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# Study Abroad ♪ International Exchange through BBQ with members in Musashino University

# Study Abroad ♪ International Exchange through BBQ with members in Musashino University

BBQ with Japanese students
It is held by the Global Headquarters Clubcalled "GHC" in Musashino University

Studying with Japanese students, speaking in Japanese everyday!!
Oh!! Work hard and play hard!

You know the hard time of foreign students?
In universities in Japan, general study includes history, geography, politics, and 
common study in Japan.
No doubt foreign students have to spend 2-3 times of effort to work on those.
Such a hard time huh!

May has come! It is the best season to have BBQ in the warm weather!
Let's put the book aside,
gather over 100 Japanese and foreign students together
to have a welcome BBQ party for freshmen and foreign students.

We appreciate the president of the Global Headquarters Club in Musashino University inviting us to their BBQ.
Let us share with you the happy time we has during BBQ!

What is GHC in Musashino Univeristy?

Musashino University offers international curriculum composed of various languages, of course mainly in Japanese.
[Department of International Communication Studies]
There are a lot of international exchange activities including Japanese culture experiences prepare for foreign students.

"Global Headquarters Club (GHC)" is one of the communities. 
It is a good chance for both Japanese and foreign students to communicate. 

Official Homepage 

▲ Today is BBQ Party 2015!!!

Let's meet at Higashi Koganei Station!

Freshmen foreign students from around the world!
Japanese senior students felt proud!
Almost 100 students 
headed to the Higashi Koganei Park for BBQ together today.

▲ Seniors of GHC welcome us.

GHC stands for Global Headquarters Club.
It holds official gatherings for most of the students from Department of International Communication Studies.
Yeah!!! A good chance to communicate with both Japanese and foreign students.

▲  BBQ area in Koganei Park 

Not too far from the campus of Musashino University.
About 20-min walk from JR Higashi Koganei Station. 
Wow!! There are also tennis court and facilities for a variety of outdoor activities. 

New green in the park
Here we are!!!
Place to hold our gathering!

▲ BBQ culture in Japan  

Let's enjoy outdoor activities during weekends!!
You know what?
It is very popular recently in Japan. 
Japanese people like BBQ, 
especially there are well-equipped BBQ area in the area parks. 

▲ BBQ starts from making fire!

Today, it is the BBQ party for freshmen and new comers!
 Thanks for all the junior and senior members came earlier for preparation.
Oh! A very serious facial expression.

▲ Today's main course

The amount of meat for more than 100 members!
We are ready!

 ▲ We can't miss drinks for BBQ!

Cola, soft drinks, juices, tea, as well as energy drinks
Wow!!! A lot of choices!

▲ Good health party

In Japan, it is not allowed to drink until age of 20.
That means first year of college students can't drink alcohol yet!
So in order to let everyone to enjoy the BBQ party, 
no alcohols at all!
(though we see some senior members has hid to drink a little bit)

▲ Okay!!! We are ready to start grilling!
A lot of freshmen and exchange students!
Let us lead the group and make the party more fun!
Flashback the times,
"We were also freshmen..."


 Let's enjoy BBQ together!!!
Since there are a lot of members,
food and BBQ set are distributed into groups.

▲ Get your belonging well-organized!

Like usual...?!
Anyway, play hard, organize hard!!!
Let's adapt the culture in Japan as soon as possible!
Well-organize your belongings anytime, anywhere!

▲ Let's start our BBQ party!!

GHC is really a great community!
Thanks for all the preparation!!!
Let's enjoy the time of communicate with other members!

Oh!!! It is time to be divided in group!

▲ Form a circle ~

After the introduction of the community GHC members,
in order to allow everyone to feel closer to each other,
we have all prepared name tag and marker to put in on our clothes!!
Let's get together!
Japanese, freshmen, and student from abroad!

▲ Let's get involved!!!
haha lol

▲ Self-introduction

Let's take a look at this multi-international group!
Time to introduce yourselves!

▲ New experience

Since getting into college,
this might be the first time to talk to foreign students!
Wow!! A little bit nervous...
That is so-called international exchange!

▲ My name is . . .

Let's memorize each others' name.
Wow~ a tasty smell ^^

▲ Today's MAIN EVENT!

Enjoying delicious BBQ and keep laughing!
Oh!!!! BBQ time is really a great communication time!

▲ Barbecue, grilling meat??? 
No worry!!!
Leave it for us!!!

It comes to the climax of the happy moment!!
Mouthwatering grilled meat is ready!!!!

▲ roasted and grilled ~!

▲Look! It tastes really good!

▲  Wow! What a professional class of the grilling! lol

▲ Meat and atmosphere is heated and ready!!!
Let's have a blast!!!

▲ Let's talk and laugh aloud! 

Blonde hair lady!!! Our friend from France!
Unique Japanese mixed with some western-style humor.
What an amusing time!
Nice international exchanges!

Turn and turn!!!
"Hikkuri kaeru!"
Learn a lot of new Japanese words!

▲ Speaking of BBQ ... 

Chinese, Korean, Japanese, American STYLE
Everyone has their unique barbecue way and enjoyment,
Which is the best?
Who knows lol??
But a nice comparison! 

Oh!!! Sausage is burning!

▲ Wow!! Looks good!!

Well-grilled, over-grilled, not enough???
Anyway, different tastes from different countries!
Delicious and joyful BBQ!

▲ Guess where is he from??

Thanks for helping!!!
What a friendly atmosphere!!!

▲ Our happy memories ~ yeah!!!

What a good memories to flashback!
Never forget!

▲ Yeah!!! What a happy moment!

We had a good time with GHD community members!
Wait!! Why the facial expression is that different on the front and back row!!

Make your time study abroad more happier!!
Join community!!!
Have fun and more memory!

Friends met in the college period and joined the same community, 
even step out to the society after college, you will flashback sometimes.
When you are depressed about future, you will flashback sometimes. 
Friends during the study abroad period...
shared happiness and sadness, would keep in touch sometimes...

Looking at the BBQ party and the activities of GHD community, 
reminds us there is no model answer of international communication. 
Regardless of color and race, 
it is definitely a precious time to everyone.
At the same time, get in touch with Japanese friends in same age,
that is international understanding.
BBQ is one of the important activities~

Flashback to the past, 
the time of studying abroad in Japan is still a fresh memory!!

Thanks for inviting us to the BBQ of GHC community!!
JAPANKURU supports buddies studying abroad in Japan always!!!

[Information of Musashino University]

School Information:  4-year university (found in 1924)
School location:  Musashino Campus: Shinmachi 1-1-20,  Nishi-Tokyo, Tokyo 
Ariake Campus: Ariake 3-3-3, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Department components:  *Literature Department / Department of Human Sciences / Environmental Sciences / Department of Education / Department of Pharmacy / Nursing (Musashino Campus)
*International Communication Studies / Faculty of Law / Department of Economics
   Political Department of Economics / Department of Human Science / Environmental Studies (Ariake Campus)
Number of students: 7,000 (including graduate students)
Number of Professors: 1,020 

Official Homepage 

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