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# University Life ♪ Neighborhood of Totoro?! Experience Japanese Culture at Musashino University (Kimono/ Tea Ceremony/ Flower Arrangement)

# University Life ♪ Neighborhood of Totoro?! Experience Japanese Culture at Musashino University (Kimono/ Tea Ceremony/ Flower Arrangement)

Study Abroad in Japan!
 Let's take a close look to the traditional Japanese culture experience class!

Musashino University 

It is a comprehensive university in Tokyo.

 [Department of International Communication]
for the ones who are striving for becoming a qualified Japanese teacher.

[Ariake Campus]
New campus opened in 2012

[International exchange programs]
for foreign students. 

You can also take a look at our previous article of 
Musashino University

Things that can't be missed for the life of study abroad students are
general education and cultural experience. 
So today, we come to here
to have a look at the cultural experience. 

Wanna become the expert of International communication?
Let's join these interesting and meaningful courses
 (Kimono/ Tea Ceremony/ Flower Arrangement)

Here we go!

Musashino University  Main campus

Musashino University Main campus
is located in the West Tokyo City.
It is found in 1924, a four-year university. 
Although it is located in the suburb area of Tokyo, it has convenient transportation to access.
Rather located in the downtown area of 23 wards in Tokyo, 
it has a more beautiful environment and better learning atmosphere.

Last time, we have introduced you 
the Ariake Campus, 
which has all kinds of advanced facilities.
This time, we are going to take you into the greenly campus with elegance and warmth. 
There are kindergarten, girls' junior high school and girls' high school too.

[Information of Musashino University]

School Information:  4-year university (found in 1924)
School location:  Musashino Campus: Shinmachi 1-1-20,  Nishi-Tokyo, Tokyo 
Ariake Campus: Ariake 3-3-3, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Department components:  *Literature Department / Department of Human Sciences / Environmental Sciences / Department of Education / Department of Pharmacy / Nursing (Musashino Campus)
*International Communication Studies / Faculty of Law / Department of Economics
   Political Department of Economics / Department of Human Science / Environmental Studies (Ariake Campus)
Number of students: 7,000 (including graduate students)
Number of Professors: 1,020 

Official Homepage 

Let's take a visit to experience the culture courses!

▲ JR Mitaka Station

20 minutes train from Shinjuku
Wow! It is already a different view from the download Tokyo.
Mitaka Station is surrounded by all fresh green.
You know what this is also the neighborhood of the Ghibli Museum, Mitaka no Mori.
Yes!!! It is where you can found Totoro

▲ Take the bus to the campus

Just 10 minutes by bus
to arrive the main campus of Musashino University 

▲ Main entrance of the main campus

Since Girls' Junior high and high school are on the same campus area. 
You can feel more antique and humanity then.

▲ Okay!! We have our cultural experience today here!

Kouundai, a building located in the inner part of the greenery campus. 
There is a Japanese-style tatami room about 63 tatami  (about 105㎡)
for Japanese cultural experience. 

Let's us put on a Kimono and experience the tea ceremony

Kimono experience~

Yes!! Today's experience is ...?

 For foreign students,
who are expected to experience Japanese culture in special courses.

From putting on a kimono appropriately,
to Japanese tea ceremony,
and presenting the art of flower arrangement. 

▲ Learn the tea ceremony

In this spacious space,
let's experience the four most important elements of the tea ceremony
Harmony, respect, purity and tranquility.

▲ Keep the entrance clean for guests to come in

Respectfully welcome guests to the tea room ~

▲ Be polite

Bow your body and get into the room from a lower entrance.

▲ Etiquette of hospitality 

It is important as the one who presents hospitality; 
on the other hand,
as a guest of presenting your sincerity as well.
Although it is just a seasonal sweet,
you can feel it is full of sincerity.

▲ Deep fried green tea

 A pot of water heated on charcoal fire.
Put on green tea leaves and of course your sincerity . 
Then, a cup of rich tea is done.
Feel the soul of the master thoroughly  

▲ The spirit of ceremony is to "enjoy."

It is important to follow the rule and etiquette. 
But the essence of the tea ceremony
Well, not just taste the tea but also to enjoy it ~ 

▲ An unfamiliar but interesting cultural experience

Although it is a bit hard to get along with 
every detailed steps of etiquette in an unfamiliar cultural experience. 
But, just a little hard times, 
you will be able to experience the fun!

After tasting the tea and sweets,
let's try flower arrangement

▲ A healing flower arrangement 

Flower arrangement is not just kind of a decorative floral design. 
In Japanese, 
literately, it is a pursuit of "self-reflection" into the floral art.

Through flower arrangement, 
let's feel the beauty of space to achieve peace of mind. 
No doubt it is a healing activity! 

▲ The simplest lecture

Flower arrangement is an art of self-expression.
Wherever, whenever in any kinds of material to express its greatest feature.

Although teacher only teaches us the basic steps,
we feel and try to express ourselves then.

▲ High and low, as well as the angle

After learning a few basic patterns,
it is the time for creativity and freedom ^^

▲ Suggestions from experts

In order to increase the quality of our works,
thanks for teaching us one by one personally. 

Are you looking forward to our works?

▲ Can you read my mind?

After all, it is our first work of flower arrangement.
Compared to the completion of the works of art, 
we care more about the importance in the production process.
Isn't it good enough for the the peaceful and calm process?

After learning the tea ceremony etiquette and  flower arrangement
our experience for today is getting to the end.

▲ Beautiful melody of  "Guqin"

Today, teacher brings with her a beautiful performance of "Guqin."
Wow!!! It is the familiar melody of "Sakura."

▲ Indulge in a Japanese culture time

Along with the elegant sound of guqin,
our Japanese culture experience is coming to an end.
What a meaningful time ~

A valuable lesson of your study abroad life

To understand the tradition and culture of a country is 
a very important part of learning.

Not just to curious foreigners,
such an Japanese culture experience course 
Not only it is an opportunity to expand your knowledge of disciplinary course,
but also let us respecting the Japanese culture,
understanding Japan and the people more in-depth. 

To the foreign students, 
it is also a chance for international exchange. 

A global campus
Musashino University 

That is all for today's Japanese cultural experience course
of Musashino University.

Official Homepage 

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