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♪ Japanese Beauty # The most popular makeup in Japan! Carry CANMAKE to travel around Kyoto with our IGARI makeup

♪ Japanese Beauty # The most popular makeup in Japan! Carry CANMAKE to travel around Kyoto with our IGARI makeup

"IGARI Makeup"
The most popular makeup in Japan recently!

So far, we have shared with you a lot of makeup methods and styles,
but what if we say the cute and lovely style,
definitely it is "IGARI makeup"
the latest style!

Where else should we challenge the Igari makeup??
Of course, the cute and energetic Kyoto!
Let's enjoy the great time in Kyoto travel 
and the new way of makeup together^^

Wait!! What is "Igari" makeup?
For more details, 
take a look at the previous article! ^^

▲ The core of IGARI makeup! CANMAKE

Focus of IGARI makeup
Like a "natural beauty after bath" 
Blush cheeks and plump lips

Wanna show your lively and energetic "rosy" lips?
Here you are!!!
 [CREAM CHEEK] and [Lip Tint Syrup] of CANMAKE
Core item of IGARI makeup!

▲ Kyoto! We are coming!!

Foreign visitors' most popular sightseeing spot!
Here you are!!
Unique beauty and quietness of Japan.
Mysterious atmosphere of the Kyoto

Let's get started our wonderful trip to Kyoto~

▲ The charm of the "Fox" shrine!

The god here bless the commercial business and agriculture of people.
Indeed it is a famous "Fox" shrine!

It is different from another representative attractions of Kyoto, "Kiyomizu Temple."
It is formed by thousand red torii
which forms a tunnel of Senbon-torii(thousands of torii gates)
where warm sunshine passes though.

A good place to take a walk in Kyoto!

▲ Yeah!!! Let's take a memorial shoot!

Two charming foxes standing in front of Fushimi Inari Shrine!
Say cheese~
Take pose~
Let's start our journey!

▲ A journey of beauty~  charming makeup ♡

Transparent color of skin, soft cheeks and lips
A bright and charming IGARI makeup
Even in a fine weather and a beautiful sightseeing spot
Igari makeup is still charming and attractive!

▲ Delicious INARI?  or IGARI?

Fox in Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine like to eat Inari-sushi.
Therefore, the name of the shrine is called "Inari."
Let's wear a Igari makeup and eat Inari-sushi lol

HOTEL of Kyoto
Let's enjoy the Kyoto sense of style 

Different from the general hotel 
It is a hotel full of fusion of modern and traditional of Kyoto.

<Hotel Information>
Address: 361 Rokkaku-cho, Rokkaku-sagaru, Shinmachidori,
Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, 604-8212
Telephone: 075-257-1131
Check-in: 15:00~ Check-out: 12:00
7-min walk from Exit 22 of Shijo-station, Metro Karasuma Line
7-min walk from Exit 22 of Karasuma Station, Hankyu Kyoto Line
15-min by taxi from Kyoto Station

For reservation:

Let us check the charm points of this hotel full of sense of Kyoto-style!

Japanese rock garden in the hotel~

Full of the taste of Kyoto!
What a classic and antique room!

It is time for us to take a look at our beauty journey in Kyoto.
CANMAKE items for IGARI makeup!

▲ Point of IGARI makeup!

It is originally made by the famous Japanese beauty salon stylist named 
Then, it has been pick up by numerous medias and magazines and
widespread to the public.
Now, it has become the model textbook of the latest lovely makeup. 
So it is called
IGARI makeup.

Like Satomi Ishihara, Nana Komatsu and Arisa Yagi, etc.
Recently many of the popular Japanese artists and models totally fell into the "IGARI" makeup.
(Arisa Yagi is chosen to be the representative model of CANMAKE too!)

Let's take a look at the main POINT of IGARI makeup.

Clean transparent skin
Natural and clear eye lines
Flushed cheeks
Moist lips

To sum up all to create 
a dreamy girl style from a fairy tale!

Wanna complete the Igari makeup?
CANMAKE helps us to prepare the necessary items!!

▲ Where to find CANMAKE in Kyoto?

Come to [The CUBE] on the 2F of Kyoto Station Building shopping mall!
You will definitely find your favorite CANMAKE item in cosmetics shop 'Shop In'

<Shop In -Kyoto-  The CUBE shop>
Open Hours: 10:00 ~ 20:00

CANMAKE counter in Shop In Kyoto 

A variety of popular items can be found here.
Come to try a variety of items at CANMAKE counter
Get all the necessary items for Igari makeup here!

▲ Four must-items of IGARI makeup

In this beautiful Kyoto, let's ensure our IGARI makeup!
 Here you are!

From left to right
[Cream Cheek] ➤ [Juicy Pure Eyes] ➤ [Lip Tint Syrup] ➤ [Flairing Curl Mascara]

CREAM CHEEK (5 colors, 580 yen + TAX) Clear Red Heart < Color 01> 
Juicy Pure Eyes (6 colors, 600 yen + TAX) Milky Pink Beige <Color 05> 
Lip Tint Syrup (3 colors, 650 yen + TAX) Strawberry Syrup <Color 02> 
Flairing Curl Mascara (650 yen + TAX) Chocola Black <Color 01> 

IGARI makeup 
Charming from blush~

First, let apply a little on the cheek and then spread horizontally and then to a wide range of area
There you go !

▲ Smooth and moist "rosy" blush

Cream blush just like lip gloss
A rosy face color ~

CREAM CHEEK (5 colors, 580 yen + TAX)  Clear Red Heart <01 color> 

▲ Use the low-tone color for eye makeup + highlight!

The POINT of eye makeup is not blurring the liner
Just slightly sketch with a soft dark brown color of eye shadow and
 put some highlight of pearl color on specific spots
There you go!!
 Eyes of intelligence ~

Juicy Pure Eyes (six colors, 600 yen + TAX) Milky Pink Beige <Color 05> 

▲ Girlish lips with LIP TINT creating gradient color!

Gradient Lips! 
Most popular in Japan!

It is good for natural makeup!^^

▲ Juicy Lips

It is more natural to start from the inside of the lips
with moisture.
A pair of clear and attractive lips are done!
Like the rosy one of "fairy tale girl."

Lip Tint Syrup (3 colors, 650 yen + TAX) Strawberry Syrup <Color 02> 

▲ The last step! Finally, it is mascara ~

Brown mascara is most suitable to form a natural eye makeup.
Present a nature make up and clear eye liners!
This is the POINT of IGARI makeup!!!

 ▲ Brush the eyelashes, slightly on the top, more on the bottom

Mascara on the lower eyelashes is very popular recently!
Saying curling eyelashes raises up ladies' confidence.
That perfectly matches the girly style of IGARI makeup.
Okay!!! More mascara on the bottom!

Flairing Curl Mascara (650 yen + TAX) Chocola Black <Color 01> 

IGARI makeup is done ~ ~

What do you think? Isn't it natural? ^^
No man-made artificial color.
It is just like the natural beauty after bath.
Focus on the original rosy and transparent color of skin of ladies,
create a feeling of a dreamy girl~

That is why 
IGARI makeup is loved by many of the Japanese artists!
Let's use CANMAKE to challenge Igari makeup. 

CANMAKE Official Homepage

P.S.  Summer is coming!
To welcome the hot summer.
let us introduce you the brand new hottest items of CANMAKE released in May!


1. Mermaid Skin Gel UV (700 yen + TAX)

 UV effect + refreshing sense of quality
A light texture of refreshing UV GEL 
Not only for face but also as a body lotion.  85 % of beauty component is included!
It is good for skin care in general! 

2. Perfect Multi Eyes (2 colors, 780 yen + TAX)

Can be used as eyebrow and eyeliner
An eye shadow case with brown-tone color
Create a gradient + matte texture of natural eye makeup

Let's continue our CANMAKE story

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