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# Shopping ♪Treasure Box of USED FASHION at RAGTAG in Harajuku!!! Japanese SECONDHAND, VINTAGE, DESIGNER BRAND shop!!!

# Shopping ♪Treasure Box of USED FASHION at RAGTAG in Harajuku!!! Japanese SECONDHAND, VINTAGE, DESIGNER BRAND shop!!!

Treasure box of USED FASHION

-RAGTAG Harajuku -

1. Do you like vintage?
2. Do you like brand items?
3. Do you like Harajuku style?
4. Do you like Hollywood's celebrity style?

If you answer YES to any questions listed above,
you definitely don't wanna miss the 

RAGTAG has 18 stores throughout Japan.
Today, we have come to the popular one located at Harajuku's Cat Street.
See if it can satisfy your above wishes (the ones who answer YES on the above four questions).
Come on!

RAGTAG Harajuku Store

From outside, it looks like the fashion boutiques at Daikanyama or Aoyama, which is known as the fashionable area.
It is a 3-story building!
The biggest difference is that 
RAGTAG sells "USED" or "Re-use" items.

Address:  6-14-2. Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Tel: 03-6419-3770
Open Hours: 11:00 ~ 20:00
Holidays: Year-end and New Year
Location: 8-min walk from JR Harajuku Station Omotesando Exit
4-min walk from Tokyo Metro Meiji-jingu-mae Exit 4 
7-min walk from Tokyo Metro Omotesando Station Exit A1 

Official website (Japanese)

First, let's take a look at 3 characteristics of RAGTAG!

UNIQUE 1: RAGTAG is a vintage house

Vintage means second-hand clothes.
Vintage lovers come here looking for special and unique items.
Old-fashioned T-shirt and jeans or even sneakers
Just use your eyes and sense to find some goodies!

UNIQUE TWO: RAGTAG is a"designer shop."

Some people may say "vintage" is just selling wore old clothes from others.
Absolutely not!
RAGTAG focuses on brand items.
Especially items that are full of character and taste of "designer brands."
Different items are renewed almost everyday.

UNIQUE THREE: RAGTAG is a " re-use store of high standard brands."

RAGTAG is not only focusing on fashion designer brands,
but also together with a variety of high standard (brand items) of goods.
Besides, second-handed brand items; 
there are also 
re-use items in updated value.
So you are available to get the popular items in a worth and reasonable price.

RAGTAG builds up our personality ~

Don't you have such experience,
you came across a favorite item of your style and 
wait until the reduce of price to buy it.
Unfortunately, it was bought by somebody eventually.
Oh!!! My Destiny!!!
At this time, 
you would like to visit RAGTAG!!!
Although it is a vintage shop,
you don't feel any of vintage taste lol
Our first favorite fashion style is done!

Address:  6-14-1 Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Tel: 03-6419-3770
Open Hours: 11:00 ~ 20:00
Holidays: Year-end and New Year
Location: 8-min walk from JR Harajuku Station Omotesando Exit
4-min walk from Tokyo Metro Meiji-jingu-mae Exit 4 
7-min walk from Tokyo Metro Omotesando Station Exit A1 

Official website (Japanese)

▲ Cat Street @ Harajuku

Harajuku has become a symbol of Tokyo's fashion
Gathering a variety of fashion brands
Many people who are sensitive of fashion and trend would come here to pursue their own fashion style.

What is Cat Street?
You know what once it was a river called the Shibuya river flowing through this place.
it was land-filled since the 1964 Olympic Game.
Now it is transformed into such a clean fashion street.

Why is it called Cat Street?
There are a lot of stories about it!
Like it is said that the geography looked like a cat's forehead
Some said there were a lot of street cats
Others said that because there was once a band called "black cat" performed actively.
Anyways, this it is a quite appropriate name for this atmosphere!

Cat Street is located between Harajuku and Shibuya.

▲ Takoyaki found in Cat Street
When you are hungry, you will be thankful to encounter a Takoyaki-shop on the street.
Eating "Octopus (inside Takoyaki)" on Cat street, 
don't you feel worried that your octopus will be eaten by "cats" lol

RAGTAG Harajuku Shop

 The building is particularly conspicuous on the street. 
3-story building with a ceiling glass
How gorgeous!!

RAGTAG 1F  'Casual & Street'

The theme of 1F is 'Casual & Street.'
Clothes, shoes, hats, bags as well as jewelry
Gathering various fashion items.

At first glance, it seems nothing different at much!
Let us list up the brands can be found on 1F here!

Supreme / LEVI'S / Lee .............(from official site)

Wow!!! How surprising! 
Of course items and brands are almost renew everyday!

▲ Left side from entrance on 1F: men's corner

Go left from entrance
You can see all kinds of men's items ~
 Full of atmosphere of a boutique!

▲ Category classification by brands and products (men's corner)

First, looking for the brand, and then product!
Which makes our shopping more convenient!

▲ We want too!! (Men's corner)

Even the same brand, there are also a lot of limited items which are very difficult to find!
Glad to the retro version here!!

▲ Right side of the entrance of 1F: women's corner

A rich assortment of items!
Of course a variety of popular Japanese designer rare products.

▲ Category classification by brand and product. (women's corner)

Women's corner is also classified by brand / product categories.
Everyone is shopping conveniently ~

▲ Want this too! (Women's corner)

Familiar brands!
Wow!! Easy shopping!
Wanna get them all!!

▲ How to see the label on RAGTAG!

From the label, you can know the level of the shop!
Okay! Let's JAPANKURU show you how to see the label of RAGTAG ~

The top number is the selling price.
The following number is the reference price. (That means the price of its new item)
Bottom left corner is the level of of the item (Item condition: new ~ D grade)
And whether it is available on ONLINE shop.

The level is determined after a rigorous examination
Even it is graded as the lowest level here, you won't feel disappointed.
Of course, no need to mention the new item~

▲  How to see the label on RAGTAG! 2

Label on the bags and shoes will be marked as above image.
For example the B Grade item as above. "wearing heel " is written. 
Let's check around!

▲ Extensive fashion items

Wow!!!  Numerous fashion items~
Oh!!! The only one!!

▲ Shoes and bags as well as hats!

Elegant style, punk, nature-based, outdoor, sporty

▲ A variety of jewelry! !

Although there are new items every day,
if you hesitate, your favorite item will be taken by someone then.

▲ ONLY ONE & Low Price

If you find only one stock of your favorite item,
and it is in reasonable price, 
don't miss it!

▲ A rich assortment of Men's jewelry

zucca  Black Watch
PORTER  short wallet + purse
NUMBER NINE   skull necklace
OMG !!!!

Things you were longing for in your student period. 
Oh!!! We find them at RAGTAG!!

Are you still fine???
JAPANKURU will then take you to the 2F ~


Never too late for luxury
Instead of hiding and burying all your clothes in the closet, drawer,
bring them all out!!
Give them chance for the next master!

Get to 2F to enjoy all kinds of beautiful Re-Use product ~!

▲ Gorgeous 2F

Compared to designer brands on the 1F,
you find more gorgeous here!!!
And all the worthy price!!!
No doubt the charm of gathering of all items.

▲ From designer brands to luxury brands

One of the three designer brands in Japan
It has become a popular brands among Asian countries!

If you are interested, 
you can find rare items from the precious seasons!

▲ Another taste of enjoyment - collaboration product!

Collaboration of brand and design
That is the limited items of "product collaboration."
Once you miss it, probably you could find it again difficultly.
We are surprised to find the limited item here at RAGTAG!
If you are interested, come and check them out!

▲ How much is it?

"it Item" that local and foreign celebrities loved. 
Christian Louboutin's Dandelion Spike! ! !
New pricing probably should be US$1500 ≈200,000yen
Here an almost brand new item is priced as 60% of the original price!

▲ Finding black pearl among numerous of pearl?

Kind of a luxury goods, even it is cheaper than the original price, 
sometimes it is different afford huh!

For some extraordinary people, they are very smart to come to RAGTAG
looking for their wanted item!

It is possible that a you purchase a tie of 30,000 thousands yen ended up only in 3000 yen. 

RAGTAG 3F  bag counter & lounge &  purchasing counter

Just a glance, you would know this is a SS-class designer bag counter.
A variety of comfortable chairs lined up to create an area for break. 
Beverage vending machines and dressing rooms are available.
Of course, purchasing counter is available as well!

Let's have a cup of coffee!
And start the second round!


Let's try on the fancy clothes we liked!!
 Of course, the only one item!!
You don't wanna miss it!!

It is SHOW TIME of our RAGTAG fashion!

THEME 01 Luxury OP!

Rare luxury brands product!

Left: PRADA  55,000 yen -> 10, 584 yen! (85% off)
Right: How much, friends? ~ ~ ~


No worry for party then!!

Left: ANDREA POMPILIO    24,000 yen -> 8,500 yen!
Right: ADIDAS Jeremy Scott Limited Edition!   32, 000 yen -> 17, 000 yen!

THEME 03 Shoes Collection !!

Whether it is color or design is so cool ~
Shoes Collection full of uniqueness !!

From left to right
CELINE  120, 000 yen -> 65, 000 yen!
b-STORE  48, 300 yen -> 8, 532 yen!
ADIDAS Jeremy Scott Limited Edition!    30,000 yen -> 10, 854 yen!
ADIDAS Y-3 Collaboration!   42,000 yen -> 13, 824 yen! 

Filled with  summer flavor
Refreshing large bag for this summer!Left: SEE BY CHLOE pricing 26, 000 yen -> 5, 292 yen!Right: BALENCIAGA price 150,000 yen -> 39, 744 yen!
Okay! Let's get back to the 1F!
This is a princess style of vivid RAGTAG items ~Shirt SACAI   22,000 yen -> 6,000 yen!Skirt  COMME des GARCONS    29 800 yen -> 5, 292 yen!Bags casselini   8,000 yen -> 2,700 yen!Sandals Mollini  15,000 yen -> 6, 372 yen!
Do you like these kind of dot pattern or leopard pattern!How cute!Left: KITSUNE  26 000 yen -> 10, 584 yen!Right: EQUIPMENT 44, ¥ 000 -> ¥ 10.584!
Coming to vintage store, no excuse of not take a look of jeans.
Okay! Let's take a look of RAGTAG selection!
Left: zucca  35 640 yen -> 11, 664 yen!Right: JEANASIS  5,000 yen -> 864 yen!
Even it is a printed T-shirt
Designs from different designers comes with different taste!
Left: LHP   10 000 yen -> 2, 052 yen!Right: JEANSIS   5,000 yen -> 864 yen!


Pursuing an extraordinary style?
You would like RAGTAG!

Brand name K3  5,000 yen -> 1, 620 yen

Not just a general secondhand shop but full of all high quality and top brands

High quality of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories.
Let's have fun with re-use items.
The recognition of the high level of second-hand and vintage items can be found here!

Treasure box of fashion!
For all who have unique fashion sense, you definitely don't wanna miss it!

Tel: 03-6419-3770
Open Hours: 11:00 ~ 20:00
Holidays: Year-end and New Year
Location: 8-min walk from JR Harajuku Station Omotesando Exit
4-min walk from Tokyo Metro Meiji-jingu-mae Exit 4 
7-min walk from Tokyo Metro Omotesando Station Exit A1 

Official website (Japanese)


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