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# Beauty ♪ Gathering all the magical tools for beauty! SHO-BI, must-item of Japanese fashion /Cosmetics

# Beauty ♪ Gathering all the magic tools for beauty! SHO-BI, must-item of Japanese fashion /Cosmetics

Everyone likes beauty! 
Everyone puts a lot of effort on it!
Sometimes, appreciating the power of science (?) and sometimes relying on the development of medical science (??)
Let's have a dramatic changing!!!

On the other hands, 
by just using various cosmetics and techniques,
some "magic tools" might make you more beautiful like a difference person.
Especially in Japan, 
there are a lot of small items.
Mainly related to eye make up items, such as focus on parts like pupils and eyelids.
Most of them are high quality and convenient to carry; 
therefore, those are products popular among ladies. 

Today, we would like to introduce you an extremely popular item!
A must-have item of a well-known beauty brand
items of SHO-BI 

▲ Wanna buy some necessities of Beauty,
go to Yurakucho in Tokyo !!!

One of the Japan's three big grocery store 
Most of you might be familiar with its yellow logo board, huh!
Today, JAPANKURU is going to bring you to LOFT in Yurakucho.
Let's go to find some GOOD ITEMS of SHO-BI!

Address:  1F, Yurakucho INFOS, 3-8-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
(1-min from JR/ Tokyo METRO Yurakucho Station)

OPEN HOUR: 10:30-21:30  (Sunday and holiday: closed at 21:00)
Official Site (Japanese)

▲  Representative beauty items of SHO-BI

Saying the best item of SHO-BI,
eyes make up that relies on technology to achieve maximum effect.
Okay!  Let's check a variety of "representative players" of SHO-BI displayed at LOFT yurakucho.

▲ Must-have beauty Item to fulfill our curiosity

Every product is awesome.
Oh! My gosh!!!
Wanna all these awesome of eye make up products.

▲ Staff's recommendation~

"Oh! This is great!~ Very worth to use!"
Regardless of race, languages, countries,
ladies know each other the best.
All staffs there highly recommend!!

▲ Must-have beauty items 

In order to create the perfect eye makeup, Let's get ready with the SHO-BI's perfect solution!
Okay!!! Our magic time starts!

There are 3 kinds of magic of SHO-BI eye make up!
Let's check it out!!

▲ MAGIC 01  Neat eyelid MAGIC!

Having it, no need to do the eyelid surgery.
Single fold, single and double, or swollen eyes
It is a product for all kind of problems.
Having it, you can expect a pair of beautiful double-folded eyelids.
Using this kind of eyelid TAPE,
a natural eyelid line can be easily made.  

Magical eyelid ITEM①

Fine eyelids TAPE
¥ 2,200 + TAX

With only 0.8mm of ultra-fine-sided transparent TAPE
Wow!! What a sharp eyelid ~

▲ Simple usage!

First, let's use the stick to fix the double eyelid lines
Press and hold tightly from the middle part of the eye
Get it fixed to the best position of the eyes
Then, adjust the both sides of the line.
That is it!
 How simple!

Magical eyelid ITEM②

Another magical product of eyelid! Eyelid liquid !


¥ 950 + TAX

The double-fold solution has a very unique place
That included liquid ingredients for beauty!
Many people were worried using much will have side effect to the real eyelids.
With 12 cosmetic ingredients in the liquid,
it nourishes and protects the your eyelids.

▲ Line is life!

How to fix the lines of the eyelid is the main key!
The head design of the eyelid fluid is very thin, 
it helps  to draw a clear and beautiful line!
Save time and be more beautiful!
What a good idea!

▲ Nothing bad to drop tears ~

Even tear or sweat? No problem!
It has a strong sustainability and adhesion.
No worry even you sweat or cry a lot!

Oh! ~~
Perfect double eyelids!! 
Next is the eyes make up!

MAGIC 02  Surprising Eyelashes ITEM!

First step of eyes makeup!
Make your eyelashes neatly!
A mascara brush to separate evenly and apparently!

▲  Farewell to think eyelashes magical ITEM!

Mascara brush to create your neat eyelashes
¥ 800 + TAX

Use a fine detailed metal comb 
Quick and easy! A mascara to say goodbye to your thick eyelashes ~ 

▲ As a comb, comb neatly ~

Recently, there are many types of mascara comb.
Before and after are totally different!

Next step is...

▲ To make curly eyelashes ~

Anyone who feels distressed about the tidiness of your eyelashes?
Let's use an eyelash curler! 
Only mascara cannot solve the problem.

▲ Eyelash magical ITEM!

Very gentle eyelash curler
1200 yen + TAX

What a gentle item (from the name lol)
In general, 
put on mascara from the roots of eyelashes.
Then, use the eyelash curler. 
But sometimes the curler is not in a fit angle.
No worry!!
This "Very gentle eyelash curler" is really gentle enough 
to solve your problem.

▲ Three-layer strength!

The part of the clip have three-layer
So even short eyelashes can be held!

Curl lashes!
Artificial eyelashes! !

▲ Artificial eyelashes magical ITEM!

No worry!!!
By the way, eyelashes is the most important part of this eye make up!
Wanna be a natural beauty? 
No hesitation!
Get some artificial eyelashes!

▲DECORATIVE EYELASH ( 9 types in total)

1,200 yen +TAX

▲ The most natural choice

Recently, the standard of beauty is long and thick eyelashes
Of course, there is popular technical growth of eyelash, 
but the artificial eyelashes is more natural.

If you are afraid of unnatural thickness of eyelashes,
get a more natural set then!
Or you can cut it into a less volume one!
Just use the part you need!
Natural beauty!!

▲ Eye make up is done! Like a doll with watery eye!

Wow!!! It is totally different to have double-folded eyelids and eyelashes effect!
A transparent base
Powerful eye make up
Trend of this year!!
Can't miss the charm of eye make up!

▲ A charming make up!
A romantic dating!

▲ Let's go hot springs trip!

Enjoy hot springs together!!
With these waterproof function
Never worry about the disruption of your makeup  ~

▲ Romantic dinner

Good scenery and delicious food
Spend a romantic time with you!

▲ A sweet shot

At the lovers' holy land,
let's take a picture with owls.

Actually, SHO-BI has a hidden magic.

MAGIC 03  You are in my eyes!! Cartoon lens with natural beauty 

What a pair of gorgeous lenses!
Beautiful and a wide variety of cartoon lenses

The name is combination of two words: CHARACTER + CONTACT 

Wearing MY MELODY lenses
Let's have a sight battle with little rabbits!


 1, 800 yen + TAX each
 (10 pieces)

HELLO KITTY, MY MELODY, Little twin stars etc.

Various patterns cartoon or illustration of lens
Daily disposable lens
Safe and beautiful!!

▲ Natural beautiful eyes

Wanna have a pair of mature style of eyes~?
PienAge 1,600 yen + TAX each

Although it is the natural style, it gives you an impressive eyes~
3 types of brown colors
Nature and easy to match different style of makeup


Kitty's lenses and cute kitten's shot!

▲ Shiny Little twin stars

Okay!! A shot of lovely brother and sister
Little twin stars!

▲ Let's take a look closely.

Just the size of a nail!
How detailed!!!
Thumb up!!!

▲ How cute! !

Even from a distance, you can still see a pair of charming eyes!

Have you heard that
the first impression to a person is to be determined in only six seconds?

Among these 6 seconds, a pair of eyes have become an importance role!
From eyelid to charming smart eyes!
Neat eyeliners!
A good impression of every modern women pursuits.

SHO-BI prepares a variety of magical eye makeup items for all ladies.
MUST ITEM to increase confidence
People who travel to Japan won't be missed!!!
Where to buy?
 Grocery and drug store around Japan.

SHO-BI website (Japanese)

SHO-BI Online Store (Japanese)

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