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# Cosmetics ♪ Sana Soymilk skin care series & MAIKOHAN // Shopping in PLAZA GINZA

# Cosmetics ♪ Sana Soy milk Skin care series & MAIKOHAN // Shopping in PLAZA GINZA

Must-buy item in Tokyo!!!
SANA Soy milk Skin Care Series & MAIKOHAN

Recently, many of our friends are visiting Japan.
They always ask if there are any recommended sightseeing spots 
like in Tokyo, Osaka, or Fukuoka.
Then, we would reply
"What do you actually want to do?"
Then, our friends would say
"Wanna eat this, wanna do that, wanna buy blah blah blah..."
Most of them would prepare a list of Japanese cosmetics they would like to buy.
It is like a number of A4 Papers. 
Some of them maybe know Japanese limited items better than us lol
How surprised to us who actually live in Japan right now.

A while before, 
we have introduced you [MAIKOHAN]
It is one of the brands of a cosmetics company called SANA.
Maybe you have already known the brand [NAMERAKA HONPO] of the same company.
Soy milk skin care products from [NAMARAKA HONPO] is well-known and 
will-attracted people from oversea to come and buy it!

So why people put this on their shopping list?
What secret about this brand?

Let us check it out!
The representing brands 
<SANA Cosmetics>.
What is secret behind......

MAIKOHAN of SANA (2 popular items)

We have just traveled to Kyoto and seen a lot of beautiful cherry blossoms.
Then, 2 popular items of MAIKOHAN would help us create a beautiful skin like cherry blossoms.

::: Official Website :::

MAIKOHAN is not the only outstanding product of SANA.
Let's take a look at another popular product!


If you are familiar with the drug stores of Japan,
you surely have seen this soy milk skin care series. 

Literally, Nameraka means smoothly and Honpo means headquarters  and specialty stores.
Get used of  "isoflavones," the main component of soy milk,
to produce a variety of products.

::: Detail :::

Namenaka Honpo | TOKIWA Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd

▲ Representative products of NAMERAKA Honpo  [Soy milk skin care (soy milk fermented lotion)] Series

 Isoflavones is?

Isoflavones can promote fermentation of soy milk, which is similar to the component of female hormone.
It is good to women's skin~

[Soy milk skin care (soy milk fermented lotion)] Series
It is the set of basic cosmetics items using isoflavones (Face essence / lotion / emulsion / mask)
That is the popular set found in drugs store.

Let's use the soy milk series for the basic care.
Then, together with the 2 popular items of MAIKOHAN.
Wow!! Perfect skin!! Not a dream only!

▲ Let's see the coolness of the soy milk.
We have read the reviews on the net, 
many have said it made you feel like you are indulging in the soy milk every night!!
Let's have a try!

▲ Let's start from face !!!

In order to get this isoflavones, which is especially good to skin, 
study and research of countries from around the world were held,
finally, using the soy milk made from soybean produced in Japan,
through lactic acid fermentation,
soy milk body cleanser is born (756 yen tax included)

Have a soft and elastic after washing~

▲ Foam! It is very "important"

Like its product name.
Feel comfortable of its"smooth" and "soft" foam.
Every bubble helps get rid of dirt on your face^^

▲ Refreshing wash!

No matter what type of skin you are,
you will feel no sense of tension on your skin.

After washing your face, use face essence and lotion for basic care 
and keep moisture of your skin.

▲ "Soy milk skin care elastic mask" just 5 seconds to be well attached to the face.

we have this soy milk fermented liquid-based care mask to complete our whole set of treatment.
This mask is elastic and flexible to the our face shape, 
so it helps moisturizing every corner of your skin. (1512 yen tax included)

Its process is just like taking a tissue paper our of the box!
Put it on your face and just 5 seconds, 
it is then well-fitted and tagged to your face according to your face line. 
Lotion on the mask contains rich ingredients and soy milk fermented liquid 
to rapidly increase moisturizing effect~

A strong fighter helps you to fight for the battle of moisturizing your skins! lol

 ▲  Effect from basic care

As long as have done a fine basis of skin care,
no worry to the makeup afterwards then.
Use MAIKOHAN as a fine concealer,
to help you to feel its strong whitening effect.  

▲ Movie star?

Although there are many good cosmetics,
not many items are simple and easy to use from the beginning. 
So it is hard find items like this. 

Indeed, it is popular item!

You can find them easily at drug stores and grocery stores throughout Japan!
Wide reach to the publicity.

Let's us go and check then!!!
We can't miss the shopping paradise, Ginza!!!
There we are!!!
One of the famous grocery store in Ginza

Have a look at our visit here too!


This is the proof of its popularity huh!!!
Occupying the whole cosmetic counter!

▲ 2 popular items of MAIKOHAN  

Sure enough, these two main items occupy the whole counter!!!

[Makeup milk] and [ Makeup Powder (OSHIROI)]

▲ As a gift? or for ourselves?? lol

It is between about 1,300 to 1, 800 yen
It is reasonable enough to have one!
Buy one for ourselves or send to friends

Wow!!! Awesome!!

▲ Full package of Japanese style

As its name MAIKOHAN,
a model wearing a beautiful kimono, has beautiful clear skin on the cover.  
Such a Japanese style packaging design,
no doubt to make MAIKOHAN more outstanding among many of the cosmetics products.

▲ Trial experience

"Transparent skin pores of fair white and clear skin"
Let's try the magic powder directly!

And this elastic net...
If you have time to drop by MAIKOHAN counter, come to try its flexibility!

▲ Gently press ~ ^^

The magical effect of this powder is hidden in this net~
In order to make the powder doesn't be solidified, 
this net makes it works!
That is why the powder of MAIKOHAN can be used as a concealer.  

▲ Can be extended and shrink! Magic!

If you actually experience pressing it, 
you will understanding the magic!

▲ Got to try!! 

When you press once, you will totally wanna press again and again.
Come to PLAZA GINZA in Ginza to experience it!!


▲ Excellent concealer [MAIKOHAN makeup milk]

(1, 300 yen + TAX)

The makeup milk has the advantage of a variety of the non-gloss makeup base items.
Help to cover pores and fine lines naturally and upgrade the color tones of skin.
An essential makeup item!!

▲ Soft texture

 Not sticky but easy to spread out.
A light and soft texture^^

▲ Concealer & tone upgrading 

 Try a little on the back of the hands
Not only cover the appearance of fine lines but also improves overall skin tone~

Remember to control the amount used~

▲ Next is powder (OSHIROI)

 Use makeup milk as the base
then put on  powder (OSHIROI)

▲ Before & After

  White powder makeup + (OSHIROI) are used on the left hand
Nothing is used on the right hand. 
Can you see the effect of the contrast as the concealer and color-toner?
Here you are!!!


01 cherry color (pink) / 02 skin color

 We have used different colors on both hands to show the difference to everyone!
Cherry color on the left and 
skin color on the right.

It can be easily seen when you used it on face.
So you can choose from two colors according to your skin tone.

Japanese makeup cosmetics

Before, there were still many expensive Japanese cosmetics,
it is hard to find one to match ourselves. 

most ladies would like to find cosmetics items to 
fulfill the base of makeup and as the function of concealer.
Together with the effect and the price,
Japanese cosmetics have become popular gradually.

MAIKOHAN has kept its original style recently
 among the uncountable brand and items.
That is why attracting many of the fans like their products.

two of the popular representing brands

Wanna come to experience the Japanese makeup?
Where to go??
There you are GINZA^^

▼ MAIKOHAN official website

▼ PLAZA GINZA official website

 Phone:  +81 (3) 3575-2525
Hours: 11:00 ~ 21:00

Access:  Directly connected the B9 exit of Tokyo Metro Ginza Station