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# Cosmetics ♪ 4 Fantastic helpers of CANMAKE! Create your attractive EYE COLOR for the summer 2015

# Cosmetics ♪ 4 helps of CANMAKE! Create your attractive EYE COLOR for the summer 2015

2015 Summer
Focus on Japan Cosmetics - makeup EYE COLOR !!
4 ITEMS of CANMAKE for your summer beauty

Hey!! Everyone!!! What is your biggest trouble in the summer???
The answer is "Water."

Non-stopping sweat, swimming pool, and humid rainy season
All would apparently affect your eyes makeup.
Any solutions for it?

▲  CANMAKE helps you solve the problem this summer 2015 !
(On the above picture, GEL LINE ARTIST 3 colors are the main roles to help solving our problem!)
CANMAKE items are not only waterproof and anti- sweat,
but it is also colorful
to create a rich eyes makeup this summer!!

Do you remember the IGARI makeup we shown you before??

Make use of the IGARI makeup we introduced last time
to help us focus on COLORS of the summer beauty products!
Okay!! Let us show your the 4 helpers to create the perfect summer make up^^
<A.k.a : EYE Fantastic 4>

(From left, goes clockwise)

<EYE fantastic 1>Color Change Eyebrow 
(3 colors  500 yen+TAX)

<EYE fantastic 2>Quick Easy Eyeliner
(One color  500 yen+TAX)

<EYE fantastic 3>Gel Line Artist 
(3 colors 550 yen+TAX)

<EYE fantastic 4>GOKUBUTO Mascara
(One color 600 yen+TAX)

▲ Makeup starts from the marshmallow-liked skin!
Wanna highlight the eye makeup?
First, it is important to adjust the best skin tune!
At this moment, 
we use one of the representative items of CANMAKE

Marshmallow Finish Powder
(2 colors / 940 yen + TAX)

▲ silky soft skin is ready ♡

Silky smooth texture like marshmallow!
The powder makes use both large and small particles; therefore, it can prevent the condensed solid pieces.
Both a very good concealer and moisturizer to prevent dry skin!
An appropriate item in this summer!

Makeup base is done!
It is time for us to call out the 4 fantastic helpers for this summer!

<EYE fantastic 1> Color Change Eyebrow

(3 colors / 500 yen + TAX)

Canmake is responsible for your fantastic beauty of this summer~
First, it is the significant role for makeup of eyebrow in summer!
 Color Change Eyebrow!

Strong waterproof and anti-sweat effect
Produce awesome bleaching effect
Have one to create a good eyebrow makeup!

▲ A reassuring head!

Such brush head design allows every hair of eyebrow be colored naturally and evenly.
And this brush design would not affect the skin too. 

▲ To be colored naturally

Although not the fiber-like eyebrow brush,
it is a super stick to help put on color evenly and naturally.
It has a good waterproof effect; 
on the other hand,
as long as you watch with hot water, it will be cleaned up clearly!
So you wanna have one this summer huh!!
How convenient!

<EYE fantastic 2> Quick Easy Eyeliner
(One color / 500 yen + TAX)
You feel like you don't really wanna wear make up in the hot summer?

So this time, you need a makeup good for you to get your makeup done easily and quickly.
This eyeliner is called Quick Easy!

No doubt it can help solve the problem of many of you this summer

▲ Quick and easy! Easy eyeliner!

The tip of the pen is just 1.65 mm made of felt.
Thin and soft eyeliner is easy for girls to draw a natural eye line. 

If you are not used to draw eyeliners,
no worry, you will get used to it!
Awesome waterproof and can be easily removed by hot water
How convenient!

<EYE fantastic 3> Gel Line Artist
(3 colors / 550 yen + TAX)

Leader of the fantastic 4 helpers  
There are totally three colors.
Feel feel to choose your own preferences
Like its name "Artist"
The texture of the gel, duration of the color, and the strong waterproof function!
Wow!!! We need them this summer!

<3 colors>
01 Classic burgundy - very soft and easily matching Brown burgundy color. Shinny pearl color is added!
02 Casual blue - blue gives a dignified and calm impression to make your eyes look more clear.
03 Lady Red - The color of high popularity! If you wanna challenge IGARI makeup, why don't you try this color!

Even in our daily life,  we don't really think of the importance of colors.
Brown makeup tone is no doubt easily matched!!!

▲ Convenient texture & durable color of the eyeliner

Very moderate hardness and only 2mm diameter of the tip.
If you are not used to draw eyeliner to the whole eyes,
you can use it for ONE POINT makeup.
Just put on wherever you find suitable.
After applying it, the volatile oil will take place and form a thin surface on your skin
to achieve the waterproof effect!
Oh!! That is the secret of its long-lasting color. lol

▲ Give a finishing touch

After drawing the eye shadow and eyeliner,
you might wanna put some assent on the upper corner of your eyes.
Wow!!! Another fresh impression is made!
Of course, it is a fresh choice to use colors for eyeliner.
Find your most suitable color to create the art you belong to~

<EYE fantastic 4> GOKUBUTO Mascara

(One color / 600 yen + TAX)

Wanna to have a full and powerful eyelashes?
We highly recommend this GOKUBUTO!
GOKUBUTO is a Japanese expression, means extremely thick!
Applying layer and layer to create a thick and curly eyelashes!

Wanna the dense one, black color is your best choice!

▲ Fiber type mascara is not lasting curling? NO NO NO!

Thick mascara liquid tightly attached to the eyelashes
Who said fiber type mascara can not endure curling? 
Combine the use of eyelash curler, you can maintain the arc of your eyelashes.

▲ What is the secret of being firm? It is "wave brush"!

Covered with soft curved mascara brush waves,
such a design to make the head fitting to the shape of eyelashes,
mascara then evenly distributed on each eyelash ~

First, brush the eyelashes slightly from side to side, then from lash root to the tip.

▲ Even you did apply a lot, no worry of becoming a pair of panda eyes!

Take the advantages of the tip of the brush head 
gently press down to the eyelashes.

This mascara is not only waterproof and no worry of becoming a pair of panda eyes!
How convenient to wash it out with only hot water!

Therefore, having a powerful eyelash curler, a GOKUBUTO mascara,  
no doubt you will win the award of eyelash makeup this summer! Cool!

▲ Summer eyes makeup is done!

A little arrangement on the usual brown makeup to change the whole atmosphere of <Gel Line Artist>
Create a beautiful eyebrow color <Color Change Eyebrow>
Full sense of presence <GOKUBUTO>
Help you quickly draw a simply eyeliner  <Quick Easy eyeliner>

What do you think?
No trouble at all!
Mission is completed!
Thanks to 4 Fantastic Helpers ♡

▲ Color effect!

Have been worrying about the effect of blue eyeliners before using it!
What do you think??
Give you a brand new calm impression!

Cute girl in summer!!
Step out to the Hot Tokyo Street then!

▲ RAGTAG @ Cat Street

How wasteful if staying home after put on a beautiful makeup!
Come on! We have came to "Cat Street" in Harajuku.
There is a shop called RAGTAG
Full of all designer vintage products.

Good!! Got what we wanted!

▲ Come to drug store in Harajuku! Get a variety of cosmetics good for this summer!

Located in Harajuku's Takeshita dori street! 
Matsumoto Kiyoshi! You are familiar with it huh!!

Wow!! Full of CANMAKE items here!!
How popular!!

Although the natural IGARI makeup is still popular nowadays,
let's get more colorful in this fun summer!!
Make your summer more gorgeous with the rich color CANMAKE items!

Easy mix and match!

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