and concepts!
A popular cosmetic brand in Japan 
among young ladies!

Hey girls!
Let's come to challenge both party and casual look make up!

Where to find CANMAKE
Drug stores around Japan!
Like the above pictures 
the yellow sign of Matsumoto Kiyoshi,
you can find anywhere in Japan.
Come on! Let's get some CANMAKE 
to challenge Japanese style make up!

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