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# JAPANKURU Recommended Hotel in Kyoto ♪ A hotel perfectly with Kyoto sense of style Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shinmachi Bettei

# JAPANKURU Recommended Hotel in Kyoto ♪ A hotel perfectly with Kyoto sense of style  Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shinmachi Bettei

Kyoto, Japan
A hotel perfectly with Kyoto sense!
 Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shinmachi Bettei

Specking of Kyoto tourist attraction,
no doubt there are 
Kiyomizu Temple, Ninen-zaka, sannen-zaka, Golden Pavilion Temple (Kinkakuji)
Also,  Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine, which is selected the No.1 Kyoto's attraction by foreign visitors.

We like Kyoto, that is why we are here!
We came here, and walk around all the attractions in Kyoto, 
which made us feel interest and love Kyoto more and more!
Kyoto is such an attractive place!
That is why Kyoto notoriously becomes the popular destination for foreign visitors.

The accommodation of our Kyoto trip!!
We have chosen a simple, fashionable and antique hotel
to fully experience the beauty of traditional Kyoto.

You can take a look to the introduction of on our last article

A lot of small Kyoto-style design elements are hid everywhere!
You will be impressed by its delicate and exquisite taste.

Okay!! Let's us take a look at it then!

Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shinmachi Bettei

"Shinmachi" a street retains the Kyoto antiquity 
In the past, it was a prosperous street for business of cloth.
After a renewal and transformation of a 100-year old building, 
today we are here to visit this hotel.

It is like an owner of Kyoto, kindly welcomes the visitors to Kyoto.
The perfect fusion of Japanese antique and modern style, 
which made us fully appreciate its "sense of Kyoto-style."
We highly recommended this as our Kyoto travel accommodations. 

<Hotel Information>
Address: 361 Rokkaku-cho, Rokkaku-sagaru, Shinmachidori,
Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, 604-8212
Telephone: 075-257-1131
Check-in: 15:00~ Check-out: 12:00
7-min walk from Exit 22 of Shijo-station, Metro Karasuma Line
7-min walk from Exit 22 of Karasuma Station, Hankyu Kyoto Line
15-min by taxi from Kyoto Station

For reservation:

▲ Bettei

What is Bettei?
Literally, it means another separated building or room.
It also means different from the general image and meaning.

It is for VIP guests?
any other special?

Just looking at the logo of Bettei to stimulate your imagination!

▲ Heritage 

A hotel which has a 100-year history in a cloth street after renovation  
The space between the entrance and the porch 
allows us to feel the traditional beauty.

Woods used as the ceilings and columns, 
most of them are retained from the original building,
together with the quiet courtyard surrounded by the modern style cement wall.
That is a nice combination of modern and traditional style.
Thereby,  it is a precious ancient Heritage.

▲ Japanese Rock Garden (dry landscape) in the hotel

View from the hallway
Can't believe that it is available for us to enjoy the dry landscape indoor in the hotel.

▲  ZEN STYLE spreading worldwide

Japanese Rock Garden is a miniature stylized landscape through composed arrangements of rocks and sand as the image of traditional Japanese garden style!

An integration of simple and mysterious traditional Japanese garden and modern design in the hotel,
helps people feel the presence of ZEN STYLE closely. 

 ▲ Enjoy the courtyard through the ceiling window

Sitting at a cozy lounge, looking at the ceiling window in the front
Wow!! A small and delicate garden. 

Lower the sight of the view in front of you.
Enjoy the beauty of the garden.
Oh! Time seems to be paused,
appreciate the calm of Kyoto at this moment.

▲ Meaningful reproduction

Paintings on the wood are hung on the wall of the hallway of every floor.
You know what? All the wooden boards are originally the ceiling and floor from this old buildings.

Regenerate something into a beautiful new art work. 
How impressive!

▲ Traditional + Art

Go and take a look closely.
Traditional beauty on the painting
it looks a lifelike artwork impressively.

▲ A strong sense of Kyoto design

Cleverly use the slightly difference tone of white color
create a fantastic space of lounge. 
Together with the combination of natural lighting,
clearly reflects the traditional patterns on the pillar.
A deep sense of Kyoto.

▲ Floor of guest rooms

Different from the atmosphere of lounge,
Floor design is comparatively calm and simple.
Simple but without losing the traditional beauty of Kyoto.
Let's take a look at the guest room!

▲ Room plate

Even a small place, unique Japanese style has been integrated 
How adorable!

▲ Deluxe Twin Room
[Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shinmachi Bettei]

Rooms are divided into
Modern Room (Double / Twin) // Superior (Double/ Twin)
Deluxe Twin Room // Executive Twin Room // Universal Twin

In particular, this deluxe twin room, the flooring of living space is woodenly made.
Giving us an unique independent feel.

▲ Deluxe Twin Room    Bath / toilet

Bath and toilet is separated in this room type.

▲ Moderate double room

Wooden furniture coupled with bright colors brown tone carpet, 
windows made by Japanese paper.
Decoration of the room is perfect combination of Kyoto tradition and modern practical style.
When we step in the room, it naturally gives us the feel of truly arriving Kyoto.

▲ Clean bathroom

Bathroom use a single calm tone
Clean and comfortable

▲ Interesting use of space

A small table,  a narrow longitudinal storage cupboard with tea cups
smartly and efficiently take the advantage of space.

▲ interesting use of space 2

At the first glance, just wondering there is an iPAD!
Oh!! It is folding mirror! 
Every little corner is filled with the taste of Kyoto!
So cute!

▲ Enjoy the kind service everywhere

This is really important!
Charging socket and mobile phone charger on the bedside
Not all the hotels have it!

From the standpoint of the guests
That is so-called Japanese OMOTENASHI (hospitality) ?

Check-in, put on room wear. 
Then get on the big and comfortable bed, 
look through the photos taken in the trip.
Oh!! It is dinner time!

We are hungry!!

▲ Hotel Restaurant 'IZAMA'

Dinner is available at the restaurant on the 1F
Breakfast is also served here.

<Open Hours>
Breakfast: 06:30 - 10:00 (Accessible until 09:30)
Lunch: 11:30 - 14:00 (Accessible until 13:30)
Dinner: 17:30 - 22:00 (Accessible until 21:30)
* Last order of dinner: 21:00

▲ Inspiration from tradition

Japan old buildings used "Plaster" 漆喰(しっくい) on the white wall
Surround the long shiny table in the middle

"Looking through the windows of the building"
That is the inspiration of the design of this restaurant. 

A white painted wall of the traditional Japanese house
all are inspired by the tradition! 
Sounds great!!

▲ Even time to wait for the dish to come can be that stylish!

A minimized space under faint lighting
We can still enjoy the dry landscape garden through the lounge
No double we are looking forward to the dishes in this fashionable restaurant.

▲ Popular MENU for foreign tourists

 OTSUKURI GOZEN & Tempura (2, 500 yen + TAX)

Fresh seafood sashimi and crispy tempura
Exquisite small bowl with Kyoto vegetables
A set can enjoy the taste of Kyoto
No doubt it is popular among most of the foreign tourists.

▲ Restaurant Recommended dishes

Herbs Medicinal Pot (4,000 yen + TAX)

 Anise, jujube fruit and other Chinese herbal medicines are added!
Together with the soup of anchovy!
What a nourishing pot!

▲ Over expectations

Not only delicious dishes
But also the ingredient of soup!

▲ Kagoshima produced pork

Fillet of Kagoshima produced, rich nutrition 
Meat and vegetable are all from different areas of the known origin.

▲ Homemade sauces

Homemade sauce of peanut sauce and orange vinegar.
The sauce sold commonly in supermarket 
is never a comparison to the homemade sauce of kindness and warmth.

No matter the taste of the food or the atmosphere, 
everything is great!
Fill the stomach and get into hot springs then!

▲ Public Bath

Hot springs in Kyoto ?
Yes! Artificial carbonated spa
Surprisingly comfortable  ^^
It is hard to describe it!
Feeling fine carbonic bubbles are trying to get rid of harmfulness of our body^^

<Useful Information of public bath>
Guests are of course feel free to use  (1F)
* Need to enter the password to enter, don't forget to ask the front desk when checking-in

Open Hours
15:00 - 25: 00 (1:00 am) / 06:00 - 09:00

▲ Neat dressing room for ladies

Huge mirror + hairdryer + compartment
Do the makeup after enjoying the hot springs.

▲ Unexpectedly great hot springs experience

Haven't expected to come to Kyoto for hot springs.
Whether it is artificial one, feeling comfortable is enough.

▲ Expected breakfast time!

Just look at rows of delicate small dishes
How exciting!
Don't be jealous!
We just go on our mind freely
Eat what we like!

<Breakfast Information>
OBANZAI ~ Breakfast optional
06:30 - 10:00 (accessible until 09:30)
Let's take a look at the official site!

▲ Main dish
Either one!

Other than a wide variety of optional dishes 
The main meal can be chosen from the following!

Western (sausage, egg,  1 side dish 1)
Japanese-style (seasonal fried seafood, chicken cake, 1 side dish )

▲ a variety of side dishes & food 

Kyoto "OBANZAI (Side dish)"
Food serving in small dishes 
Delicious and cute!

Pickles that is made by Kyoto vegetable.
Also, a variety of food, fried fish, salad, bread, yogurt, milk, juice, and coffee.
All can make us feel full!!!

▲ Refined dishes ...
Don't be greedy!
Get little from all kinds!

▲ Breakfast like playing house game

All kinds of OBANZAI breakfast
We are just playing house game in Kyoto! ^^

▲ wow ~ This is the breakfast in Kyoto!

After having a nice meal,
just go for a nice trip in Kyoto then!

Stay at a "Bettei" enjoy a "Special" night!
Have a "Special" trip to Kyoto!

You'd better travel once to Kyoto!!
An attractive Kyoto trip with an amazing accommodation!

Different from the general hotels, 
staying at Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shinmachi Bettei
feel like we are a VIP guests!!!

Come on to Kyoto
enjoy and experience a stay in an attractive hotel!

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