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# Transportation ♪ A new discovery of Tokyo Train! Get on a TSUKUBA EXPRESS (TX) ! Let's move on from Akihabara to Asakusa!

# Transportation ♪ A new discovery of Tokyo Train! Get on a TSUKUBA EXPRESS (TX) ! Let's move on from Akihabara to Asakusa! 


If you choose Tokyo's three major tourist destinations,
most of the people will think of "Akihabara" "Asakusa" and "Odaiba"

If you have plans to travel from Akihabara to Asakusa and also Odaiba, 
you don't wanna miss the route that JAPANKURU is going to show you today.

One day trip in Tokyo!

You know what?
When you open the map, 
Akihabara and Asakusa is actually very close. 
So!!! Let's have our perfect trip to the major tourist destinations.

- They are about 10 minutes away; 
if you take subway, it takes about 20 minutes.
-It is a little bit annoying to transfer train from JR to Tokyo Metro Subway Ginza Line. 
- Another problem is JR and Tokyo Metro Subway are different operating companies; 
therefore, there are comparison of transportation fee.
(JR+ METRO  Akihabara-Asakusa   14-min, 310 yen)

Today, we would like to introduce you a train line directly connecting Akihabara to Asakusa.
a.k.a. TX

No transfer from TX Akihabara Station to TX Asakusa Station.
Just 5-min, 210 yen

No reason of not riding it!



Perhaps you are not familiar to this line, 
If you have plans moving around sightseeing spots in Tokyo,
especially Akihabara and Asakusa,
this should be the most convenient transportation route!

From TX Akihabara Station to TX Asakusa Station
No transfer
 5-min ride, 210 yen

▲ Good Tokyo Travel Partner PASMO

Lovely silver/pink smart card [PASMO]
Having it to enjoy a convenient travel!
Riding buses, trains, purchasing goods and services at convenience stores like Family Mart. and 7-11!
Of course you can also use it to buy drink at vending machines!
It is good that no need to buy tickets every times
in the bustling Tokyo!

Don't know how to buy this lovely PASMO?
JAPANKURU read your mind, huh lol
Just click and check!

Purchase a PASMO card, charge a certain amount
Okay!! Let's start our trip with TSUKUBA EXPRESS!
Akihabara - Asakusa 

▲ TX starts at Akihabara

TSUKUBA EXPRESS starts Akihabara
It goes to the destination Tsukuba, located at Ibaraki, where is the most high-tech city!
Just 45 minutes from the whole trip!
A super fast "EXPRESS"
That is why it is named TSUKUBA EXPRESS!

Our destination for today is Asakusa.
Just 2 stations!
Expected to arrive after listening to 2 AKB's song with headphones.

After arriving Asakusa,
let's take the skybus (water bus) or join the boat tour to move to Odaiba!

Route map

JAPANKURU Recommended Day Trip
Hotel- Akihabara- Asakusa- Odaiba- Hotel

SPOT 1. Akihabara

Akihabara: Otaku Paradise that is full of electronic goods, Japanese anime. comics, maid cafes.

What can we do in Akihabara?
1. YODOBASHI camara Akihabara / Sofmap  for electronic appliances. 

2. KOTOBUKIYA  for animation and comics

3. atrē Akihabara for Shopping

4. @ HOME Cafe Maid Cafe for moe moe power

5. AKIBA TOLIM (UNIQLO, MUJI, bose, etc.)

SPOT 2. Asakusa

Experience the Japanese style in Asakusa at noon
Asakusa: Tokyo Tradition (Temples) and modern Tokyo, Tokyo SKYTREE, the No.1 Sightseeing destination

What to do in Asakusa?
1.  Passing through Asakusa Nakamise dori, come to the front gate of Sensoji Temple
2. Sightseeing around Sensoji Temple (Find interesting even just hanging around) 
3. Transforming into a Kimono Beauty at STUIDO Nanairo
4. Rickshaw 
5. Try Asakusa's famous tempura bowl rice 
6. Looking for some kitchenware stores at Kappabashi
7. Take a boat tour, enjoying SKYTREE from Sumida River to Odaiba

SPOT 3. Odaiba

Wow!! How romantic to ride a boat tour to Odaiba!
Enjoy this beautiful night of Tokyo after having dinner at Odaiba!

What to do in Odaiba?
1.  Enjoy beautiful night view in the Odaiba Seaside Park
2. Legoland at Decks Tokyo Beach 
3. Madame Tussauds Tokyo at Decks Tokyo Beach
4. Mr. Giant Gundam
5. Take the driverless Yurikamome train back to hotel


▲ Starting Today travel at Akihabara

TSUKUBA EXPRESS (TX) Akihabara Station
Right next to JR Akihabara Station
Directly connected to this building called AKIBA TOLIM


REMM Hotel is located on the same building too!

▲ multi-functional commercial facilities AKIBA TOLIM

On the 1F, there are Starbucks, convenience stores and restaurants, glasses shops and other facilities.
You can also see the building of YODOBASHI and the JR Akihabara Station!

▲ Numerous shops 

of course many people will like Uniqlo and Muji 
They are on the 3rd and 4th.

▲ A little musical trip before taking TSUKUBA EXPRESS!

Located on the 2F of AKIBA TOLIM
It is the [BOSE], famous shop of speaker equipment!
Wanna experience high-quality sound?
Come to have a little sound trip then!


 Wanna have a whole set of the BOSE?
Wow!! You would definitely feel exciting of TAX FREE!
Today, Japan is a tax-free paradise!


BOSE Bluetooth speakers! !
Can't control ourselves of not buying!
This size, this price!!!  Cool sound!
Let's enjoy!

▲ Akihabara SHOPPING!

Headphone debut while walking on the streets of Akihabara!
Wearing a big headphones even in a hot hot summer!
Enjoy ourselves in this little world of music.

▲ TX Event hall [TX PLAZA]

 After experiencing the BOSE little sound trip
Go down to the 1F, 
you will see the TX logo,

No doubt feel interested to the train we are going to take!

▲ History and little model of TSUKUBA EXPRESS

there are introduction of history and vehicle about TX.
"Plarail" is so cute, running around!

TSUKUBA EXPRESS information (Japanese)

▲ Starting from Akihabara Station ~

Running towards Asakusa, where SKYTREE is clearly visible. 
TX is so cool!

▲ Railway lover

In Japan, there are a lot of railway lovers. 
Railway lovers definitely feel interesting about it!

▲ This red TX Akihabara Station
from Akiba to Asakusa!
Here you are the ticket gate of TX!

▲ TX Akihabara Station ticket gate

 A wide area and very relaxed atmosphere 
A more convenient commute route to Tokyo for people living in Ibaraki.
This line has been opened for about 10 years.
It is a little bit crowded during rush hour
but no worry, you would enjoy a comfortable other times on weekdays.

▲ TOUCH !!

 Our partner for this trip!!
Go through easily! 

▲ first encounter

Black and silver body
TX is slowly approaching us from the dark!

▲ Have a seat comfortably~

Since Akihabara is the start station of TSUKUBA EXPRESS,
100% you can have a seat!
No worry even during rush hour!

▲ Japan's Railway Paradise   A ++ class seats

In the clean train,
People are most likely to care about the seats!
Wow! It looks soft and comfortable to sit!
Temperature will be arranged in different seasons.

No doubt it is a paradise of railway in Japan!

▲ Our destination is Asakusa.

 2 stations from Akihabara 
Just 5 minutes to our destination Asakusa!


Just gently swipe the PASMO card

206 yen is deducted?
Not 210 yen?
Oh! Using Smart card will have this little discount!
Although it is not much, 
it is worth and convenient to have PASMO, huh!!

▲ Dancing all right!

At the TX Asakusa Station,
we saw a illustration of Asakusa style!!
How interesting!!!
Say cheese!!!
Dancing with a group of dancers!!!

▲ Here we are at Asakusa ~!

A dazzling SKYTREE
from Exit 3

▲ Feel the Asakusa traditional from food

Red beans + rice cakes + soy sauce powder ...

 Enjoy a sweet dish at a traditional cafe located in Asakusa
It retains the nostalgic taste of Asakusa!!!

<Asakusa coffee   Akane Tea House>

▲ Enjoy together with Speefy!

Find a little bit lonely at Asakusa!
Thanks Speedy for coming with us!

He is the mascot of TSUKUBA EXPRESS
named Speefy

▲ 2 segments of teriyaki rice bowl 

Enjoy with eyes and tongue!

Taste the excellent level of texture and flavor at only 1380yen!
How worth!

▲ Asakusa rickshaw!

Whether it is zebra crossing or winding alleys,
uploading tourists, running around the streets of Asakusa!
Come in front of SKYTREE, 
let's have a memorial shot!
Then, take the water bus to Odaiba!!
Let's go!
A real enjoyment in Asakusa

<Tokyo Tourism water bus (Japanese)>
Tokyo, sightseeing steamboat - TOKYO CRUISE

See Asakusa unique style and meet the fun people!
Come on have a walk randomly!!

▲ Everything about the kitchen all are in Kappabashi!

5 minutes walk from TX Asakusa Station
We have came to a slightly different street
This is the largest Japanese street kitchen
"Kappabashi props Street"


Pots and pans, everything!
Like a wholesale market!

Since it is wholesale market,
all are very reasonable!
If you are looking for kitchenware,
come to have a look!

Take TSUKUBA EXPRESS to visit the 2 representing Tokyo Sightseeing Spots!!
Tokyo Rediscovery!!!

From Akihabara to Asakusa!
Plus, Odaiba.
What do you think?

TSUKUBA EXPRESS has opened about 10 years.
We have never taken it before!!!
But glad that we try it this time!! Very convenient!

Next time, wanna try to take 
TSUKUBA EXPRESS with Speefy for 45 minutes

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