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# Shopping in Harajuku ♪ Let's make our own Deco Latte of Rilakkuma and Snoopy ^^

# Shopping in Harajuku ♪ Let's make our own Deco Latte of Rilakkuma and Snoopy ^^

Must-buy item while travel in Japan!!!
Here we go!!!
Let's get some Deco Latte at KIDDY LAND in Harajuku!

When spring comes, 
you would like to go flower-viewing with friends and family under the cherry blossom trees.
This is a typical event in spring in Japan. 

To most of the Japanese, 
they have a special feeling to cherry blossoms. 
Ladies are especially feeling impressed while looking at the flowers of cherry blossom.

This time we are going to show you a hot item!!!
A best item perfectly matching the spring season and definitely made ladies to be impressed. 

As you know, Japanese like coffee a lot.  
Especially Deco Latte is getting more popular. 

Having this, you can enjoy Deco Latte anytime, everywhere.
You might wanna get some for souvenirs. 
Let's go KIDDY LAND.

Address: 6-1-9 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo (7-min walk from Harajuku)
Open Hour: Mon- Fri 11:00- 21:00 
Sat/ Sun/ Holiday 10:30-21:00

▲ Japan's best sellers Deco Latte

Just gently place above the coffee, milk, cocoa and other hot drinks!
Wow!! A simple and lovely LATTE ART is done!

Deco Latte
from the original pattern
to popular character Rilakkuma
Also, the world's beloved snoopy series.
That is why Deco Latte is getting more and more popular! 

In Harajuku, there is a hottest shop among young people. 
Of course, we can find the Deco Latte, favorite by both Japanese and foreign tourists. 

Okay! Here you are
let us introduce KIDDY LAND!


HELLO KITTY, Rilakkuma, Star Wars, Disney, and etc.
Gathering a variety of cartoon characters' goods from Japan and oversea. 
From dolls to stationery, models, as well as food, 
a rich assortment of items at reasonable prices.
That is also one of the reasons to make this place popular!

Can't wait our journey of Deco Latte in KIDDY LAND!!!

▲ Wow!! We found Deco Latte on the 1F !!

When we enter the shop, 
we feel like we are surrounded by all kinds of cute cartoon goods!!
Wow!! A lot of nostalgic characters and some fresh new ones!!
Enjoy looking around!!!

Deco Latte is found!

Deco Latte

 Just put your it onto the mug or coffee cup
then, a LATTE ART of Deco Latte is done.

10 pieces /bag    500 yen (+ tax)

How cute!
It is a good ideas to buy some as souvenirs of trip in Japan.

▲ Various cartoon series!

  Deco Latte of original pattern, Snoopy 
and the well-known Rilakkuma!
It is said that more new roles will be joined in the future!

By the way,
no doubt Rilakkuma is the most popular one among all. 

KIDDY LAND 4F Rilakkuma Store

Gathering a rich assortment of goods of Rilakkuma!
Indeed a "Rilakkuma Store."


▲ Here!! We found Deco Latte

Indeed the hottest item!!
Can be found everywhere! lol

As a Deco Latte
We feel relax by just looking at it!
How adorable is the combination of 
this cute character and Deco Latte!

▲ There are 10 kinds of pattern!

Let's see....
500 yen a bag
You will be surprised by 10 different pieces of Deco Latte!

The first one is LOVE!!
How adorable!!!

▲ All are different and cute!!!

From "LOVE" to "THANK YOU"

10 pieces of cute Deco Latte!

Indeed, there is no mistakes to give it as a gift!!!
Wonder how the exciting people will react!

▲ Using it to convey your appreciation and gratitude as a small gift!!!

In Japan, it has become familiar to convey message in some special ways.
For example, specially designed note or memo. 

Yes! Sometimes, it is hard to express feeling and thoughts in words; 
therefore, these cute Deco Latte is a perfectly nice idea!

bring these Deco Latte
we have place to go in this season!
As a seasoning of the atmosphere!

▲ "Sakura" (Cherry blossoms) , messenger of spring 

Farewell to the cold winter,  finally we are welcoming the warm spring!
Sakura is the messenger of spring.
To Japanese, the presence of sakura is the soul of everything.

▲ We can't miss it in Spring in Japan!!!!

Every April,
boys and girls, 
kids and elders,
family and friends, 
all are likely about to gather under the sakura tree
to feel the flavor of spring!

Sitting like the following!
Talk, laugh together with family and friends,
share all the delicious food!

▲ TEA TIME during flower viewing together with Deco Latte

Leisurely enjoy the beauty of the cherry blossoms in the spring time

What if we have a cup of coffee...
What if there is a simple Deco Latte on top of the coffee...
Wow!!!  Which will make your flower viewing more graceful!

Like above, 
a Deco Latte is done!

▲ Way to make Deco Latte

Pick your favorite pattern from the package,
Just lift off the indicated point,
And gently put it on top of the coffee, milk, cocoa or any of the other hot drinks!
It is done!


▲ Simply, easily.  Deco Latte anytime anywhere!

   Whether in a workplace or a school cafeteria,
as long as having this cute thingy on top of the coffee,
it makes a more friendly atmosphere. 

Perhaps some people are worried that it is something harmful to health, 
no worry!!!
Not harmful to health,
on the other hand,
it is rich in calcium.


Coffee seems have become a necessity in our lives
To some of us, we can't even live without it everyday.
We will feel like something is missing of not drinking a cup.

But to us,
coffee is not just a kind of beverage. 
Let's enjoy the fun of drinking too.
Talking randomly over a coffee.
We believe that it will become a kind of culture then. 

A piece of Deco Latte to change the atmosphere of a coffee break!

Previously, we can only learn stylish cafe art from a small number of professional masters in some cafes. 
Now just having this lovely thin one
Not only to convey the message you want to express
But also create the atmosphere of the coffee time
You also feel the attraction of this goods huh!!! 

Lovely good partners of coffee -Deco Latte
Don't miss it when you pass by Harajuku!

Address: 6-1-9 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo (7-min walk from Harajuku)
Open Hour: Mon- Fri 11:00- 21:00 
Sat/ Sun/ Holiday 10:30-21:00



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