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#Shopping ♪ Don't miss the Tokyo Summer Fashion Items!!! @ LUMINE EST Shinjuku

#Shopping ♪ Don't miss the Tokyo Summer Fashion Items!!! @ LUMINE EST Shinjuku 

Always leading the seasonal trend
The original fashionable base "Shinjuku"
Here we are at 
"LUMINE EST Shinjuku"

Today, to celebrate the up-coming summer,
you don't wanna miss it during Tokyo shopping!
Let's the summer fashion item together!

First, let's take a look at some check points of LUMINE!

LUMINE literally comes from a french word "luminarie," which means light,
and English word "illumination"!
The largest building of fashion brand in Japan.

Mainly, it is located near JR station or place where directly connected to the station. 
Shopping begins, once you get off the train immediately! 
How convenient!

"LUMINE EST Shinjuku" is directly connected to Shinjuku East Exit.
"LUMINE Shinjuku 1, 2" is connected to Shinjuku South Exit.
LUMINE can also be found near most of the JR stations
such as Shibuya, Ikebukuro and Yurakucho.
All are distinctive!

LUMINE EST is directly connected to JR Shinjuku Station East exit

It is a large shopping building from B2 to 9F.
It is the hottest spot of people in Tokyo, who is sensitive to fashion.
the must-visit shopping spots during your trip in Tokyo is 

we have already checked the latest trendy items in Japan!
(PHOTO: Denim pants of B2 HYSTERIC GLAMOUR )

▲ At LUMINE EST Shinjuku

7F and 8F are the latest restaurant floor 
You may find there are some long rows outside of restaurants!
※There are LUMINE EST limited lunch sets. 
(Photo: 7F Komeraku no ohitsu) 

Counter for convenient TAX FREE Service on the B1 and 6F.
They are newly opened.

A newly opened duty-free counter! 
If you shop at indicated shops available for TAX FREE and 
purchase 10,001 yen or more (clothes, etc.) OR
5,001 yen or more (consumer goods such as snacks and cosmetics)
There are friendly staffs who speaks English and Chinese to give you guidance on the 
refund service.
※ Don't forget to bring with your PASSPORT!

Lumine Est Homepage

Let's check the cool summer fashion item for this hot summer!
Check it out!!

▲ CA4LA(B1)

For those familiar with Japanese fashion,
this is a familiar hat brand.
  [CA4LA] is the combination of alphabets, in pronunciation means "head" in Japanese.

▲ Its interior concept is subway in New York!
Using the tiles of <Subway Ceramic> in New York,
like the counter of KIOSK style,
the real lightning broad is set in the stores.

Looking for a hat here, makes you feel like of New Yorkers!
How fashionable^^

▲ Original design, imported hat, collaborated items

No doubt it is perfectly fitted hat shops for Shinjuku, which a lot of unique personality of people gathered.
A nice line-up focus on fashion for "Head"

▲ Every hat has its replaceable uniqueness

From standard items of Chic Fedora and girly round hat to 
knit hat with ribbon, cap with bonbon, 
also eye-catching original sense of design^^

Then, what is recommended stylish item for this summer by staffs? 
A knit hat with black lace veil!
A good item with the sparkling sense of CA4LA.
You know what?
CA4LA has a lot of fans of celebrities. 

ROSE BUD is a brand, proposes the adult casual style.
Along with the original design,
it is a select shop that stocks a wide variety of imported items.

▲ Rich color, a variety of fabric material is characterized
Original item, colors and fine materials that makes you to feel the unique atmosphere.

▲ Wanted Item!! Clutch bag!
Fashionable! Convenient! Popular clutch bag!
You can't miss it this summer!^^
 Cute motif decoration^^

▲ Stylish sense of imported denim 
 [J BRAND], which is loved by celebrities overseas, 
you can feel the clean and well-fitted of its denim collection.

▲ Trend of this up-coming summer!
Combination of long shirt and denim.
And Gaucho pants are the must-item this summer.
Feel the summer with a thin long check shirt or coat.

▲ check shirt + clutch
A nice match!!
Check shirt  wrapping the waist
Of course, don't forget to select the color of clutch^^

▲ ROSE BUD Summer Coordination ①
Colors and patterns, natural materials
A refreshing summer style ^^

Blouse 7,900 yen + TAX
Skirt 7,900 yen + TAX
Clutch 4,900 yen + TAX
Wedge heel 16,500 yen + TAX

▲ ROSE BUD Summer Coordination ②
Clear white one tone with a check shirt!
Match with a pair of silver clutch and shoes ^^

Sleeveless knit 5,900 yen + TAX
White denim pants 29,000 yen + TAX
Check shirt 15,800 yen + TAX
Clutch 11,000 yen + TAX
Wedge heel 15,800 yen + TAX


From naming,
you know it is a ROCK sexy brand.
The illustration on the shirts and denim are very attractive.
This brand has a lot of its own fans.

▲ Fusion of ROCK culture and fashion

Punk, hippie, grunge, etc.
Incorporating specific elements of ROCK!
Wildly sexy style
Cool items, huh!

▲ Damaged denim pants! So cool!

Generously express the style of HYSTERIC GLAMOUR
Excellent quality of denim pants

Vintage and ROCK!!

▲ T-shirt of cute and sexy bear

What a cute illustration of bear!
A sexy change for HYSTERIC GLAMOUR style!
  Want the whole set of denim pants! ~

▲ Wanna imitate!!! ROCK Coordination!
A combination of simple T-shirt + denim pants
And detailed decoration of ROCK style

T-shirt 10,800 yen + TAX
Denim pants ¥ 49.800 + TAX
Slip 18,800 yen + TAX

▲ Vintage processing, seems like have worn for 20 years!
Realistic detail!

▲ Summer Hippie style Coordination
Full of summer feel
A cool aloha shirt style!
Look!!! Detailed decoration!

Aloha shirt 18,800 yen + TAX
Denim pants  26.000 + TAX
Pumps 20,000 yen + TAX

▲ Chic prints and ROCK tasted stud!

▲ Sexy and cute comic prints!

▲ Slightly sexy
That is the secret of popularity of HYSTERIC GLAMOUR
Can you feel the harmony of the rock and fashion.
Even by just looking at it,
you would feel its charm and attraction.

Oh! My god!!!
We are totally fascinated!!
Gotta be recovered!!!
Let's go to restaurant on the 7F!

▲ Komeraku (7F)

Let's try original taste at first.
Next is Ochazuke (with tea)
Two ways of enjoyment!
Specialty store of "Ohitsu".

▲  Mischievous of Hitsumabushi "Ohitsu"
Originally "Hitsumabushi" is the regional specialties in Nagoya.
When eating eel bowl, people always eat with Ochazuke!
But in "Ohitsu,"
you might find variety of colorful eel dishes!
Bowl rice with toppings
 Hitsumabushi style
Chic and unique^^

▲ Colorful topping
Eels, of course, there are salmon roe, and salmon flakes,
beef and avocado etc.
Tasty and colorful cute bowl
Let's enjoy it reasonably at about 1,000 yen to 1,500 yen.

▲ Good in appearance, taste, and  good for health!

Fresh toppings and colorful
 "Germination brown rice"!
Love it!!!

▲ Beginning of taste
First, enjoy it a delicious bowl with sauce... 

▲ Second taste
After eating half of the bowl,
enjoy it with Bonito flavor sauce for the other half!
Also, enjoy in Ochazuke style ^^

▲ A meal like a picture ~ ^^

Containers and topping are cute!
How interesting of the way of eating ochazuke!!!
Let's upload on Instagram!

Ohitsu Cuisine!!!
How delicious!!

Let's go check the fashion again!

▲ dazzlin(B1)

The etymology of "Being glitter gorgeously", fulfilling the dream of women kept shiny!
A popular brand of mix style of girly items and trend style.

▲  "TAX FREE," happy to hear!

Can you see the notation of "TAX FREE," beside the coordination?

There are shops available for tax free in LUMINE EST!!
How glad!

▲ Hidden protagonist for summer fashion
An important summer fashion items!

Wanna change your style?
Get started!

▲ print item for summer

Trend for this summer is large floral
Floral patterns on the light materials
How cool!

▲ Representative of summer shoes"wedge heel"

Speaking of summer, it is wedge.
A sense of stability
Convenient shoes to match with any styles!
Let's enjoy a trendy summer ^^
Wedge heel sandals (left) 6,900 yen (right) 9,500 yen + TAX

▲ A fresh style!

Refreshing denim dress.
Simple coordination 
That is summer Fashion!
Denim dress 6,900 yen + TAX

▲ knit + skirt
Pastel tones
with a slightly adult style.
Cute print skirt?
Non-sleeve knit 3,900 yen + TAX
Flared skirt 7,900 yen + TAX

▲ Basic white coordination
A pure white dress 
Well-matched with bright color hat.

One Piece 8,900 yen + TAX
Hat 4,500 yen + TAX

Summer shopping in Tokyo!!!
Don't miss the trendy items!!!
Two ways of enjoyment of healthy Japanese cuisine.
TAX FREE service of travelers!!!

Come to Shinjuku for the above 3 enjoyment!
Directly connected to JR Shinjuku Station East exit
How convenient!

<LUMINE EST Shinjuku>

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