Tuesday, May 19, 2015

# JAPANESE CHARACTER ♪ COOOBY gets our from APP GAME to the trip of Hiroshima!

# JAPANESE CHARACTER ♪ COOOBY gets our from APP GAME to the trip of Hiroshima!  

Travel in Hiroshima
Wanna eat, wanna run? 

Hiroshima is surprisingly a fun place to visit!
We have been to many places in Japan!
Here are our points to consider an awesome destination for travel!

1. Nice View
2. Local Characteristics of Specialty 
3. World Heritage
4. Historical Story
5. The most important thing is GOOD EAT!!!

 If a place fulfilling the above 5 points,
no doubt it is a fine place to visit!

Here we are in Hiroshima!
"Miyajima" having a view beautifully like a painting
Japan No. 1 production amount of lemons 
World heritage "Itsukushima Shrine"
"Bomb Dome" symbolized the tragic war 

Hiroshima-yaki, big oysters, eel, Momiji manju (Maple-leaf shaped red bean filled bun), and freshly squeezed lemon juice, etc.
We can confidently say!!!
Hiroshima is definitely a nice place!!!

This time,
Coooby from APP GAME Coooby the Run has joined us to the trip of Hiroshima!!!

Let's come with us and Coooby ^^

Speaking of Hiroshima, 
we definitely can't miss the well-known sightseeing spot

Ride on the traditional tram, 
let's go!!!
One of the BEST 3 beautiful views in Japan

Of course!! Together with Coooby!!!

Hi!! Little deer^^
What do think if Coooby is having a running race with deer, who will be the winner??

One of the BEST 3 beautiful views in Japan

Standing in the middle of the bay!!!

Giant Torii of Itsukushima Shrine
What a nice moment during low-tide!

Awesome moment!
A magical collaboration of World Heritage and sunset!
It is just like an artwork!

Speaking of Hiroshima,
it is Hiroshima-yaki!!!

Not only the our own slide
but also the last piece in the front!!!
"Wait!! Leave that one to me!" Coooby shouted!!!

Plus, we can't miss the oysters here too!!!
Must-eat in Hiroshima!!

The best freshly-squeezed lemonade ever!!

Regardless of nationality, skin color, 
we have come to the "A-bomb Dome."
Spend a serious but peaceful time here.

Know the history, 
feel the pain, 
and try to understand the experience.

Every piece of picture from the past
presented real and shocking situation. 
We treasure the precious peace after nightmare of tragedy.

Street at night
Take a walk in this friendly alley ^^

How impressive to enjoy the integration of a variety of majestic landscapes and delicious good 
in the trip of Hiroshima!

Not sure if Coooby, who gets used to the city life of Tokyo would like the trip or not!

we gotta bring Coooby to travel around Japan again!

See ya!!!


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