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# Travel ♪ Come to Epinard Nasu! Let's have a great breakfast awarded by Rakuten Selection during the Hot Spring Trip!!

# Travel ♪ Come to Epinard Nasu! Let's have a great breakfast awarded by Rakuten Selection during the Hot Spring Trip!!

Oh!!! This is the third articles about our Nasu Hot Spring Trip!
The largest scale of Nasu Kogen Resort!
Here we are at 
"Hotel Epinard Nasu"
Although we come almost every season,
Epinard Nasu has always being "upgraded" and given as big and small surprise!
In this season of new green,
see what is going to surprise us!!!
We are visiting again!

Hotel Epinard Nasu HP (English)

For reservation

Charming point of Hotel Epinard Nasu
No exaggeration!!!
1. Extremely beautiful natural landscape outside the window in guest room
2. Ultimate high-quality cuisine
3. diverse experience workshop

Charming Point 1 : Delightful scenery outside the window

You can enjoy such a large forest view in the room
Not much in Japan
Especially more fantastic in autumn,
everything is in red.
When it comes to winter, 
it becomes a silver world.

Photo: Capacity is up to 8 persons
 Hotel Epinard Nasu's [KIZUNA] CORNER ROOM

Charming Point 2 : Various mouth-watering delicious

Whether it is buffet, set meal or lunch
Whether it is Japanese, Western or Chinese cuisine
every dish here is delicious and definitely will surprise you!

PHOTO: New MENU "Strawberry French toast" allowing us to meet a beautiful morning in 2015
(It is said that it is always awarded in the "Rakuten breakfast FESTIVAL" every year!)

2013 Rakuten breakfast FESTIVAL (No.1 in the bread section)

Charming Point 3:  A rich variety of unexpected experience and workshop

Experience learning from traditional artisans and outdoor activities
That is the advantage of a large-scale of resort.
All kinds of experience!

PHOTO: Learn how to make Japanese buckwheat soba noodle with master

<Soba-making Experience Information (Reservation required)>
Experience hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week
Time: 11:30 ~ (about 2 hours)
Place: NASU Viking [herBage]
Fee: Adults 1,652 yen (tax included) / Children 831 yen (tax included)
※ including beverages

In numerous experience,
JAPANKURU picks some of them to experience and share with everyone!!~

▲ Experience of picking bamboo shoots!

April and May is the best season of bamboo shoots.
You can take bus from the hotel directly to the bamboo shoots field.
For more information,
please check!

Period: early April - mid-May
Place: josephine farm (about 30 minutes from hotel by bus)
Fee: Free (Reservation required)
* You can buy the bamboo shoots picked (200 yen for 100 g)

▲Famous shoots 

Juicy and watery famous bamboo shoots from Nasu

Synonym of honored vegetable 
bamboo shoots contain lutein, which is good for lowering blood pressure.
In addition, it is rich in amino acids, which is effective for hangover.

If you like drinking,
then better eat more bamboo shoots! lol

▲ picking bamboo shoots ~

Shoots grew very healthily.

With a sickle but it neatly from the roots
Oh!!! How exciting to feel and sense of accomplishment!
Come on friends!!! Keep picking!!!!

▲ self-sufficiency

The bamboo shoots picked are used in the cuisine of the hotel.
How fresh!

▲ Give it a thumb!!!  Awesome buffet!

Buffet is so delicious here in Epinard!
in what extent???
Better come with your friends coz you can't help of just eating alone here!!!
Let's talk about the taste with others!
Oh my god!!!
Vegetable is very fresh as well!!!
Of course all the dishes!!
Even if you are a meat-lover, 
you might have no complaints of  being a vegetarian at this moment!


After renewal in 2015,  MAIN TOWER on 13F is newly opened.
French restaurant [Meli Melanges]

From the large windows, feel like we are sitting at the corner of the wide-angle camera.
While enjoying the fabulous views, let's enjoy the best of French cuisine. 
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner 
All are new meals!!
Dinner time: 18: 00 ~ 22: 00 (Last order 21:00)

▲ Fantastic scenery

Before enjoying a delicious dinner,
just have a look at all the beautiful scenery 

▲ Okay!! Let's us introducing your the dinner for today!

Traditional French cuisine with fresh Nasu ingredients
Find the inspiration from nature, then reflects in a variety of creative dishes ~

Let's taste them!

Today's course is
'La Belle Soiree' (5, 000 yen)

▲ Amuse-bouche

Appetizer of a full set of dinner 
Have a great "Start" as the theme 
to open the screen of the French restaurant of Epinard

▲ Hors-d'oeuvre <Dazzling jungle with red flowing stream>

Using the trout called "yamaomasu" which is growing in the Nasu.
Coupled with fresh vegetables and a strong smell of red sauce!
Oh!!! Calling our appetite!

▲ Poisson <Fried fish surrounded by pink>

Place vegetable on the bottom of the pot
And then put in the oven topped with salted fish and keep it fried 
This method of cooking in French is called "poêler"

Together with the clam cream and white wine
Wow!! A dish to satisfy both in visual and taste!

▲ Viande <Enjoy burdock, spring vegetables>

Main dish is grilled beef! !

▲ Matching the sommelier's selection

Wanna taste the delicious wine together?
Leave it to sommelier then!

▲ The Chef

Creative, talented, and professional
That is Mr. Takuro Yoshida, the main chef of French restaurant in Nasu.

You can see if it is the professional level by just looking at it!
Thanks for giving us the enjoyment^^

▲ The highest of the featuring

Of course the meat used in main dishes are in excellent quality!
you also want to try another highest level of beef of Tochigi Kogen (+ 1, 300 yen)
Dish of Chef Takuro!!!
Believing he will turn all kind of meat into higher level!

▲ Cocktail/ wine bar after dinner 

'La Stella'
Cocktail bar next to the restaurant 

Instead of moving right straight to the bedroom after dinner,
come to have a glass then!
And you can also meet sommelier again!

▲ Original cocktails

A cup of passionate 'La Stella' is born!
Fruity green of 'Vent Vert'
Of course there are also a lot of other fabulous cocktail you may wish to try!

▲ [KIZUNA] Family Suite

Capacity of this room is up to 6 persons
Comfortable tatami twin room.
A big nature screen out of the window,
you can't help of not getting up earlier in the morning!

Charge: 10, 000 yen - 18,000 yen (One night, two meals / per person)
For reservation

▲ [KIZUNA] corner suite

Capacity is up to 8 persons.
A room to enjoy the extreme beauty!!!
(In Japan, it is comparatively a ultimate premium room)
the room is spacious
Isn't it like a park???

Charge: 15,000 to 20,000 yen (per person)
For reservation

Also, there are rooms for kids 

rooms to have your pet with you

Large-scale resort Epinard Nasu
A variety of distinctive rooms are prepared for you!

▲ Epinard's breakfast

Every time we come here for the famous rich buffet on the 1F
(Incredible fresh eggs for rice topping and french toast, etc.)

This time we are here for a new taste of breakfast course
Okay!!! Here we are on the 13F.

No disappointment here!!

▲ Soup full of sincere

It looks just a simple soup
but with 15 kinds of vegetables!
This is called bouillon de legumes.
Together with the "Nasu Hikari" rice ^^

▲ Let's eat more vegetables!

During traveling,
no doubt you would have chance eating all the great food like fish and meat!!!
A vegetable soup in front!! How impressive!

Come to Epinard to try either one!

▲ Option 1: Nasu Japanese-style omelette rice

Oh!!! This incredible fresh egg!!!
With the cheese sauce from Ima- farm on top,
and bacon and salmon
Oh!!! My god!!!

▲ Option 2:  French-style (galette)

It is egg again!
It is the show time of incredible egg in Nasu too!!

▲ Okay!!! we pick this one!!! 
Can't miss this cheese sauce from Ima-farm!

Taste every bite deliciously!
Wish to have it every morning!!


▲ Strawberry French Toast

Main of the breakfast buffet here!
After being awarded as the best breakfast (bread section) of the rakuten FESTIVAL in 2013
Many people come to have a try of it!!
Now!!! It is updated!!

Fresh strawberries and a special milk sauce from "amatani Cheese Factory" 
Wow!!! A magical combination of taste ~!

Epinard is upgraded!!!
Another year to won the award of this year breakfast FESTIVAL!!!

After eating a full, fresh and surprising special breakfast in Epinard,
let's start the trip again!

▲ Epinard Rental Bicycle

Wanna have fun and play hard in Epinard Nasu?
Come on! Let's cycling!!
You can choose bicycles or electric bicycles in Epinard Nasu?

<Bicycle Rental Info>
Time: 8:00 - Sunset
Fee: bicycles 4 hours 1,000 + TAX
Electric bicycles 2 hours 1, 000 yen + TAX
Extension 290yen +TAX per 30 minutes

▲ Feel the breeze

In such a beautiful Nasu
What a happy ride!!!

Wanna find a place to take a rest!!

▲ Nasu Ice cream! Ice Cream Factory MOMOYI

It is loved by the local people at first.
And now has become a popular ice-cream place in Nasu!

From Epinard Nasu,
just 15-min ride by bicycle!
You don't wanna miss it!!
Although only Japanese on the meal,
Let us give you some recommendation!
Of course, you don't wanna miss the original milk flavor!
Also, there are green tea, and strawberry flavor!

 S - one scope 350 yen
W - Double scope  380 yen 

<Ice Cream Factory MOMOYI Info>
Open Hours: 10:00 ~ 16:00     Winter ~ 17:00)
Tel: 0287-64-4856

▲ Single scope, double scope ~!

Actually, we have ordered three of them!
Don't miss it!

▲ Surrounded by greenery yellow 

Come to take a visit when you have chance!
15-min ride from Epinard!

Enjoy cycling, 
enjoying ice cream
What a beautiful Nasu!!!

▲ Walking path of azalea

A nice scenery of the whole Nasu
Take a talk here with Azalea of Yawatazaki

Height 1040m
You can see the popular sightseeing spot of Onsen Shrine and Killing Stone.

Come and experience!!!
Are you ready??

▲ Experience making buckwheat soba noodles ~

Interesting but got to be careful!
Looking forward to the taste!

<Soba-making Experience Information (Reservation required)>
Experience hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week
Time: 11:30 ~ (about 2 hours)
Place: NASU Viking [herBage]
Fee: Adults 1,652 yen (tax included) / Children 831 yen (tax included)
※ including beverages

▲ Learn from master

How delicious for the hard work!

Thanks for all the good memories from Epinard Nasu!

 ▲ Capybara in Nasu Animal Kingdom

Just take the shuttle bus!!
No worry to feel alone!!

For Nasu Animal Kingdom

Get touch in nature
Bamboo shoots picking!!!

▲ Epinard pottery workshop experience!

In such a beautiful nature
helps to stimulate our inspiration!
Let's have your only one artwork in the world!

Hotel Epinard Nasu homepage (English)

For Reservation

What do you think about our Nasu trip in May?
Refreshing and healing!!!
Whether you come in different season,
you will feel the freshness of each season!

For the ones who have travel Japan,
Just one hour of shinkansen from Tokyo!!!
Nasu will be your choice!

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