Monday, May 11, 2015

#Shopping ♪ Sincere New Color Contact Lenses ~ FAIRY SELECT 3 brown colors ~ Change image sometimes

#Shopping ♪ Sincere New Vision Optical Lens ~ FAIRY SELECT 3 brown colors ~ Change image sometimes 

-Japanese beautiful eyes story-

You know there is a music style called "Blue Eyed Soul (also known as white soul)." 
It is a term referring to the unique sense of rhythm and blues and soul music performed by white artists.  
So this is a special term for their blue eyed soul.

On the other hand,  
there is a unique kind of cats called "Odd-eyed cat."
A cat with one blue eye and one eye of either colors like green, yellow or brown. 

Wait! What are they in common of ?
Breakthrough of ordinary
Pursuit of personality
The characteristic is on the "eyes."

Especially for ladies,
changes in eye color, 
atmosphere will become different then.

Recently it is getting popular in Japan. 
Not only fashionable style of a specific group of members,
but also as a daily FASHION ITEM for everybody.


Okay!!! Today,
Let's us show you the amazing story of these color contact lenses in Tokyo, Japan.

▲ Color Contact Lenses! Color your makeup^^

Healthy white skin and pink blush.
Deep eyeliner and mascara
Wear a moist tempting lip gloss
Wait...something is missing!!

Here you are!!!
Color contact lenses!!!
Give you more mysterious beauty for the brilliant brown pupils.

What kinds of style do fashionable Tokyo people like?
Let see...

▲ ABAB Ueno

It is Ueno Park and Ueno Zoo in the front.
At the back is AMEYOKO and open-air tavern (a.k.a. Izakaya )
Ueno is such a bustling place
gathering a variety of young fashion ITEM.

[ABAB Ueno Store]

A collection of shops for young people. 
Today we are going to 4F of ABAB.
A grocery store to fulfill your colorful daily life!!!  

▲ yanya & yanya

A casual grocery store well-located on the 4th floor of ABAB Ueno store.
Color contact lenses become the main featuring items here!!!
Wow!!  Really a lot of fashionable items here!!!

▲ Overall of the shop

A lot of stylish posters
Attractive items everywhere
It is like a room of a Japanese high school girl lol

Feel Free~ haha

Mask with Japanese Ukiyo-e pattern.

Hand-written pop-up by staffs ~
Method of using a variety of color contact lenses are written in detail here.

Oh!! There are also crazily popular mustache-shaped items.
This is a straw huh!!!
We all have become artists!!!

No doubt we would like to try and have fun with most of the items.
And then, the main products here are...

[FAIRY] Lady Princess series

Needless to say, it is popular in Japan
and also in Taiwan as well! 
By just looking at the package, 
you will definitely recognize this is the color contact lens to enlarge your appearance of your eyes.

Here you are 
New products of FAIRY Lady Princess.
Hottest item in Japan!

FAIRY Select

New FAIRY Product
"Select" series 

▲ 3 different color contact lenses for various occasions

Today, the biggest trend of color contact lenses is "natural."
Select series can help us in a variety of different scenes of everyday life
Create three personalized browns. 

Basic Brown: natural and transparent brown

Street Brown: soft and casual brown

Mode Brown: stylish and updated brown

Select FAIRY official website

Daily disposable color contact lenses

It is very convenient to use daily
10 pairs for 1, 540 yen (+ TAX) 
so Just 150 yens per day, you will be able to experience the magic of these daily disposable
color contact lenses. 

Basic Brown

The basis color, the most natural color.
No matter what style today,
A fresh color for easily match.

▲ More clear eyes!

Although they are slightly larger than the average of color contact lenses,
it is not an exaggeration but naturally make your entire eyes look good~

▲ Key point is our expression!

With natural mix and match.
BASIC BROWN makes you look more vivid!

Street Brown

This is a lively match of casual!
Like a popular street rock recently!

▲ Leisure Beauty!

Blue eye shadow and vivid LIP TINT!
Together with the brown color contact lens
A casual beauty makeup is done.

Mode Brown

Want a chic style?
A relatively deep brown is our choice.

▲ Eyes with strong sense of presence

Perfect combination of black and brown
Mysterious pattern makes our eyes look more brilliant.

▲ Have some change...

We would like to transform our makeup into a more mature and luxury and feminine makeup for party.
The critical magic is MODE BROWN~

▲ FAIRY best combination of daily disposable color contact lenses!

- Use CANMAKE cream blush and LIP TINT to have a basic IGARI makeup -

A favorite makeup of Aya Ueto, Satomi Ishihara and other popular Japanese actresses.
"minus 5-year-age" makeup is not very popular recently in Japan.
It also presents the sense of natural girl makeup called "Igari make up."
Together with the FAIRY select series 
daily disposable color contact lenses
Not only make your eyes look more attractive,
more beautiful.
An amazing item.

Just a pair of enlarging color contact lenses,
upgrading your entire makeup and style immediately.

▲  MUST-ITEM for transformation!

There was a period that color contact lenses were just for fashion people.
So this was called "Abnormal beauty" item in Japan. 
Also high school girls exchange the the wore lenses with friends and become keratitis,
which caused a small social problem. 

As the product of daily color contact lenses have increased and are sold in reasonable prices.
Everyone can use this simple makeup item to create their own personality. 

No exaggeration but make a clearer and beautiful pair of eyes.
Try the FAIRY Select series of daily disposable color lenses!
Get a pair during your Japan travel.

Select FAIRY official website

Have a visit to the 4F of ABAB.
A grocery store to fulfill your colorful daily life!!!  
And get your pair of color contact lenses.


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