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# Japan Outdoor ♪ Victoria! Tokyo Shopping Street for Sport! Just 10 minutes from Akihabara Station!

# Japan Outdoor ♪ Victoria! Tokyo Shopping Street for Sport! Just 10 minutes from Akihabara Station!  

If you ask, what is the most valuable items to shop in Tokyo recently?
No doubt we would say sport items!
If you want to experience the viva,
just take a visit to Ochanomizu, Tokyo.
Take a walk at the shopping street for sport here in Jinbocho!
Wow! Indeed a lot of foreign visitors!

A rich assortment of items can be found here.
From running shoes, sportswear and items for general sports. 
On the other hands, there are professional equipment for skiing and golf. 
Of course, we wouldn't miss the the outdoor, hiking, and camping supplies from all around the world.
Everything can be found here!

1. Victoria Main Store (Integrated Sports)

2. L-Breath (Outdoor Supplies Store)

3. Victoria Golf (Golf Supplies Store)

Okay! In this popular street for sport, 
we are attracted by 

In Japan, speaking of Sport item, 
most people would think of Victoria, the representative of the general sport goods store.

Starting from main store, 
there are professional goods for golf, running, active sports, outdoors, cycling etc. 
In total, there are six large and small shops on the same street in Ochanomizu.
Indeed, the class of "Big Brother" in the sport industry!

For more info (English)

Today, JAPANKURU is going to introduce you three must-visit stores when you visit Tokyo!
1. Victoria Main Store (Integrated Sports)
2. L-Breath (outdoor Sports)
3. Victoria Golf (Golf)

Let's go and check!
Let's see what we shouldn't miss about this representative sport brand store!

▲ Just 10 minutes walking from Akihabara

6 stores of Victoria are on the same shopping street for sport in Ochanomizu / Kanda.
Just 10 minutes walk from Akihabara ~

1. Victoria Main Store
(Hours: Weekdays / Saturday 11:00 - 20:00;  Sundays and holidays 10:30 - 19:30)

Extending from Ochanomizu to Jinbocho
It is known as the paradise of sports 
Can you see the shape red sign of the "Victory"
It is the main store of "Victoria."

In this 8-story building,
there are corners of a number of sports,
such as running, fitness, swimming,  leisure,  hiking,
camping, inline skating, skiing and junior skateboarding.
All are distributed in different floors,
just find whatever you want!

Address: 3-4 Ogawamachi, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo101-0052

2. L-Breath Ochanomizu Store
(Hours: Weekdays / Saturday 11:00 - 20:00 ; Sundays and holidays 10:30 - 19:30)

From 1st floor to 6th floor, various outdoor products are available.
You will definitely like it if you are outdoor lover!

Address: 2-4-14 Ogawamachi, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo101-0052

3. Victoria Golf Kanda Store
(Hours: Weekdays / Saturday 11:00 - 20:00;  Sundays and holidays 10:30 - 19:30)

Here is Japan's leading golf equipment store.
A variety of world famous brands and Made in Japan golf supplies.
You are right if you are just about to search for golf items.

Address: 3-3 Ogawamachi, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo101-0052

We can't help!!!
We are very exciting!

Victoria Golf

Whether you are a new player or heavy player,
you would definitely can find 
a wide range of equipment and clothing, appliances, in this 8-story building.
We are so excited!!!
Moreover, there are also professional fitting facilities and machines.

For more info.

▲ TAX FREE? Of course!

It has become the core topic among foreign visitors who just came to Japan. 
Of course, so do Victoria.

After purchasing more than 10,001 yen, 
no doubt to enjoy 8% of  excise duty exemption. 

※Don't forget to bring with you your password. 

▲ A rich amount of brands and assortment to items

1F is golf club and second-handed gold club.
2F and 3F is respectively men and women golf set.
4F and 6F is golf shoes, bags and clothes. 

▲ fitting system + trial area 

World-class brands such as Callaway and Titleist.
Popular Japan brands HONMA, XXIO.
Let's try the latest series of ball set have a trial here!

▲ Recently popular brand [HONMA]

It is the most popular golf brand among foreign visitors in Victoria recently!
Birth of the highest technical HONMA by Japanese artisans
Recently, many professional players use this brand and ended up getting good results!
Therefore, it attracts a lot of Asian tourists come to buy!!

▲ Multi-language speaking staffs

Victoria welcomes customers from all around the world.
Chinese, English, Korean-speaking staffs are ready anytime!
So no worry at all!

You know it is very important to choose an appropriate golf equipment. 
Getting advice from staffs with your familiar languages would help you to 
find the only golf club  for you.

▲ How fashionable is golf!!

Fashion style is also very important when you play golf!
Have a full set of latest golf fashion and shoes, 
will make you more excited to play golf!
(Indeed, golf fashion is very trendy!)

3 minutes walk from Victoria Golf Store across the street
There you are, the store of outdoor sports.
[L-Breath Ochanomizu Store]

L-Breath (Japanese)

▲ Dream of every man
Rent a car, go camping and see Mount Fuji

A while ago, we have rented a NISSAN X-TRAIL to camping.
Of course, we get our L-Breath stuff ready at Victoria.

▲ Most of the people would first visit 6F!

In L-Breath,
there are a rich assortment of camping supplies and casual outdoor items.
Of course,  various professional level of hiking supplies!
Everything is ready!

1F - variety of backpacks, hats and accessories
2F to 3F - casual outdoor wear 
4F to 5F - outdoor sports shoes and professional hiking supplies

Well ... we still want to come to the 6F for a variety of camping supplies!
Japan is in its camping boom now.
That is why most people are just go straight from the 1F to 6F by elevator.

▲ Dream of Camping lover [snow peak]

Just step out the elevator
A luxurious snow peak dome tent is welcoming us! !

6th floor is actually an area of snow peak store.
You will feel enjoyable even by just looking at it!
(Remember to have self-control...) lol 

▲ Wow!! Camping so much fun!

Snow peak is really extraordinary!
Not only quality, 
it is entirely set of all kinds of creative and convenient ideas!

It seems we are really in a camping site!
Wow!!! How fun to be in a tent!

▲ Another camping? ! touring!

 Although car camping is getting popular recently,
day camping or touring is also many people's choices.

▲ Thin and lightweight tipitent with a variety of bedding 
L-Breath prepares a variety of high-quality 
colorful decorative item to all camping lovers!

▲ Various rich and upgraded item

Arrange a few part for a better condition
It is available to improve the quality and safety of camping with a variety of professional appliances.
From lightweight solid, high-strength stainless steel / titanium camp nail to a variety of professional item!
We are all surprised to the profession.

▲ Variety of Dutch pot

 Different size for a variety of purposes
Reasonable price 
How attractive!

▲ Quality and creativity

With this cute portable espresso machine,
 a combination of ultra-light titanium mug of best seller of snow peak,
can't you imagine the taste of a cup of aromatic coffee in the camp.

▲ A variety of cute items for camping

For yourselves and as present?

▲ Some lovely props 

Flag hanging on the tent 
Various patterns of cute blankets ~

▲ Let's go camping!

 In front of a roaring log fire
Holding a cup of freshly brewed coffee, chatting around together!
Members of JAPANKURU also want to go camping!

L-Breath is an outdoor supplies store to satisfy everyone's dream!

▲ We have once been to camping before actually!!

We appreciate to the whole set of equipment, 
we miss camping so much!!

Of course,
Victoria is popular of both golf items and outdoor items.
Let's go and check!

▲ Sport department store-  Victoria Main store

Daily sports, leisure sports, skiing / junior skateboards, etc.

Various sports item can be found here at main store.

Again, let's check the floor plan.

1F Walking Supplies/Trekking/Hiking

2F Running / training / sports eye wear

3F Camping / sea diving supplies

4F fitness products / swimming equipment

5F ski wear / Winter peripheral products

6F Ski/ Inline skating


8F Customer service of ski and snowboard

▲ A variety of Kids Sportswear 

Children's sport item are not just the problem of size
All kind of sport items are specially designed for children and young people.
If you are wondering where to buy sporting goods, 
just come here!

▲ Highly anticipated sportswear [CW-X]

Encounter the most sophisticated sportswear in Victoria
This brand is getting familiar because of the use of sport stars.
High functional sportswear [CW-X]

▲ Excellent performance of flexibility and taping function

 CW-X is a "conditioning wear."
Can keep the best state of the muscles during exercise
Timely follow-up actions of each muscle taping.
Also maintain the strength and correct posture

▲ Food function and design!

Who says highly specialized sportswear designed ugly?
These kinds of sportswear have both functional and beautiful design.

The shoes matching too!

▲ A variety of sports shoes

We are surprised to the variety of shoes on the 2F.
Functional, colorful, reasonable!! 

▲ Popular shoes "asics"

Excellent air makes you feel lighter.
Delighted colors that make you feel liked at first sight!
  asics th GT series also the most popular item!

Ochanomizu Sports Street 
Your forever choice


Have 40 years of history
 over 250 stores nationwide
Leading the traditional sports brand and sporting goods industry in Victoria.

Even if you are not professional athletes
there are still something for you.
Supporting everyone
Victoria has not achieved high popularity and high status in Japan.

 If you want to try a new sports,
don't you wanna make a trip to Tokyo
walking around Ochanomizu.
Come and visit our recommendation

Six stores of Victoria
There should be one become your favorite.

Victoria (Japanese)

Victoria Tax Free Info (English)


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