Friday, June 19, 2015

# Transportation ♪ PASMO Card!! Must-have Item during Japan Travel! Let's see how to buy and use PASMO!

# Transportation ♪ PASMO Card!! Must-have Item during Japan Travel! Let's see how to buy and use PASMO!  

Do you know PASMO (Smart Card)?
While traveling in Tokyo, Japan,
we definitely would use public transportation such as bus, JR, and subway metro.
Wanna use them conveniently, 
PASMO (an electronic smart card) is a must item!!!

If you have visited Japan before,
you might have already heard of a card call "SUICA."

beside SUICA,
there are many kind of electronic smart card!

This time JAPANKURU is going to introduce you 
one of the most smart cards in Japan
to make your travel experience more convenient!
(We use PASMO too lol)

Not only use on trains and buses, 
you can also use them to purchase goods and services at stores that 
accept electronic money payment.

we purchase PASMO
at the ticket machine of Asakusa Station of TSUKUBA EXPRESS (TX), starting from Akihabara.


 ▲ STEP 1  Click the "PASMO" button on the ticket machines

It is the logo of PASMO on the left of the screen

There is an [ENGLISH] button on the top right corner of the button.
Everything is turned in English!!


Just 2 big choices 
"Buy a new PASMO card" on the top
"Charging" at the bottom

Today, we gotta buy a new one, press the button on the top!

STEP 3  General User

Two buttons are below
 left for [Personal User]
right for [General User]

No hesitation!! Just click the right one!

Two types of PASMO card.

-General user-
Anonymous PASMO
Can be used by anyone!
Recommended to short-term traveler
 no need of proofed personal document. Everyone can use. 
No re-issue after lost

-Personal user-
Only registered users can use.
You are required to insert cardholder name, gender, date of birth and phone number, etc!
Recommended to long-term traveler
Can be re-issue after lost
Application is required.

STEP 4 Select the recharge amount

 It is time to choose the charging amount!
Select amount from ¥ 1,000 ~ ¥ 10,000

(Reminder: 500 yen will be deducted when you purchase a new PASMO card for deposit.)

STEP 5  Deposit 500 yen

 Thinking to charge 1000yen first...

Deposit is required for PASMO card.
So when you insert 1000yen to buy a new card,
500yen is deducted and actually only 500 yen can be used.

So don't be surprised 
when you come across the same case.

STEP 6 PASMO card is done!

 We finally have our PASMO card!
Oh!! Nice to meet you!


 Oh ~!
What nice new card with a lovely pink logo
PASMO here you are ♡
(Cuter than SUICA ?)

Oh!!! Take the new PASMO to get on the TSUKUBA EXPRESS! Go! Go!

Have a PASMO,
save time and say BYE BYE to coins and changes~

Just charge a certain amount on PASMO
then you don't have to find the ticket machine every time you go out!!
It definitely makes your trip more convenient!

Purchase goods and service with your card, 
no more heavy coins!!

Wanna enjoy a convenient travel in Tokyo?
From various convenient electronic transport card,
no doubt you might wanna buy a lovely PASMO!

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