Friday, May 29, 2015

♪ Japanese Beauty # Create a rosy makeup!!! Japanese Popular Igari makeup

The most popular makeup in Japan 

♪ Japanese Beauty # Create a rosy makeup!!! Japanese Popular Igari makeup

Today we would like to introduce you the most popular makeup in Japan recently!!!
This is called IGARI makeup.
Hangover Makeup

It is originally made by the famous Japanese beauty salon stylist named 
Then, it has been pick up by numerous medias and magazines and 
widespread to the public
So that is called
IGARI makeup

Credited to: Heather

A general look with nature eye makeup
Big Point of IGARI makeup is blush.
Its unique expression of the cheek.
Igari makeup keeps its innocent and pure sense of a girl
How fascinated!!! 

It is said that the highest level of makeup is a makeup looks like have done nothing.
So nature makeup always maintains its high popularity. 
Wanna make your skin look more lighter and softened on a natural makeup?
Then, you can't ignore concealing pores. 
Therefore, a full moisturizing and skin care before makeup is a must!!!

::: TIP :::
While doing moisturizing and skin care on the face and neck,
gently do the massage to promote blood circulation
So your skin will look healthier!

First, wear a thin layer of foundation and of course use concealer to fully cover the pores.
Then,  a smooth skin is done!!!
Next  just use the eyelash curler and put on mascara and eye shadow slightly.

Okay!!! Next is the important point of IGARI makeup!!!

An embarrassing face with red blush
Overall it looks natural.
And its slightly rosy color helps presenting the soft skin of girl beauty.
(But! Remember to control the amount of blush; otherwise, you will be looked drunk)

Draw a line slightly from the end of the eye to the mouth, 
From the inside of the bottom line of the eye to the nasal position where it is the area to 
put on the blush.
Put on the blush widely within the inverted triangle

IGARI SHINOBU, original makeup stylist of the IGARI makeup said, 
Use two colors for blush gradations
to show the moisture of skin from inside. 

"Holstein face" is a popular keyword in Japan. 
It means a face full of attractive hormone. 
Okay!!! Let's challenge an IGARI makeup!
Full of adequate amount of positive hormone!!
    Full of glamor and attraction! lol

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