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# Culture ♪ Experience the Japanese Hot springs! Wasabi Bath! in Hakone Hotel Kowakien Yunessun

# Culture ♪ Experience the Japanese Hot springs! Wasabi Bath! in Hakone Hotel Kowakien Yunessun

Taste the wasabi, enjoy the wasabi bath!
@ Hakone Hotel Kowakien

Experience a traditional hot springs and wasabi themed bath and take a walk in a beautiful garden

We went for a trip to Hakone!
This year's cherry blossoms exceptionally came and passed early 
especially the ones in Tokyo!
That is why we went to Hakone to pursue the footsteps of spring.

Let's check our previous articles about 
the beauty of Hakone and springs in different seasons. 

We can't help of not taking action right away!!!
We miss Hakone so much!!!
Let's action!!!

Wondering what kind of themed bath is waiting for us this time.
Hakone Hotel Kowakien [Yunessun]
A theme park of hot springs! 
We are coming!

Let's check out THREE big points!

Point 1

Magic turns reality!

Chocolate bath, red wine bath, Japanese sake bath
New theme of every time in YUNESSUN always beyond our imagination!

Mustard? wasabi? Oh!!! It is Wasabi beef!
Popular potato chips in Japan
wasabi+beef = wasabeef 
So this became the themed bath.

Wanna jump into the wasabeef bath!
Let the body cell throughout the body go stimulated!!! lol

Point 2

Wasabi Soba

Next to the "Hot Springs Theme Park," it is a tranquil Japanese garden and traditional designed building "Chinzanso."  
You can taste the hand-made soba and the fresh wasabi here!
A brand new Japanese cuisine for us!!!

After getting full,
let's go out and take a walk to enjoy the beautiful garden in Kowakien.

Point 3

A walk in the beautiful garden Kowakien 

Sunshine, blue sky, and green grass
Weeping cherry tree is trying to present herself at the back.

Take a walk in this beautiful garden, 
totally makes our heart more peaceful.

Last time, 
we tried different transportation to enjoy the trip in various ways. 
So this time, 
we have been wondering for a while. 

▲ A train journey of Romance-car?

Like its name, 
Why don't you want to have a romantic trip with romance-car?
Bento (lunch box) on the train 
wait until Hakone Tozan Train...

▲ A journey of rental car ...?

Don't wanna miss the winding mountain drive and 
a variety of delicious food at "Service Area,"
Come by car and eat then!!!

Finally, our choice after struggling

▲ We decided to go by rental car~!

We decide to have a drive in this nice weather!!
Therefore, let's rent a car!


NISSAN Rent a Car (English)

▲ Drive in Japan!

The different between driving in Japan and America is 

Beginning a little bit awkward, but quickly adapted
And Japan is also very easy to understand road signs need not worry ~~

▲ We arrived!

Winding mountain road of Hakone 
Let's challenge yourself!
Although you might feel tired, 
when you get off the car and see the fine weather, 
you fatigue will go away immediately!

About 1 hour and 40 mins ride from Tokyo to Hakone  (In the case of no traffic jam) 

▲ A warm spring in YUNESSUN

Have you ever heard of theme park of hot springs?
You might wanna say it is the most important places in Hakone.
There are a "YUNESSAN AREA" where you can wear a swimsuit to experience the hot springs facility and  "Mori no yu" where you can experience a standard public bath and open-air hot spring. 

Hakone Hotel Kowakien Yunessun

Hakone Hotel Kowakien Yunessun is located on the opposite of the YUNESSUN.
It is an official hotel of Yunessun.

Here is a "super view" luxury suite!
You can also taste the delicious shabu shabu or sukiyaki set ~

Hakone Hotel Kowakien

▲ Weeping cherry

  Garden has a big weeping cherry tree.
Embrace the nature, welcome and greet the beautiful spring!

▲ Beautiful forever ...

Compare to the vivid bright pink
this pure pink white flowers looks innocently beautiful!

▲ Seasonal dessert

In spring, 
of course it is nice taste a limited seasonal dish!
"Sakura Roll Cake"
Unfortunately, it was until April 11. 

After Sakura, 
next is wormwood.

Looking forward to the next time^^

Come out to the balcony and taste the sakura roll cake
Looking at eh great natural garden, 
wanna take a walk huh!!

▲ Walking can heal your heart.

Everything is so harmonious.
The blades of sunlight  
The breeze of spring
A neatly little forest
Seems like a magic to let you forget everything!
Let's go for a walk!!!

Walk and walk and walk
We have come over to here!
Green leaves in Spring
Red leaves in Autumn
Come here anytime to experience the different seasons^^

We will come again for wormwood and the dessert! 

▲ Another garden

Japanese architecture and gardens are naturally found together.
Then, it naturally becomes a route for walking. 
Take a walk here to feel the real Japan.

▲ Small shrine in the garden

A small shrine with a small Torii.
How impressive to see that!
Scoop a handful of water to wash hands 
purify physically and mentally.

Then, we have come to Hakone Saryo Chinzanso for Lunch.
It is just right located in the garden.
Wow!!! A classic and traditional restaurant for soba (buckwheat noodles)

▲ Hakone Saryo Chinzanso

While enjoying the beauty of the garden
tasting the delicious soba
What a nice moment.

▲ Hakone Saryo Chinzanso shows the beauty of architecture 

Although we are not professional of architecture,
having no knowledge to talk about it,
it is hard to express in words...
quiet but rhythmic 
That's the nature.

▲ Art space

A artistic place in the soba restaurant
You might say it is the fusion of Japanese ancient style and modern western style.

▲ Lunch of Soba noodles

Every dish are cute
Take a walk and have some fresh air before meal.
Have soba as a healthy meal.
What an ideal life!

▲ Soba VS Tempura 

You know what a nice soba restaurant is 
also good in Tempura!
Excellent matching!

▲ What is this?

Oh!! This is the fresh wasabi!!
Make it when you wanna eat it using the little board next to it. 
You know what it is made with shark skin!
Okay! Let's try the real wasabi taste!

Oh my god!!
Can't believe it!!
YUNESSUN has made a seasonal limited hot springs of wasabi!

▲ Oh! Wasabi!
Can't you see?
▲ From Wasabi to wasa-beef!
An open-air hot spring!
It might be your first time to hear this name.
"Wasa-beef" is a kind of Japanese potato chips, flavor combining Wasabi and beef.
Most of the Japanese know it!

Here you go!
So this is the open-air wasa-beef hot springs limited in YUNESSUN.
[Wasa-beef open-air hot springs]
Open until June 30, 2015

 Hakone Kowakien YUNESSUN

▲ This ... should be very hot huh?!

From the appearance,
it is the green of wasabi!!!
Wouldn't we all will become wasabi afterwards lol

▲ Wasabi scent ^^

Oh!! Not spicy like wasabi.
Like the wasabi we had during lunch!
A soft scent of wasabi!

▲ Let's enjoy the exclusive wasa-beef hot springs

Can you see the little cows?
Oh! That's the mascot of "Wasa-beef."
The hot spring is occupied by them!!! lol

▲ Directly connect to YUNESSUN SHOPPING MALL!

Indeed the popular wasa-beef potato chips
The showcase of shopping center Miomal is occupied by them.

After comfortably soaking in a wasa-beef hot springs,
let's take a look to the mori no yu, which is next to the YUNESSUN.

▲ Change after renewal 

Differences compare to last time?
Oh! More space has been made at the entrance and front desk!
Found more opened!!
And the fitting rooms are renewed as well.
So do the keys...

▲ "Enjoy cherry blossom Hot springs" in Mori no Yu 

Enjoying cherry blossom, girls' talk and hot spring,
what a precious time.  

After hot springs, 
let's go and eat!!!


What if we need to pick the best cuisine in Hakone
This Italian restaurant in YUNESSUN is in BEST 5

▲ Wasabi Pizza

Wow!!! The day of Wasabi!!!
Pizza using wasabi sauce and wasabi leaves
Oh!!! What a nice scent^^
People who is not good at spicy food has no problem too!

▲ Wasabi Pasta

How fresh is the taste of this pizza!!


Italian meal after hot springs?
Anything weird???
No worry!! A nice matching!!!
Come and try!!

Leisurely spring in Hakone

A peaceful garden makes you wanna take a walk.
Wanna pause the time in Hakone Hotel Kowakien Yunessun.
But Sakura blooms only in a few period.

our first try of fresh wasabi
incredible wasa-beef bath 
wasabi-flavored pizza and pasta
Everything is precious.

Heard from the staffs of the hotel
Yozakura (Sakura at night) is very beautiful.
Come and take a look at it!!
Are your shutter ready???

Hakone Travel
Not only the enjoyment in Spring 
but also the fulfilling of our heart!!

Hakone Kowakien
A place to go back again!!!

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