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# Travel ♪ A couple wearing swimsuit enjoying a Hot Springs Trip at Hotel Sunvalley Nasu ~

# Travel ♪ A couple wearing swimsuit enjoying a Hot Springs Trip at Hotel Sunvalley Nasu ~

Just one hour away from Tokyo!
Our stay at the cottage called "Owls Forest"  at Hotel Sunvalley Nasu.

To recharge and find refreshment, 
we have visited Nasu again enjoying a hot spring trip in May.

Our destination was just an hour from Ueno, Tokyo by Shinkansen.
There we are - Nasu. 
No doubt we are able to enjoy the beauty of nature fully in any seasons. 
Here is definitely a "Soul City & Healing Spot" of JAPANKURU.

Our first Healing Spot is a large hot spring resort [Hotel Sunvalley Nasu]
In the shade of nature, there are a total of nine unique hotels for accommodation, hot springs, and restaurants, etc.
This time, we stayed at the cottages of "Owls Forest."

Although it is just a small room (house) ,  it makes you feel like camping.
If you are having a trip with family and your partner, 
we definitely would like to recommend you this 
Nasu of Nasu.

Hotel Sunvalley Nasu

▲ From Tokyo Station or Ueno Station by Shinkansen, just 1 hour!

Then, getting off at JR Nasu Shiobara Station

Travel by train from Tokyo, of course, the most important one is 

▲ What is JR Kanto Area Pass?
It is a discounted pass for unlimited rides (reserved seats) including JR Line in Tokyo and the surrounding Kanto area valid for three days. 
Just 8,300 yen (4,200 yen for children)
Therefore, let's take Shinkansen to Nasu then!

Ueno → Nasu   one-way ¥ 5180 (Unreserved seats)
Two-way would be over 10,000yen 
That is why most people would strongly recommend JR Kanto Regional Pass!

▲ Cottage (Owls Forest)

The sixth place for accommodation in Sunvalley Resort
How cute!!! It is a small house available for 2-3 people. 
We found a lot of owl statues, which represents good luck, everywhere within this area.
Like the name of the area, 
are we in the "deep forest"?

1 night including 2 meals (morning and evening) : About 12, 000-15, 000 yen per person (2 persons / room)

▲ Check in

Check-in for [Owls Forest] is to be held at a build called 
[Oriental Garden]

Since there is no wired phone there,
staff at the reception desk would give you a "Mobile phone" for easy contact.
Feel like we are getting into a secret base lol
Ain't we the "Secret officials" using the wireless walkie-talkie to contact ? lol

▲ Entrance of Owls Forest

We have wondered... why it is owls forest?
Therefore, we have asked the staffs of Sunvalley Resort.
And they said, there is nothing really special.
But we heard that the master of Sunvalley Resort likes collect all sorts of art and objects. 
This resort also operates Art museum as well.
On the other hands, 
it is said that the master here likes owls so much; 
therefore, it is named owls.

owls in Japan means luck!
So naming it with the words of "owls" would have nothing bad then!

In short, Japan is able to bring good luck owl animal ... because it is the nerve that is it! ~ Haha

▲ Space belongs to us^^

It is so cute, like the home of Smurfs we saw during own childhood. (Oh! don't count our ages lol)
An elegant and comfortable atmosphere
Japanese-style bathrobe (yukata) and towels are ready for us
※Don't forget to bring towels with you when you go to hot springs!

Where is the hot spring?
It is located at the building of where we did the check-in 
Sulfur springs (white / super hot spring atmosphere) at ORIENTAL GARDEN or 
a big bath at the main building (You can take the free shuttle bus),
there are a variety of all kinds of open-air hot spring.
In AQUA VENUS, you are even wear a swimsuit to enjoy and have fun!

WATER PARK Open Hours: 10:00 ~ 21:00
Hot Spring Open Hours: 
Accommodation Guests  5:00 to 9: 30/10: 00 ~ 25: 00 
General Guests: 10:00 - 23:00
Fee: Free for accommodation guest 
General Guests on weekdays:  Adults 1000 yen/ Children 500 yen
                              Weekends / holidays: Adults 1500 yen/ Children 800 yen
 * Let's see the detail below. 

▲ Enjoy the atmosphere of elegance at this small house

Once you open the window, you can see the beautiful of  forest landscape
Let's open the curtains quietly enjoying this private space

A space belongs to us
What a romantic evening!
Of course, you can buy drinks and snacks at the store of 
ORIENTAL GARDEN during check-in!

▲ Comfortable space

Although it is just a small house, it has all kinds of equipment here!
 No worry!
Heater, air-conditioner, humidifier, and air cleaners!
Or just open the window to breathe fresh air deeply from the forest!

▲ Spacious bathroom

Bath Vanity, heated toilet 
This is no problem even for an entire family in this spacious and comfortable space.
Let's take a shower together with your kids!

Oh!! It is time for meal!
Can you hear???
Not the sound of owls 
but from our dummy.... lol
Let's go to eat something!

▲ Famous pizza in Sunvalley Nasu 

Today's lunch here in "Forest Villa: Forest's Table"
Wow!!! It is composed of 30 kinds of food here!!!

Among many dishes, we were totally attracted by this fancy pizza!
Just like the Italian high quality of baked pizza!

<Lunch buffet at Forest Villa: Forest 's Table>
Open Hours: 11:00 ~ 15:00 (Last order 14:30)
Fees (1 person) Weekday Adult 2,000 yen / Child 1,150 yen
     Weekend / holiday Adult ¥ 2,300 / Children ¥ 1,250

▲ Why the bread in Nasu is delicious?
It is the dough of pizza. 
Let's take a look at the dough put into the oven.
This baked Italian pizza looks so delicious! 

Why it is delicious?
Because the water is delicious!
Excellent quality of water and dough surely make a delicious thing!
Don't you thinking so?

▲ Delicious pizza is baked ~~ Bon Appetit!

A pizza made by excellent quality of water and dough!
Since it is a buffet,
we can have whatever we want!


Although there are a lot of delicious thing, we can't control ourselves of not getting pizza.
To all pizza-lover,
there are more than 4-5 kinds of pizza and pasta you can choose!

After eating delicious buffet, (eating a lot of pizza),
let's go to fulfill our satisfaction of the sense of arts!

▲ Sunvalley Art Museum
Sunvalley Art Museum is right located in the Sunvalley Resort.
You can see a variety of art from world-class artists here.
It is a Museum opened in 2014 Fall.

The gallery has most of the artworks from the Japanese national treasure pottery master Tatsuzo Shimaoka!
Also, there are pottery works from many Asian countries.
Of course, you can experience some of the pottery workshops. 

Open Hours: 9:00 ~ 17:00
Admission fee : (General) Adult 700 yen / Junior high~ university student 500 yen / Others Free
(Accommodation Guests) Adult 500 yen / Junior high~ university student 300 yen / Others Free
* MUSEUM SHOP is free of charge.

▲ Museum Shop
In this store of the museum,
you can buy a variety of famous works and pottery as souvenirs, etc. ~

▲ Pottery Experience Workshop

In the Art Museum, you can participate workshop of making pottery.
You can make your hands-on pottery here!
Our teacher of today is very charming!!!

Today our teachers are either aged appearance exudes endless charm
Expert of pottery Mr. Mizuguchi Takeshi 

Wow!! How professional!!!
Learn shaping, and painting!
Pottery is really a profound art!

▲ Our first experience of pottery experience is very fun ~

What a nice experience of pottery making!
One to one lecture!!
We were gradually fell into the deepness of ceramics! lol

▲ Precious "HEALING" experience

According to the experience of our teacher, pottery have been used as the treatment for kids psychotherapy
By just get in touch with clay! 
A magic!!!
Let's come to experience it in Nasu!

Open Hours: 10:00 - 16:00
Experience Fee: Glaze 1000 yen / Clay craft ¥ 2,500 / Hand throwing (jiggering) ¥ 3,000
Length of time: 30 to 60 minutes
(Completed works is available to delivery in about a month, extra postage fee)
Reservations are required. Same day is fine!

Under the guidance,
we have put our artistic soul into the works ...

▲ Virgo

Bowls and cup for wine

This is not yet glazed!
Can you feel our talent! lol

We can have our hand-made pottery deliver within 3 weeks to a month!
Sending abroad is being considered as well!!
(Please ask)

After waiting for three weeks. . . 

▲ There we are ~! !

They arrived!!
Oh my god!! 
It looks perfect!!!
Better than our teacher??? hahaha

Let us name our work!!!
Rice bowl and beer cup??!! (Simple lol)

The essence of making pottery is that people experiencing and thinking a lot at the same time!
After healing the soul,
let's go and get rest of your body!!
Moving to Sunvalley Hot Spring!!


The yellow building above is the main building. 
AQUA VENUS is located at the bottom.

Here you can experience wearing swimsuit enjoying hot spring!
Going back and forth between WATER PARK and hot springs! Cool!

WATER PARK Open Hours: 10:00 ~ 21:00
Hot Spring Open Hours: (Accommodation guests) 5:00 to 9: 30/10: 00 ~ 25: 00
General Guests: 10:00 - 23:00
Fee: accommodation guest is free of charge

General Guests on weekdays Adults 1000 yen /Children 500 yen
Weekends / holidays  Adults 1500 yen/ Children 800 yen

Swim and enjoying hot springs

moving back and forth lol

▲ They looks comfortable!

There are 22 hot springs in WATER PARK!
Wanna experience sulfur / magnesium / base three kinds of hot spring?
Come on!

What a nice destination for family and lovers!

Can you see the open-air hot spring on the above?
It is a COED hot spring! Of course with swimsuit!

▲ Hot spring Soda?!

It is the taste of honey!!
How refreshing to have carbonated drinks after hot spring.
Although it is still early,
we are ready for dinner!
We still have plans after dinner lol

▲ A luxury dinner with fresh green background 

Border-less of lush green trees
Forest villa Forest's Table 
It is like a dream of elegant and luxurious DINNER COURSE

Price: 6000 yen / 8,000 yen / 10,000 yen
Main dishes: Appetizer / fish / steak / Dessert / Bread & Coffee

▲ Wine & Champagne & bathrobe (Yukata)?

Wearing a Japanese-style bathrobe, enjoying champagne and red wine
How enjoyable!
This sense of imbalance and the integration of luxury ... isn't it interesting?

Let us take a look at today's MENU!

▲ amuse

Cream cheese and shrimp jelly
how artistic to see that piece of rose on the top

▲ today's soup

A charming pink soup
The secret of the color came from a kind of vegetable!

▲ Appetizer
A salad exudes a slight aroma of roses with an unique sauce.

▲ Fish dishes

A white fish topped with basil leaves and add a colorful sweet pepper sauce ~

▲ Main course

STEAK beef Tenderloin

▲ Any magic on this meat?

This steak is simply delicious,
There is no words to explain!
It melts once put into the mouth.

▲ Dessert

Passion fruit and mango mousse sauce
with strawberry of Tochigi

▲ How happy ~

Hot spring travel in Sunvalley Nasu!
Ain't we looking very happy?
We are surely very HAPPY ♡

Don't you remember we have plans after dinner!
Let's go!

▲ Night Safari !!!

Starry night sky and giraffe are greeting to us!! (?)
Let's have a special night experience with animals!

Twice a day (18: 45/20: 30) daily shuttle bus from the hotel just 10 minutes
You will then be able to experience this exciting Nasu Night Safari!

<Nasu Sunvalley Night Safari>
Admission Fee: Adults ¥ 1,800 / Children ¥ 1,200
Duration: about 90 minutes (including round-trip)
* You can apply at the reception of hotel

Nasu Safari Park Home

▲ In front of us

Here is totally different from the ordinary zoo!
Alpaca camel zebra donkey ...
Encountering them at night
And we are surprise to see white tiger!!!!

Feed animals, take pictures
Enjoy a night at the animal farm
It is time to take break!!


ORIENTAL GARDEN is located in the area of sulfur hot springs
to get rid of fatigue
Let's enjoy a delicious glass!

Hours: 16:00 - 23:00 (Last order 22:30)

▲ Let's enjoy cocktail!

Today our choices are "Utsunomiya Cocktail."
A place right next to Nasu.
The bar here is very popular!

Not only beautiful colors and taste in different cocktails 
Look at our choice!
Plum + orange + ginger  → sky ginger

Utsunomiya cocktails

Holding a delicious cocktail while chatting
It is midnight in Nasu...

Hot spring is available until 1:00am
Let's us get our towel and go to the sulfur springs at ORIENTAL GARDEN.
Wow!! No one is using!!!! It was like our private hot spring!!!

What do you think?
Hotel Sunvalley Nasu has a lot of facilities
to experience and enjoy!

Wanna have a trip with family or lovers??
Hotel Sunvalley Nasu is your choice!

Come to experience the hot springs trip with swimsuit then!!

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