Monday, May 25, 2015

♪Sports Shopping #Japanese representative soccer player Keisuke Honda's favorite brand~Mizuno at S'PORT MIZUNO Jinbocho

♪Sports Shopping #Japanese representative soccer player Keisuke Honda's favorite brand~Mizuno at S'PORT MIZUNO Jinbocho

Let's go for sport shopping!
Famous Shopping Street for sports in Tokyo ~Jinbocho~

Baseball, football, golf, 
whether you are passionate sport lovers or 
just do sport for good health,
you will definitely feel excited at this shopping street for sport in Jinbocho!

Perhaps Japan relatively has a big population that is interested in sports,
so there is no doubt that general sports wear and items gather together.
Besides, some items might be hard to found outside Japan. 
But you would get them at a reasonable price.

A variety of sports items gathering in the stores in Jimbocho.
Poster of "Keisuke Honda" is so attractive! Also, baseball lovers can not miss this place too!
Wow!!! We are excited to see the 8-story building with a blue logo.

Okay! Today, let us show you the Japanese representative sports brand
MIZUNO flagship store

Feel warm sunshine and breeze
it is a good idea to take a walk to Ochanomizu~
to Jinbocho~
Let's check the sport items in Tokyo then!!!

 Jinbocho shopping start from Ochanomizu

JR Ochanomizu Station
A town is just like an university town.
Okay!! Let's start our shopping at Jinbocho!

Kanda River flowing here was used as the sources of drinking water in the Shogunate Period. 
Now, you can find the campus of Meiji University and the a variety of musical instruments shop.
Let's walk along the street.
Finally, you would meet the sports street for today at Jinbocho.

 An "Oasis" for Jinbocho shopping

While walking on the street of Jinbocho,
we have came across a rest place like an oasis.
In Jinbocho walks like encounter as OASIS rest of the land.
We encounter Hotel RYUMEIKAN OCHANOMIZU HONTEN, which has over 100 years of history.
Oh!! It is a nice green tea restaurant called

When fall comes, yellow ginko will beautifully blossom
which make a nice atmosphere to the whole coffee shop.

 "Antiqued/ Second-handed book/ Used book "stores Street in Kanda.

Nearby are the university campuses, therefore, you might feel the atmosphere of academy filled the entire Ochanomizu.
 "Jinbocho" next to the Kanda area is full of a variety of bookstores for specialty and bookstores for buy/sell antique/secondhand book.
Even just look around in the area, you might feel yourself more knowledgeable.

Start your walk at Ochaomizu,
pass by musical instrument stores, and antique bookstores,
we have arrived our destination, the famous street for sports items in Tokyo. 

▲ 'Super Star' up on the wall of the building

Skiing, outdoor sports, extreme sports, etc.
Gathering all the sports items here,
and we found the poster of Japan's famous soccer player "Keisuke Honda."
Then, we are attracted by this building with the blue logo.
Wonder whose poster will be the next to be hang there lol

Here we are 
our destination for today


Japan's leading sports brand's flagship store MIZUNO

 WALKING, RUNNING and FITNESS items gather in this 8-story building,
Not only a variety of basic sports shoes and sportswear,
also items of baseball, soccer, golf, and track and field, etc.
you might say it is like a department store of sports!!

S'PORT MIZUNO official website (Japanese)

Loved by athletes of the world
The highest quality of "mizuzo" Goods
especially on baseball, soccer, and marathon supplies. 
All are easy to reach and of course customized-order is available too.
Sport lovers viva!!! 

Okay!! Let get in and take a look at the 
high quality honored"MIZUNO" !

Flagship store [S'PORT MIZUNO] 

▲ 1F Sportswear floor

From professional function of clothing to the recent popularity of WALKING, RUNNING, OUTDOOR wear
Let's come over to 1F of Mizuno to encounter a variety of sports here!

▲ both functional and stylish [CROSSTIC] LINE

Baseball, football, athletics & aerobics ...
CROSSTIC is a sportswear line for achieving the highest performance.

Keisuke Honda and other professional athletes also like this line-up.
The blue and black style is so cool!!

▲ Feminine design

Let's say NO! to the outdated sportswear!
Let's get some stylish sportswear recently!
Especially in terms of women's sportswear,
Get rid of the old image of "sportswear of MIZUNO"
Cool design! Nice style ~!

▲ Wanna put them on!!!

A lovely flared skirt and its fresh mint color
Put it on and go running everyday!!!
See how many people' eyes will get caught ? lol

▲ 2F Sneakers floor

All kinds of sneakers can be found here!
Not only having products of the highest skilled craftsmen and MADE IN JAPAN's technology,
you can also try on it, as well as a professional test!
Let's find a pair of your own shoes!!!


A professional equipment of foot scan from all angles to identify the most suitable size and walking habits of everyone.
So no doubt it is easier for us to find our perfect pair!

※ Reservation is required (service available in Japanese ONLY)

Oh!!!  The result is out!
Can't wait to see the a wide range of functional shoes of MIZUNO!


Lightweight and durable design 
A stylish running shoes of MIZUNO
Especially we like the color of [Wave Rider] on behalf of the professional players.
Let's wear it to go running tomorrow morning!
Oh!!! My gosh!! Can't help!!!

<Price  3,800yen ~ 22,000yen (+ TAX)>

▲ Soccer

Also known as "God made shoes"
Yearning by most of the players worldwide
 MIZUNO's highest masterpiece [MORELIA] series

"Light and soft shoes, seems like wear nothing."
A philosophy kept by the Japanese craftsmen for 30 years.
Continuous research and improvement 
until it has become well-known today!

<Price 16,900yen ~ 19,500 yen (+ TAX)>

30th Anniversary of MIZUNO

Besides ...

Full of personality [BASARA] Series (7,500 yen + TAX)

Soccer players Honda's favorite [IGNITUS] series (19, 000 yen + TAX) etc.
These shoes look gorgeous!


Running shoes for marathon and long-distance races.
Also, short distance running shoes with studs.

You know what MIZUNO long-distance shoes for professional athletes are quite extraordinary

<Price 13,800 yen - 25,000 yen (+ TAX)>


It is rarely to see shoes for volleyball in common.
Indoor sports shoes too.

But all these are available in S'PORT!
Professional athletes also buy theirs here!!

<Price  5,400 yen ~ 18,500 yen (+ TAX)>

▲"My dream is to become a sports star in the future!"

Wow!! The shoes for kids are so cute!
Not only cute,
they are also good on function and performance.

<Price 3,600yen ~ 5,900yen (+ TAX)>

MIZUNO running shoes 
What an impressive color!

Every time when we pass by a sports store,
we will think 
"It is a chance to start playing sports..."

This time, 
we are totally attracted by this pair of colorful shoes.
Oh!!! How impressive!
This color is the limited model!

12,800 yen + TAX


According to the accurate check of the condition, shape and size of our feet,
the staff recommends us the appropriate shoes!
We like her smile and services of course!

To the ones who visit Tokyo,
come and get a pair of your own shoes!
Go up to the 2F MIZUNO,
you might be in trouble among a wide variety of shoes. lol

▲ 4F Uniform / various supplies floor

Goods from uniforms of various sports and all the related supplies and items.
In Japan, from elementary school to university,
sports events and special events are held every year.
No doubt here is the best place to get all the required items!
 [S'PORT] among many of the sports shops
High quality and wide variety,
isn't it like the supermarket/ department stores of big shopping in Japan"


Selecting a desired uniform style 
to order the customized print of logo, back numbers, and players' initials. 
How convenient!


There should be many interesting episodes during P.E. class and sports event. 
No wonder you might be touched and find humor of having some catchy phases printed on the T-shirts.
You know what?
It is extremely popular among sports lovers.

Wanna get some as souvenirs in Tokyo?
Remember to translation the meaning to your friends lol

▲ Popular for baseball glove ~MIZUNO~

 Handmade by craftsmen
MIZUNO baseball glove is absolutely world-class quality!

Making use of the Japan's glove manufacturing technology, 
 left over high-quality leather corner is use to made a lot of items besides sports.

When you take a visit at the store,
you will definitely be impressed by that famous 'BOTT * A VEN * TA' brand.

▲  Items made by a baseball bat

A baseball bat is filled with unlimited passionate dream of young people!
Speaking of MIZUNO,
no doubt most people will think of baseball supplies. 
Following the U.S., 
Japan has the second large of baseball population, 
how touching to have these touching messages on the items for the kids
who practice hard everyday and keep chasing their dream to become a professional baseball players. 

It is the time to see our highlight for today!

Fine quality, fresh ideas
MIZUNO baseball leads the cultural pride
Let's come and see the world-class gloves now!

▲ 5F baseball glove

The gloves paradise

Many boys are longing for a baseball gloves in the childhood.
When they get a pair of gloves from his dad,
they would probably have it with them always on their desk and
wear them always to practice in order to adapt as soon as possible.

MIZUNO baseball glove! Full of memories!
We are too excited to see all these gloves in this floor!

▲ From hobbies to professional level

Levels from kids, new baseball player 
to famous players of MAJOR LEAGUE

Even for pitchers, catchers and infielders,
all are available!
No matter you are not that into baseball,
it is interesting to come and have a look!

▲ Symbol of professional

Gloves used by your longing professional players.
Of course, you can find the same models here!
Although it is not 100% the same, 
how proud to get the same model to have a symbol of strength!!


MIZUNO factory is located at Haga, Hyogo Prefecture.
The best glove is produced there!
All craftsmen made these proficient baseball gloves 
are based on real voices and experience of many professional players.
Therefore, the most advanced customized leather gloves are made!


Even not a completely customized,
you can also make a glove according to an accurate manual data.
The price of high-quality customized glove
is also a symbol of MIZUNO then!

of course 
another proud sport of MIZUNO is 

▲ 6F Golf Floor

Provide sponsorship for domestic and foreign golfers
Especially it has a high popularity among women's golfers

Same as handmade baseball glove,
high quality handmade golf equipment and specialized clothing are very impressive!

MIZUNO + PORTER collaboration golf package

The first thing that catches our eyes is this representative brand in Japan
[PORTER] and MIZUNO collaboration of golf package!

▲ Wanna learn golf?

Because of this bag
Again "wanna start playing golf ..."
Oh! My gosh!! Can't help to stop shopping!!!

A bag is not enough to start playing golf!
Let's go to the supplies area.


MIZUNO representative golf brand
[MP] series and [JPX] series

Particularly metal part of the ball uses the "forged steel" technology.
This is the world famous patented handmade!

▲ Recommended set for new players

Store manager is really interesting.
It should be interesting to go to play golf with him!
Thanks for his recommendation of a mini set of golf for fresh players

7F will be the next.

What is on the 7F?

▲ 7F Performance fitting counter

In order to understand the most suitable position 
sophisticated analysis will be carried out here!

※ Reservation is required (Japanese ONLY)

▲ Practice makes perfect!

Nice try!

Try to understand the real fun of golf
Need a whole set of items for ourselves
Try the analysis
or wanna a career debut on golf?? lol

World-class sports brand MIZUNO
was born under the passionate spirit of Japanese craftsmen 

To shorten the record, is not just improved the design, 
but to understand the nature of it under an unlimited times of research.
To make it more satisfying for players.
Here you are the world-class sports items made by Japanese craftsmen.
A representative brand MIZUNO flagship store in Jinbocho.

From 1F to 8F, 
whether you are an amateur or a professional athlete,
as long as you love sports or wanna start any sports from now,
Come to enjoy your shopping here!!!
You won't be disappointed!

Especially for baseball items,
the only one sports store in Tokyo with a rich variety of items available here!
Even baseball is only your interested. 
It is a hot place for you to visit!

To all baseball lovers!!!
Drop by when you come to visit in Tokyo!
MIZUNO, 8-story building in Jinbocho!