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♪ Bus Travel # 6 Enjoyments of Riding on a Willer Express Night Bus to Kyoto

♪ Bus Travel # 6 Enjoyments of Riding on a Willer Express Night Bus to Kyoto

A night bus of WILLER Express from Tokyo to Kyoto/ Osaka
There are a lot of ways to enjoy traveling.

1. Train Travel
Accommodation at destination is confirmed. Just take the public transportation (train)
to get around.
This is the typical way to travel.

2.  Rental car travel
If you have driver license, 
why don't you rent a car to drive. 
Feel free to go anywhere you can.

3. Airplane / Shinkansen Travel
Get on the Japan domestic flight or ride on a Shinkansen
travel around...

Each way has all its advantage and fun!
Today, we are going to ride on a well-developed and commonly used "Night Bus" 
to start our unique travel!

▲ A long night of the night bus tour

This time we move from Tokyo to Kyoto
neither by plane nor Shinkansen.
We are taking night bus to start our trip!!
Departing at midnight and arriving in the early morning, 
it is just like a space-time travel!

You might feel annoying and unfamiliar
 to have people you don't know around you for the whole night!
But no worry, you won't feel these problem 
about the night bus we are going to take tonight!

Challenge the standard of night bus,
comfortable, versatile seat, and reasonable price
A well-equipped super-premium facilities express bus 
can help make your long trip more efficient!
The representative of Japan Night Bus 

WILLER BUS Official Site (English) for reservation

▲ Map of Japan
Our journey for today is from a 9-hour bus trip from Tokyo to Kyoto.

WILLER Bus Terminal at Shinjuku West Exit 

Let's get started!!!
Our WILLER bus travel from Tokyo to Kyoto!

1F of Shinjuku Sumitomo Building, which is opposite to Washington Hotel,
is where the WILLER bus terminal located.

▲ Safe and Security Zone [staffs put on red coat]

At the waiting room of the bus terminal on the 1F
waiting for the announcement 10 minutes before the departure of the bus.
The staffs of WILLER bus, putting on red coat are always there to standby!

▲ National scale of WILLER bus

North from Hokkaido, 
south to Kyushu.
WILLER buses cover the service all over Japan.

From the high-speed bus to the public bus lines,
WILLER bus operates numerous of bus lines
Such a large bus company,
no worry at all!

▲ Boarding on the bus

Prepared in advance the reservation screen (photocopy or phone screen)
Or the reservation number in the e-mail

Then, take a rest at the waiting room at the terminal.
Waiting for the staffs' announcement to get on to the bus you reserved. 

Don't forget to check the car number and seat number before getting on the bus.

▲ Place the luggage under the car trunk

Remember not to put valuables and fragile items, and also bicycle inside.
Luggage within 155cm of length and breadth in total is available.
(If you have 2 or more bags, the total length and breadth must be within 240cm)

▲ Confirm routes and trips at the screen in the front.

Get on it, sleep a bit
After dropping off at "Service area,"
it might be hard to find the bus again. 
But no worry!!
Bus routes of the trip is clearly written in the front of the window of the WILLER bus
Just check it!

▲ Kyoto / Osaka    Night Bus travel by WILLER EXPRESS

23:00    Let's get on the bus of the Kyoto / Osaka Night Bus Line

WILLER buses depart from Tokyo's Shinjuku bound for
Sendai / Nagano / Nagoya / Gifu / Osaka / Kyoto / Kobe / Nara / Okayama etc.

Of course the most popular route is 
Kyoto / Osaka line ~

▲ Get on WILLER bus! Let's GO!!

Night bus the strongest!
One of the big features of WILLER bus is
its variety of car TYPE

Let's show you a few representative bus type ...

▲ Beaute type (3 sequence of independent seats)

Theme: Magic seat can help you to become more beautiful during sleep time
Features:  women-only / COED seats
Recommend to lady  OK / ease and comfortable ride
Cost (Tokyo - Osaka): about 6,000 ~ 10, 000 yen

▲ Executive type (2 sequence of independent seats)

Theme: Like a luxury space of a hotel lobby
Features: luxury wood flooring & curtain in all directions guarantee private space 
Perfect electric lumbar support, reading lights and other equipments
Cost (Tokyo - Osaka): about 12, 000 yen

▲ Cocoon type (2 sequence of independent seats)

Theme: Shell type to ensure personal space
Features: shell-like independent space in 140 degrees 
Personal screen, hanging clothes, storage of shoes and convenient facilities 

Cost (Tokyo - Osaka): about 15, 500 yen

▲ Value type (4 rows/ with Toilets)

Theme: Colorful and fine quality seats 
Features: reasonable price, with 131 degree seat with charging socket
Cost (Tokyo - Osaka): about 3, 660 yen

▲ New premium type (3 rows)

Theme: Advanced comfort like sitting on the sofa
Features: 3 rows of eight column of seats are spacious and comfortable
Separate parts of the seat cushion and cradle sloping provide a comfortable sense
Cost (Tokyo - Osaka): about 7,000 yen to 15, 900 yen

▲ New premium type

3 row-seat comfortable sofa chairs
We have no hesitation to choose the "New premium type"

6 enjoyments on a long long night of journey.
Let's see!

Enjoyment 1
Secret of  3 x 8 row-seat

Very spacious and ample space around the seat
You won't feel you are sitting on the bus for a long journey.

▲ Spacious space around let us to comfortably outstretch the legs ~

The most comfortable individual seat among the 3 rows!

Enjoyment 2
Creative drink holder

Drink holder on the side 
Creative idea!

▲ Usually drink holder is set on the front seat backrest.
But! Look!! Space around here is so spacious.
So no worry of the down-slopping seat in the front!

If you understand the purpose, you will be impressed by the creativity.
Excellent quality!

▲ Place your feet comfortably!
Enough space for your feet. 
Good to put your shoes underneath 

Enjoying 3
Hang your clothes in front!

That's popular feature of 3 x 8 row-seat.
Spacious space around to make a real usage.
How convenience!

Enjoyment 4
Each seat has a charging socket, so no need to worry running out of battery.

During the night bus journey,
no more worry about running out of battery of MP3 players then.

Riding on the WILLER bus, 
no concern at all!
Sleep comfortably!
Each seat is equipped with charging socket oh
How impressive!

Enjoyment 5
Need a pillow on the bus?

Use the pillow on the New premium,
whether you are sitting at any pose, 
it will give you the best support at your appropriate position. 

Pillow who knows us! How impressive!

Perfect combination

No need to fasten seat belt at all!
Feel relax and enjoy the long night of the journey from Tokyo to Kyoto^^

▲Like in our own living room ... everything is ready!

Snacks, candy, drinks as well as full-charged of cell phone~
After eating and drinking, playing games,
let's go to bed then~
(Are we okay??? Just rely on the bus life^^)

▲ Let's check some sightseeing spots of Kyoto!

Oh!!! Are we forgetting anything?

Enjoyment 6
 Close the curtain! Private space is done ~

Well-satisfied Night bus tour in Japan!
You will understand it!
Close the curtain!

No worry to enjoy ourselves!
Eating, drinking, falling asleep!!
Our own room within the curtain!

We are no regrets to pick the "New Premium" type!

▲ Service area in midnight

Traveling in night bus,
bus would stop at "Service area(for rest)" 4-5 times.

It is fine to not choose the bus without toilet then!!
Because it is not necessary indeed!

▲ Interesting night bus tour 

Get off the bus sometimes to feel the fresh air at the service area!
Take a breath to restart the journey then! haha!!!

▲ Good night friends ~ ~

Close your eyes and sleep comfortably
Then open you eyes, we arrive Kyoto!

By the way,
how far is it from from Tokyo to Kyoto / Osaka?

WILLER bus across the whole Japan

From Tokyo to Kyoto,
you can have a look at the map. 
Depart at 23:00 and 
arrive at 8:00 in the morning next day.
It is about 9 hours.

If it is 9 hours on the daytime,
it will then shorten our time for sightseeing. 

And you know the ticket of shinkansen and plane is not cheap...

So from WILLER bus
will be the most economical and reasonable way for your travel ~

WILLER bus English page for reservation!
Choose your language!
Select the date and number of people,
confirm the remaining seats.

Check from the lowest price on the preference list.

▲ Good morning! We finally arrived Kyoto!

After a long long night bus tour,
bright sunshine and lovely birds welcome us in Kyoto!

It is 8:15 in the morning
Opening the eyes!
Oh! It is Kyoto!
Like a time travel huh!

Let's go our Kyoto!!

Tokyo yesterday
Kyoto today

Our impressive travel plan!

No regrets choice for traveler!!!
Even in a tight schedule of the travel in Japan, 
they are all the same important !
Time = Budget= Experience

Need more time to experience, 
on the other hand, wanna save more of course.
Feel the endless cycle of distress then....
At that time....
Take the night bus ride, 
save the time 
save money
and enjoy the premium seats of 2/3 rows bus!!
How cool!!!

You would definitely find no regrets on the night bus travel!
6 enjoyments!! got it??
Let's start your smart travel with WILLER bus then!!

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