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♪ Japanese Grocery # A must-visit Japanese style interior shop ACTUS in Shinjuku!

♪ Japanese Grocery # A must-visit Japanese style interior shop ACTUS in Shinjuku! 

It is popular for its publishing "ACTUS STAFF 123 HOMES"
A Japanese style interior/ grocery shop 
"ACTUS Shinjuku Store"

What is ACTUS?
It is an interior item shop located in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
It is famous as a variety of people who love to work with home decorations gathered together.
It has started its business by importing Nordic-centric furniture since the 1960s. 
Although there are many foreign brands has been going back and forth of the Japanese market,
it has maintained the support from fans here!
Now a number of stores are located in Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, and Fukuoka, etc. 
There are up to 35 stores in major cites in Japan.

Speaking of ACTUS,
we can't miss the topic of "ACTUS STAFF 123 HOMES."
Because of the widespread of the popularity of the book,
ACTUS is then being more famous.
While looking at 123 staffs introducing the interior of their real living,
it feels like we are invited to a home of a high quality of sense. 
This book is very popular in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. 

If you love Nordic interior...
If you wanna take a walk to a high level of interior shop...
ACTUS, the shop right opposite to Shinjuku Isetan Department store is your BEST choice!

ACTUS Shinjuku Store
Address: 1-2F,  BYGS Building, 2-19-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku , Tokyo
TEL: 03-3350-6011
Open Hour: 11:00-20:00 (Closed irregularly)

ACTUS Charm point No. 1

Specialty stores of Nordic interior!

Full of all kind of Nordic interior and the color of a variety of small items at home!
Fine furniture from Northern Europe have been imported from abroad for 40 years.
Not only attracted most of the interior lovers,
ACTUS can be said that it is not exaggerated a high class interior shop in Japan.

ACTUS Charm point No. 2

An interior publishing "ACTUS STAFF 123 HOMES"is born.

If you take a look at 123 staffs introducing their home interior, 
you will definitely be conquered by their high level of sense.
Not only that, but also you can feel their passion working here!
Come and take a look at every corner of their charm.

▲ Where is ACTUS Shinjuku store?

It is directly connected to the Toei Shinjuku Line / Marunouchi Line [Shinjuku Sanchome] station, straight through from the exit C-8
to the [BYGS building] 1 ~ 2F 
There you go! ACTUS!
Since it is closed to the Shinjuku Imperial Garden; therefore, ACTUS gives us a sense of calm. 

Oh!! We see the big billboard! That's the Isetan Department Store. 
But actually, it is a street across from the Isetan Department Store^^

▲ 15-minute walk from JR Shinjuku Station 

ACTUS Shinjuku store is connected to the exit of C-8 of Shinjuku sanchome!

15-minute walk from JR Shinjuku station!
Just 3-minute from Isetan Department Store!

ACTUS Shinjuku

A Nordic Entrance 

A pure white entrance of ACTUS Shinjuku welcomes us!
How impressive!
Okay!!! We gotta start our shopping while going through the white door!

ACTUS Shinjuku Store
Address: 1-2F,  BYGS Building, 2-19-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku , Tokyo
TEL: 03-3350-6011
Open Hour: 11:00-20:00 (Closed irregularly)


123 HOMES means?
123 experts with high sense of feel working in ACTUS,
who introduces their actual life style in the books.
A book filled with Nordic style furniture,
present everyone's personality and creativity.

▲ How interesting and innovative to see the introduction of the staff's room!

A studio room for a single person, room for newly married couple, and room for family with children, etc. 
Ways to find any suitable furniture for various kind of living style,
tips, 12 interviews  and a lot of photos to introduce all kinds of favorite interior. 

ACTUS! Pioneer of Nordic home in Japan

Got to mention Nordic interior in Japan, no doubt most of the ones will first think of ACTUS.
There are show rooms in Shinjuku Store.
Let's try different kind of life style here!

▲ Interior/ Grocery shop of Nordic lifestyle

The point would be then at every high sense of small items in every corner.

On the first floor of ACTUS Shinjuku Store,
there are items import from all around the world and of course Made in Japan items; 
items from fashion brand "Ouur" that is popular in lifestyle magazine.
Everything attracts us here!!
We don't find bored at all!
Next, let's take a look at its origin fashionable European furniture on the 2F.
2nd store of ACTUS Shinjuku store would disappointed you!

# Sofa that is perfectly matched with the green color.

# Scandinavian style restaurant

# Gorgeous leather featured sofas

# Decorating with living room furniture of designers

▲ Gathering furniture that people want to buy, want to live!

Needless to say every detail, all are best integrated with excellent sense and creativity.
Should be one you like!
Wanna move to a new room!!!

Wanna stay here longer!!!
Okay!! Let's get back to the 1F again!

▲ Home with high availability and sensitivity 

Gorgeous, with the sense of designers on the 2F
Practically , with the sense of life style on the 1F
Place selected items to add the sense of living standard. 
Let's have a try!

▲ Do you know what is [Ransel] ?

On the wooden desk,
you can see the box-like colorful [Ransel]
Actually, it is a dutch word, means schoolbag.

How fashionable is the Ransel here?
You know what Ransel becomes a fashion in Europe lately!

Can you feel the sense of ACTUS?
How cute is the Ransel here^^

▲ Scandinavian style design

ACTUS items are all simple and natural.
Nice practical design.

Although recently there are a lot of Nordic style interior shops,
having 40 years of history, you definitely can it in real!


Born in 2009 under a Danish brand
Not only tableware but also toiletries, etc.


Not only the decoration for kitchen and bathroom
but you can also buy several alphabets of your initials!!
Let's show your sense of creativity while go picnic!!

You thought it is a real candle?? lol


Imabari in Ehime, Japan
Hand towel of skills of craftsmen  of 120 years!
That is made in Japan brand!

▲ A variety of towels are available in ACTUS
Of course, there is the high quality one IMABARI!!!


Something fascinated us in the kids' area!
Wow!! How cute is the craft?
What is that??

▲ Chispum wall stickers

Spanish design studio

▲ A white wall turns into an art space

Chispum stickers not only for the wall
It can be applied on the surface of cement, glass, plastic and other materials.
Easy stick and remove!
It is a perfect present to kids who like drawing graffiti^^
Don't you think so?

▲ Sweet processed foods in SOHOLM CAFE 

'SOHOLM' means a small lakeside village in Danish.
Also it is the works of an architect ArneJacobsen. 
Also, it is the name of the housing he lives.
So thereby, that is the origin of the brand name.

▲ Enjoy the café atmosphere at home

Feel like the life living next to the lake...
Jam using a variety of fruit and vegetable, also honey and sauce. etc. 
Let's enjoy the atmosphere of the coffee shop at home!


"The bathroom is a healing space."
Soaps and lotions made from natural ingredients.
Containing a variety of vanilla extract oil and other ingredients
You will feel relaxed and comfortable after using it!

A suitable healing item as a souvenir of Japan!

▲ Mini quiet terrace 

Next to the entrance, there are a lot of ornamental plants.
A long bench as well.
We almost forget the time while walking around the shop!
Let's enjoy the quiet space!


Although it is small, it has a great function!
Set all kinds of good ideas in one umbrella-type tent
Who wanna enjoy the happy picnic time next to the clear crystal lake. 

People who loves interior!

Say genius, rather a hard worker
a hard worker, rather a passionate person !

Here you can see the staffs who like their job
Come up with a variety of fresh ideas
Try it at their own home.
Lastly, what we wanna say is to live life with your own style of sense!
Don't you wanna try to strive for your own living standard!

Extraordinary sensibility accumulated for 40 years
That is the reason why ACTUS is loved in Japan ~

New discovery in Shinjuku! A good sense of interior store 

Address: 1-2F,  BYGS Building, 2-19-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku , Tokyo
TEL: 03-3350-6011
Open Hour: 11:00-20:00 (Closed irregularly)

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