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# Japan Camping ♪ Outdoor Experience around Mt. Fuji Five Lake side with Nissan RENT-A-CAR

 # Japan Camping ♪ Outdoor Experience around Mt. Fuji Five Lake side with Nissan RENT-A-CAR 

RENT-A-CAR camping in Japan
Mt. Fuji / Bonfire / Rent-A-Car
Let's rent a car have go camping in Japan, great country of outdoors  

Why rent a car and go camping in Japan?
Reason 1: 
Japan is an ideal place for car travel
Car-driving culture is civilized, common and convenient in Japan.
From lighter cars to large SUV, HYBRID and various models are available to borrow.

Reason 2:
The latest popular SUV
Skiing, skateboarding, rafting, mountain biking (MTB), camping, etc.
Outdoor activities for fun life
On weekends or holidays, even if you have no plans at all.
Active people are most likely to rent a NISSAN SUV to go for a short trip then!
This time we are lucky enough to rent the latest NISSAN car!!

Reason 3:
Mount Fuji is calling us!!!  Yes!!! We are coming!
Mt. Fuji is officially open on July 1 this year!
On this day, the symbol of Japan's Mount Fuji is open to climbers!
It is the period that climbers from all over the world waiting for every year.
We feel like Mt. Fuji is calling us!!!!
Let us to be get ready then!!! lol

By the way,
how's camping in Japan?
Let follow JAPANKURU, we would like to bring you to the camping trip this time!!!

▶ Departure: Narita Airport
▶ Destination: In order to see the beautiful Mount Fuji, we have chosen a campground where it is located near the sophisticated lakeside 
(You can glance at the majestic Mount Fuji and the most elegant lakeside views among five lakes)
▶ Transport: rental car (Nissan RENT-A-CAR  at Narita Airport Terminal 2 Branch)
▶ Directions: Rent a car from Narita airport>>> camping sites >>> Return the car at Shinjuku, Tokyo

A rent-a-car travel from Narita Airport
Let's go!!!
We are coming five lakes and Mt. Fuji.

▲ Driving in Japan

Japan is right-hand traffic.
So some friends are worried about driving?
No worry at all!

Once you have several essential points on your mind,  (basically just 3-minute is enough to get used to it~), it is then easy driving.
Safety traffic and civilized driving culture. 

Why not everyone start a rental car driving in Japan?

▲ The route of traveling this time by car

<Schedule of Mt. Fuji camping travel with rental car>

★ Rent a car after arrival in Japan's Narita Airport 
① Best view of Mount Fuji -  Fuji Sengen Shrine
② Famous dish of Yamanashi - Hoto (Stewing flat udon noodles and vegetables in miso soup)
③ Smallest lake among Fuji Five Lakes - Lake Shoji Camp
Take a rest! Enjoy hot springs under Mount Fuji
④ Move from Yamanashi to Shizuoka > Green tea field DRIVE
⑤ Japan's largest scale outlet mall - "Gotemba premium outlet" shopping
★ return to Tokyo Shinjuku> return the car (off-site*)

Estimated cost of travel with rental car 
One day Two nights car-rental --- 25 900 yen
1 time Refuel --- about 3, 000 yen
Highway tolls fee --- about 1, 0000 yen

Quite reasonable to split the expenditure with friends together!

For more info, please refer to ... (in English)

* Return off-site ?
Specifically, our trip starts from from Narita Airport and we will return the car in Shinjuku.
In general, return a car at a place different to the borrowed place, will cost additional fee and also you can't borrow the ETC card as well (automatically pay toll).
Therefore, it is recommended to plan your trip ahead.

※ Cost of return off-site  (calculate from the point of departure)
Within 30km: free
50km: 3, 240 yen
100km: 6, 480 yen

▲ Japan's highest peak Mount Fuji (3,776 m / Yamanashi / Shizuoka )

Overlooking Mount Fuji from the sky before landing; 
rent-a-car right away after landing Narita Airport.
We really can't wait to see it!!
Also, green tea field and Gotenba Premium Outlet Mall; 
last, going back to Shinjuku!!!
What a fun real outdoor driving tour!

What do you think about our rental car travel from Narita Airport?
We are pretty satisfied with it!

Okay! Let's see how we rent a car at Narita Airport!

Nissan RENT-A-CAR Narita Airport Terminal 2 

Nissan RENT-A-CAR counter is located at the right-hand side of Narita Airport Terminal 2.
Just present your air- ticket recipe, passport and international driver's license; 
then, fill out some documents. 
That's it!
(Basically, regarding to international airport, it is varied in different countries.)

You can directly rent a car from the official site!

Nissan RENT A CAR (English)

Reservation is required?
Basically, both reserved customers and customers just drop by directly on the day are acceptable.
On weekdays, it has no problem even you don't make reservation. 
But of course, reservation is highly recommended. 
Enjoy the experience driving oversea with a high-quality Japan's car.

Actually, how many foreign visitors have rented a car here?
According to the staff who serves us, 
there are a lot of visitors from Hong Kong. 
 How about people from America and European countries? 
They are most likely to borrow a week to a month and travel around Japan. 
And it is amazing that accident rate is less among foreign visitors. 
So as long as following the laws and regulations, and pay attention to the traffic signals, 
there is no problem~

▲ Japan Expressway card! ETC card

With this card, you can use ETC automatic toll collection system.
Of course you have to rent the card together with the car!

Fees: Just ¥ 315 when you rent the car together.

With this card, toll fee will be automatically deducted at the toll gate when you pass by. 
Then, you can just bill it when you return the car!
How convenient!
However, if you plan to return off-site, you can not rent this car.

Everything is ready,
let us go and meet the "important" role in this trip!


When this car came to the market,
its calm appearance and "TOUGH GEAR" TV advertisement
give a lot of people excitement!

Nissan's representative SUV X-TRAIL
is different from the first generation of model.
The appearance of this new generation is brand new and handsome. lol

Recently in Japan, there is an advertisement
having scene of driving through the nature; by the way, 
it is just a pizza delivery commercial. 

Although it is in Japanese, by just looking at it, you would know it. 
By the way, we are just interested in vehicle though. 

Commercial of Pizza delivery X-TRAIL 
Official site (Japanese)

X-TRAIL (English)

From its appearance, 
this X-TRAIL SUV is more likely for outdoor activities.
So it is a good choice for the ones who like surfing, family skiing and camping!!!

▲ Designed for outdoor activities ①

X-TRAIL's seat is waterproof / anti-sweat.
Whether it is dirty water, or seawater, or melting water of snow,
Easy rub it!

▲ Designed for outdoor activities ②

The rear seats at the back can be flattened completely 
Very spacious and comfortable for seat 
Indeed is Nissan
Perfect design!

▲ Spacious trunk space 

Adequate storage space.
Totally no problem for one night two days camping.

▲ Without moving the rear seats, there is a spacious space for storage!

Spacious entrance, height and space for luggage of 3-4 people
For other models, 
the trunk space will be easily filled by just few golf club sets.
Indeed, a perfect SUV!

▲ Inserted ETC card

Different models will be slightly different about the slot positions.
But most are located beneath the driver's seat or the co-pilot storage box.
Just looking around and you will see the card slot lol

▲ Positioning the destination by "phone number"

Although map code is also very convenient,
 the most accurate way is to use "phone number."

So this time, we have already checked most of the numbers!!!
Start navigation!!! GO!

▲ Highway all the way!!!

How smooth!!!
Don't forget it is left-hand traffic! 
Follow the guidance of navigation, GO!!!

▲ Japan's toll gate for highway

ETC channels are purple; common channels are green. 
If you use ETC, you can pass by with the speed 20km/hour.
If you don't have the card, no worry!
Just use the entry of this channel and pay by cash!!!
No problem!

▲ Direct payment of tolls

If you have ETC card, you don't have to worry carrying a lot of changes. 
But it is a fresh experience of directly paying tolls like this.
Don't forget to say "Thanks" to the staff at the gate.
(Thanks in Japanese, A-ri-ga-to~)

▲ Another experience about Service Area of highway

It is fun to experience the Service Area in Japan.
Even there are travelers love to visit service areas throughout Japan.
A variety of specialties and various souvenirs are available.
Time flies!!!
(Don't forget the time!)

 ▲ Yamanashi's famous dish "Hoto"
(Stewing flat udon noodles and vegetables in miso soup)

How can we miss "Hoto" on the way to Mount Fuji in Yamanashi.
"Hoto" is like in-between of noodle and dumpling. 
JAPANKURU would like to recommend you this place!!

A huge creaking waterwheel in front
"Kosaku Lake Kawaguchi store"

Plenty space for parking
Nice place for lunch huh!!

<Kosaku Kawaguchiko store>

Funatsu 1638-1,  Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi
Tel: 0555-72-1181

▲ "Hoto" How is the taste ?

Heard that it is spread to Japan by the Chinese monks.
Since the generals of the Warring States(Sengoku) era, "Takeda Shingen" used it as the main food supply!!!
That is why this has become a famous dish in in the Koshu area of Yamanashi!

Stewed soup with pumpkin and various vegetables,
together with the chewy noodles
A whole bowl of hoto is done!

Recommended menu: pumpkin hoto  1,150 yen

Wow!!! What a big bowl!!!
Both noodle and soup are extremely delicious!!!

After getting full,
let's move on the enjoy the scenery of Mount Fuji!

▲  Heading towards the mountain

You know what there is an awesome spot to take a representative shot on the way to Mt. Fuji 
from Yamanashi.
So, how convenient to rent a car!
Okay!!!! We are coming!!! 
The best view point of Mt. Fuji!!!
Let's go! X-TRAIL!

▲ No inaccessible destination

What a convenient era nowadays!! 
Just follow and trust the navigation, 
it will bring us to go everywhere!!

Oh!!! No doubt we are immersed in the high-tech world unconsciously!

▲ Fuji Sengen Shrine

It was built in AD705. 
Together with the five-story pagoda 
It is known as the best and holy view of Mount. Fuji!!

Oh!!! However, 
we are not lucky enough today......

▲ A shot in nice weather at Fuji Sengen Shrine, Yamanashi
(Source:  YAHOO Japan Image)

When you visit in spring looking ahead from the five-story pagoda,
there are more than number of 300 cherry blossoms blooming in front of you!
Wow!! What a gorgeous view with a distant snow-capped Mount Fuji!
Amazing combination!

We gotta come back again!!

▲ Parking lot (?)

Parking lot in the Temple
No worry to be here by car. 
Come on!! All our JAPANKURU's buddies!!!
Come here for some fresh air and take some memorial shots!!!

<Fuji Sengen Shrine Information>
Address: 3353 Niikura, Fuji- Yoshida, Yamanashi 
Tel: 0555-23-2001

▲ Ready for camping ~! !
The happiest process of preparing camping is 
shopping at supermarket!

But this time, our main purpose is to enjoy the beauty of nature lol
So we just get the minimum to meet our survival.

<Our survival essentials>
Water and... liquor!
Charcoal and firewood for BBQ!
Vegetables and meat ... and instant noodles for emergency!
No hesitation!!!
And mosquito coils!

This time, we visited the Supermarket called "MAX VALU" near Kawagushiko.
Oh!! That is under AEON group!!

<MAX VALU Fuji-kawaguchiko store>
Tel: 0555-72-3770

Okay!!! Next!!!
Let's get closed to the Mount Fuji!!!
Camp site in front of Lake Shoji!

▲ Lake Shoji camp cottage

Although Lake Shoji is the smallest one among Five Lakes,
it has the most beautiful scenery!!
You can see Mount Fuji from the front!
Okay!!! Today, our camp site and cottage is here!!!

Just 800 yen per person to enjoy this fantastic scenery!!

<Lake Shoji camp cottage homepage (Japanese)>

For the tent, you can rent here too!!
You know Japan is a paradise for outdoor activities, 
you might wanna buy one here!!
Let's have a convenient and comfortable trip then...

Where to buy?
Of course, VICTORIA!!!
We have just introduced!!!
Click below to check!!

▲ A nice place for photography!

Because the Lake Shoji is narrow and we can see Mount Fuji from the front,
so it has attracted many photographers to come here to record this majestic Mountain.
In Japan, Mount Fuji reflected on the lake is called "Reverse Fuji"
This is a rare spectacle to see!!
Good luck!!!

▲ Fantastic Mountain

If it is good weather, you can see the view at midnight like the photo above.
Can't you imagine your eyes???
Mount Fuji, what a holy mountain!!!

▲ Priceless!

Experience can't be bought by money!
Set the fire, stay relaxed...
Temporarily stay away from real life.
Am I playing the guitar? or the guitar is playing us??? lol
Like getting into the state of the movie "Interstellar."

▲ Getting hungryyyyy

All became delicious after grilled with charcoal firewood!
Puchi Puchi (wood burning sound)
Wow!! It sounds as if there is a chef of nature.
Instant noodles always became dish in restaurant of 3-star Michelin.

Oh!!! We have no enough food!!!!

No worry!!!
BBQ Fried noodles

Glad that we put the noodles pack into the shopping basket!!!!

Got it!!!
Noodles is a must-item during camping!!! lol

▲ Bright and shiny sky!

Why go camping?
Countless stars in the sky!!!

▲ campfire, cricket, as well as guitar

Little voice is very clear in the silence of night!
Campfire gives us the beat.
Crickets share the harmony.
Our guitar is the commanding role of the band!
Keep singing ...

▲ A dazzling morning

Welcome another morning of our rent-a-car travel!!
What a nice weather!!
Let's move on to the next destination!

▲ Leaving Mt. Fuji

Okay!!! Let's go to the Green tea field. 
Drop by a hot spring first!

▲ Fujiyama Hot Spring

On the way to Mt. Fuji,
we will go through a Fujiyama hot spring near Lake Kawaguchi and Fujikyu Highland.
After sleeping in the wild (?),
let's take a nice showers!!

Address: Nishihara 4-1524,  Fuji-Yoshida, Yamanashi City
Hours: Morning bath 8:30 ~ (Adult 620 yen / Child 310 yen)
Tel: 0555-22-1126

Okay!!! Let's move on to the green tea field after hot springs. 

▲ Shizuoka Green tea field.

Longing to see this green tea field !
Oh!!! Unfortunately, we can't see Mt. Fuji today!!!
Glad this scenery refreshing our sight and mind!

▲ What a good Feng Shui here!!!  (Nice geographical land)

Not only our secret base by the way.
A lot of people come to visit and take pictures.
Wow!! Here is the private parking lot for photography!!!

Unfortunately, what a pity! 
Not a nice weather today!

But let us get the power from Mt. Fuji!
We got some nice picture with our camera^^

A large green field purifies the our eyes...

Wow!! An artistic angle^^

Let's us take a green tea commercial lol

Okay!! Afterwards, 
we gotta fulfill our material desire^^
Let's go the largest scale shopping outlet.

▲ Gotemba Premium Outlet! !

We just tell you this is such a great place to visit it!
We will have chance to show you again in details!!!
This is really an awesome outlet!
After visiting Mt. Fuji, come and visit it at least twice!

On the way back to Tokyo ...
Feeling hungry??
Drop by a service area then!!

▲ Suruga Numazu SA (Service Area)

A completed new service area!
Its Japanese style is getting popular and focused recently!!!

Speaking of Numazu, you don't wanna miss the most famous seafood!!
Oh!! Don't you remember the Sushi store in Ginza we have introduced??

You don't wanna miss the seafood in service area then!!!

The best seafood bowl rice we ever had.
How delicious!
We have totally forget the quality of the video we took lol
Anyway, it is worth to have a try!

A convenient rental car travel

How short is the trip? One night, two days.
Glad that we have rent a car to complete your trip!!
Ride on the highway, climbing and winding mountain road
Of course to for our tent site!
It is a trip full of good memories!

More comfortable than expected!
Rental car travel brings us to another level of Japan travel!

You also wanna try huh!!
Enjoy the pleasure of driving!
Enjoy the Japan we don't know!
How cool!

if you rent a car,
we highly recommend X-TRAIL! lol

Nissan RENT A CAR (English)

 The route of traveling this time by car

<Schedule of Mt. Fuji camping travel with rental car>

★ Rent a car after arrival in Japan's Narita Airport 
① Best view of Mount Fuji -  Fuji Sengen Shrine
② Famous dish of Yamanashi - Hoto (Stewing flat udon noodles and vegetables in miso soup)
③ Smallest lake among Fuji Five Lakes - Lake Shoji Camp
Take a rest! Enjoy hot springs under Mount Fuji
④ Move from Yamanashi to Shizuoka > Green tea field DRIVE
⑤ Japan's largest scale outlet mall - "Gotemba premium outlet" shopping
★ return to Tokyo Shinjuku> return the car (off-site*)

Estimated cost of travel with rental car 
One day Two nights car-rental --- 25 900 yen
1 time Refuel --- about 3, 000 yen
Highway tolls fee --- about 1, 0000 yen

Quite reasonable to split the expenditure with friends together!


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