Wednesday, May 20, 2015

# JAPANESE CHARACTER ♪ Popular APP GAME character COOOBY!!! Having a happy party time in Roppongi!

# JAPANESE CHARACTER ♪ Popular APP GAME character COOOBY!!! Having a happy party time in Roppongi!

Party Coooby running around!!!
Have a blast in Roppongi!!!

Popular APP GAME character in Tokyo
Coooby the Run

You can find Coooby everywhere!
Sightseeing spots, fashion streets, everywhere!

Wait!!! Where did we go tonight???
The hottest club in Roppongi~ 

Hey!!! Speaking of dancing party, running party,
you definitely don't wanna miss Coooby!!!

Come on!!
Dancing People!

You know what?
Coooby is really well-known in Roppongi!!
How excited!!!

Wait!!! You don't know what Coooby is?
No worry!!
Let us introduce you.

Coooby is the main character of a mobile game APP called "Coooby the Run."
Oh!!! The cute one that always keeps running and running!!!

Let see how is it introduced in the iTunes' page!

Little cute monster Coooby,
a Tokyo-born cute character,
can race around the world with four friends at the same time. 
During the game, 
you can use a variety of items!
The game is simple!
Vibrant and beautiful images.
Just keep running and jumping to the left side of the screen. That is it!


Coooby the Run [Official Site]

Let's enjoy the wild night of Tokyo with soul and heart with this little cute monster Coooby!
Let's enjoy party time at Burlesque, Roppongi, Tokyo!

The hottest party night
Indeed here! Roppongi!

Abnormal atmosphere at the entrance of the shop!
Looking forward to the hottest time inside!

Coooby can't wait in the shiny LED light before the start of performance.

Are you ready?
MC is shouting to bring the whole atmosphere into climax!

Energetic Burlesque performance and shining laser show

Wow!!! Ms Bunny is so cute!
Coooby is no doubt excited too!!

Need to recharge and refill energy for the rest of the enjoyment!
Delicious meal!

Brilliant performance one after one.
The whole club has reached the climax!

Pool of excitement!
Can't help to stand up and feel the show!

Okay!! Last spot!
Of course, MC time!
Oh!!! No preparation, he just acts what he feels!!! Awesome!

Coooby is dancing too!
Pretty good at rhythm huh!!!

Enjoy the night life in Roppongi, Tokyo!
Coooby in the club!!! 

Play hard all the time!
Not only in the APP GAME
but also in the trendy and excited club!

Hey! Come on, guys and girls!
let's see who would be the winners in the world of the game!


Coooby the Run [Official Site]