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# Share House ♪ OAKHOUSE TODA GARDEN in Saitama! Well-equipped bright room with personal bathroom and plenty storage space!

# Share House ♪ OAKHOUSE TODA GARDEN in Saitama! Well-equipped bright room with personal bathroom and plenty storage space! 

Share House Story
Grand opening on 2015/4/1

We really like the common residential design of OAKHOUSE!
we feel that even every corner of the design really take care a lot especially to the ones who leave home far far away by themselves!

This time, JAPANKURU has come to the Share house near Toda Station in Saitama. 
What an elegant name^^

Each room has its own bathroom facilities and a balcony.
Closest Station: 16-min walk from JR Saikyo Line Toda Station 
Address: 1-16-13 Sasame, Toda-shi, Saitama
Just 18-min train to Ikebukuro
Internet: Optical fiber
Bicycle parking is available 
Meeting room
Smoking room, shared lounge, kitchen, washing machine
Single room: Personal bathroom / toilet / wash basin / air conditioning / refrigerator / Web / bed / desk / chair / cabinet

OAKHOUSE provides us with a comfortable way of living!
People with different background, from different part of the world,
select the area of interest for their own lifestyle, then live together.

No worry!
There is official website in English.
Go check it out!

Official website is in 5 languages.
Over 240 buildings and 3,800 rooms in Japan are introduced in 5 languages.
Such as rooms in share house, apartment and social residence. 
You can search the keywords to check the availability of vacancy.



・No key money, gift money, agency fee is needed
・No guarantor is needed
・Fully furnished 
・Internet fee is free
・One-time-only management fee
・Can transfer between share houses

Not only those, 
the most important thing is to enjoy a simple living through communication with a number of people together!

After looking at the basic information, 
you feel more interested about it?
let us check the atmosphere for living first. 

★6 Charming Points of OAKHOUSE TODA GARDEN

Charming Point 1
Spacious Space!

Storage, air conditioners, refrigerators are available!

Single bed in OAKHOUSE is more spacious than the normal ones.
If you have experience traveling in Japan, 
you probably have the image of maximizing the use of space in a narrowing Japanese hotel room. 
If it is just for sightseeing purposes, 
few days should be okay huh!!
If you want to live in Japan, you definitely wanna live in a spacious and comfortable room!

Charming Point 2
Personal bathroom!

No doubt is a paradise for ladies!
As you know, most of the share houses only have shared bathroom. 
If you wanna have a personal one, 
of course you are expected to spend more then,

personal bathroom is built in the single room!
So you don't have to feel embarrassed to wear a pajama walking on the hallway after bathing. 

Charming Point 3
Spacious storage space!

We always find problem for storage!

Luggage, travel bags, backpacks, winter clothes, summer clothes, and quilts, etc. 

We totally have no worry about this while living in OAKHOUSE.
Take a look at the closet above!
Doraemon can be hid there lol

Charming Point 4
Personal Shoe-box

No worry of having a lot of pairs of shoes!
You don't have to restrict yourselves from buying our favorite shoes then as long as you are economically affordable!

Charming Point 5 
Spacious common space, even a wide-angle-lens camera is not enough for it!

Convenient kitchen, cozy dining area, spacious living room, also, a large screen TV.
Can you image the comfortable living in Japan??

Charming Point 6
Convenient living environment

Just 16-min walk from the station 
A small supermarket right in front of the station, 
convenience stores, restaurants and shops are found along the street on the way to the share house. 
No doubt everything is convenient! 
It is a good choice to ride a bicycle too! 

After looking at 6 charming points,
JAPANKURU would like to introduce you more about OAKHOUSE TODA GARDEN!!!

Near to Toda Station!
Just 16-min walk to OAKHOUSE TODA GARDEN.

▲ A small supermarket outside the station.

▲ There are many fine restaurants along the road !!

If you don't wanna cook at home, you don't have to worry anymore!

▲ Wait!! We just arrived!!!

This white building is our destination today ~

▲ Bicycle parking !!

Although there is some distance from the station, 
a bicycle parking lot at OAKHOUSE TODA GARDEN is available!
Riding a bicycle back and forth freely,
not only convenient but also feel relaxed and comfortable!

▲ Main entrance.

Large windows, transparent clear space,
Spacious entrance, enough space to take off shoes.
Also, mailbox on the left!
Most of the share house gotta pick up by oneself every time. 
But here, everyone has personal mailbox!
How convenient!
This reduces take letter mistakenly!

▲ Clean shoe box, umbrella stand, as well as bulletin board -

No worry if you don't have space to store your new shoes. 
OAKHOUSE will solve this problem for you!

▲What? Elevator !!

No worry anymore when you shop and bring a lot back home at once,
elevator will then become your grateful helper!!
Come back to OAKHOUSE,
simply press a button,
you will arrive to your living floor just in few seconds.
How impressive!
In any situation like after shopping, having injury, 
elevator saves you!!!

▲ Living room and shared lounge, also an open kitchen and spacious dining room!

The sense of infinite space, warm wood decor texture!
Oh! That is why it is named OAKHOUSE TODA GARDEN.

▲ A cute kitten decoration.

"Are you getting lost in this Garden?"

▲ Large kitchen, two large dining tables, on the left side is cabinet that can be placed personal seasoning supplies ~

▲ Large living room -

   Sunshine through the curtains!

▲ It is kind of an open kitchen. Therefore, it is easy to talk to friends at dining room. 

A warm living from OAKHOUSE gets started !!

▲ Pink tiled kitchen ~

Six gas stoves. 
No need to wait in line!
A fire extinguisher is easy and safe enough to find!

▲ Microwaves, ovens, vacuum cleaners and fire extinguishers can be found at the corner of every corner.
At first, we found a little bit weird,
but actually it is very convenient to businessmen and students who go out early!
Buy some bread for breakfast every morning,
just use the oven to roast and put on some jam. 
That's it!  Enjoy a simple breakfast!!!
No need to go downstairs to the kitchen.

▲ Common laundry room ~

Two washing machine (for free), a dryer ( once every 100 yen) 

▲ Wow!!! The washboard on the tank is freely to use too!

▲ Smoking room on the 2F
All rooms in OAKHOUSE are non-smoking rooms.
If you want to smoke, just come to the smoking room on the 2F!

Next, let us show you our favorite room here!

▲ Open the door, the warm sunshine spill through the curtains !!

▲ Spacious, clean, and bright room

A well-enough size refrigerator!!
Open the window of balcony, feel the breeze.
The whole room becomes more ventilated!!!

▲ Desk and personal refrigerator 

▲ Wood texture, simple and modern furniture.

▲ Attached drawer bed.

▲ Storage space under the bed~ !!

▲ Room is so spacious, which made us feel more open! 

▲ It is large enough to hide a Doraemon.

▲ Personal refrigerator.

It is just opened  (2015/4/1) 
Come here to enjoy the new furniture.

▲ Balcony and drying racks

Dry clothes in our own space.
Wear clothes dried by warm and energetic sunshine everyday!
Not in a good mood??? Just go out to the balcony and feel the breeze^^
Feel more comfortable as the way you want!!

▲ Personal bathroom.

Sometimes no doubt we might be back home late after hanging around with friends, 
no need to worry about time to use!!!
Enjoy our own bath time!!!
What a luxury time every night!

▲ Shoe- box

Wow!! Private shoe- box in the room too!

::: Single Room Info :::
Initial contract cost ¥ 30,000
Total monthly cost of rent : ¥ 52,000 + ¥  Management Fee13,000 = ¥ 65,000
Area 17.3m²
Decide if you like COED floor or female-only floor

Next, we would like to show you the only special room!!
It is a Japanese-style Tatami Room!!!

▲ Ventilated and spacious room

Really wanna lie on the floor and roll back and forth!!!
Wind from ultra-ceiling windows, awesome!!! 

▲ Tatami bedroom and closet.

Fantastic! Feel like we are shooting in one of the scenes of a Japanese drama!
Oh!! Wanna Doraemon to stay with us!! lol

▲ Small wash basin unit, individual bathroom, small shoe box.
We can make some simple dish here in the room.
Save more time of going back and forth to the kitchen. How convenient!
However, it is only one room here!

The only DREAM ROOM!!!

  ::: Room Information :::
(Only one room)

Initial contract cost ¥ 30,000
Monthly rental cost ¥ 73,000 +  Management Fee ¥ 15,000 = ¥ 88,000
Area 50.37m²
Either male / female

Finally, last but not least, we gotta introduce you...

Our friendly manager of OAKHOUSE TODA GARDEN
Let's get along well!!!


Going out the whole day,
everywhere is crowded with people.
Get tired and confused of complicated relationships outside.
No worry!!!
Important thing is to
have your own space, get along with housemates...

Enjoy your life in Japan at