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# Convenient Travel ♪ Luxury Transportation Service! Enjoyable moving! HINOMARU LIMOTAXI!

# Convenient Travel ♪ Luxury Transportation Service! Enjoyable moving!  LIMOTAXI!  

Convenient mobile transportation from Narita/ Haneda Airport to hotels in Tokyo Metropolitan 

It is really hard to explain LIMOTAXI in a phase!

The first day of your Tokyo Travel
Landing Japan at the arrival lobby of Narita (Haneda) Airport
Wow!!!! A friendly driver holding a name board, is welcoming us. 
Wow!!!  A luxury taxi, just like a first class seat of an airplane. 
HINOMARU is a company to provide us Airport Limousine Service directly to hotels. 
(On the other hand,  at the last day of the travel, if you find that you have many luggage after check out, you can use the service too! This is time is from hotels to Airport.)

What is good of Airport Limousine Service of [LIMOTAXI]?
Here you are 
<Door to Door> Service 
No need to carry your big and heavy luggage around getting into crowded train by yourselves 

Okay!! Once again!!
Let's sum up the good points of [LIMOTAXI] Service!

1. Door-to-door service from airport-hotel-airport
2. Door-to-door service from hotel-hotel
3. Simple and easy online reservation service
4. SMILE CALL interpretation Service Available (charged) 
5. A variety of vehicles car 
6. Fixed rate system

For more INFO about  LIMOTAXI service (English)

Wanna make a reservation (English)


After arriving the airport, wanna directly go to hotel or go straight to your first Tokyo Attraction?
DOOR to DOOR service is here for you^^ 

If you are travelling with parents or children,
LIMOTAXI is definitely convenient for you!

Are you worried about languages?
Of course if you know simple English and have already made reservation beforehand,
there will be no problems then~
Kick off the journey!!!

Okay! Today, we are going to introduce you 
[LIMO TAXI], found in 1950,
have maintained the tradition and built trust fro 65 years. 
Safe, convenient and comfortable LIMOTAXI
"Door to Door" Service!!

▲  Service available for hotels within Tokyo 

As long as hotel in Tokyo
there is no worry to arrive in front of the hotel!
Enjoy fixed rate system!

⇓ A fixed-rate price (including expressway tolls) from/to Narita Airport

⇓ A fixed-rate price (including expressway tolls) from/to Haneda Airport

※ Late night/early morning charges are charged for all transportation, from beginning to end, 
that includes the late night/early morning period (10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.)

Additional charge for service from the airport:
Haneda Airport:
 Regular daytime 3,500 yen 
        nighttime 4,300 yen
Narita Airport:
 1,030 yen

From Airport to central Tokyo

 Terminal 3 is newly opened recently
Number of people using Narita airport is more than before.
Among the methods of transportation, 
door to door service is the most attractive one recently!
Either moving from the airport directly to hotels
or go to sightseeing spots,
convenience limousine service is being concerned!

Airport pick up service

Just like our private secretary lol
This beautiful crew is our today's driver!
She is holding a sign with our name wearing a smile 
waiting at the arrival gate.

Although it seems not a big deal,
this is so-called the Japanese style hospitality 
bringing us a good memories!

▲ Following our driver ~

What a good beginning of our travel!

'LIMOTAXI' = limousine (Luxury) + TAXI
Sounds luxury!!!
Wondering what kind of car is waiting for us....
Let's see...

Various types and models

From limousine to wide-open wagon
A wide variety of models are available 
Whether you are a tourist or for commercial use
you would enjoy a luxury ride!

Various of vehicles 

▲ luxury SUVs (Big vans)

Ideal for family travel with their parents
Or use to welcome important guests
Luxury "excellent quality service"

Let's take a look at the Nissan Caravan models!

Spacious space inside~

Can't it be use as a playground or any sports? lol
Entirely it is a luxury car with a wide screen of television for some big artists!

Comfortable seating space

Although it is a mini, seating arrangement looks a little bit crowded.
Capacity of seven
That's naturally comfortable!

Back screen seat

More than 20 seats, "personal screen" for each seat
Watching movie while moving!!! How convenient!!

(About 50 minutes from Narita Airport to Tokyo / About 30 minutes from Haneda Airport to Tokyo)

Most comfortable seat

Economy? Business? or First Class?
Oh my gosh!!! How relax!!!

Ultra-textured leather seats

High quality leather seats
An extraordinary feeling
Feel like got packed entirely 
The people are super comfortable go pack!

▲ Feel like we are sitting on the cloud~

Oh my gosh!!! Unexpectedly comfortable!
Not a dream!!!
We are riding on a spacious and luxurious LIMOTAXI travelling Tokyo!

▲ Let's GO TOKYO ^^

From airport to hotel
From airport to your first destination
Let's go safely!

For more INFO about LIMOTAXI service (English)

Wanna make a reservation (English)

Promotion video of HINOMARU

Not only [LIMOTAXI] 
but also  [SKY HOP BUS] enjoying Tokyo sightseeing
[SKY DUCK] enjoy Tokyo on the land and water by amphibious bus 
[HIRE] Excellent driving service 
HINOMARU operates a lot of transportation services.
Whether you come for travel or business use,
just choose the one to fit your trip!!!

▲ Watch movie while moving

Comfort of travel time is also full of enjoyment -
A visual enjoyment of Luxury vehicle. 


Use of iPAD in the car
Use a variety of languages to communicated with drivers
What an easy and convenient translation services!

▲ SMILE CALL original APP

For multi-language interpretation services, an original special APP is created!
Use this APP to connect with interpreters at CALL CENTER
through iPAD and Microphone only!

Passengers -> Translation Center -> Driver -> Translation Center ->

No problem anymore to communicate with the driver!

※SMILE Service only available in English, Chinese and Korean
※ Not designed for sightseeing use
※ Operation hours: 9:00-22:00 

▲ Arriving the first destination in Tokyo!

Ginza for crazy shopping!!!

Ginza 4-chome, symbol of luxury Tokyo
Getting off at a luxury car 
Feel like we are a celebrity!

▲ Enjoy Ginza shopping!

Wanna enjoy the latest fashion?
or interested in a variety of fine Made in Japan craftsman produced item?
Ginza, the shopping paradise won't let you down.

If you are travel with parents, 
no need to carry heavy luggage taking train anymore,
enjoy this LIMOTAXI service for a comfortable journey in Tokyo!

Convenient, comfortable, safe and luxurious

Luxury "LIMOTAXI" Service of HINOMARU
Well reputation in this industry in Tokyo! 
That is why we highly recommend you!

Have an enjoyable travel with family or lovers!
Private trip or business trip?
It is a convenient service for you!
(Photo taken at Tokyo Ginza 4-chome)

For more INFO about LIMOTAXI service (English)

Wanna make a reservation (English)


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