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# Shopping ♪ Omron Blood Pressure Monitor- Present for parents and ourselves! Regular health check! in Yurakucho BIC CAMERA

# Shopping ♪ Omron Blood Pressure Monitor- Present for parents and ourselves! Regular health check!  in Yurakucho BIC CAMERA

Japan travel! Present for parents!
With high popularity in Japan, "OMRON" Blood Pressure Monitor

What is OMRON?
Yes! It is Blood Pressure Monitor!
It is popular in Japan recently!
In a ranking of health appliances in a TV program,
Omron has defeated all the popular brand like Sony and Panasonic brand, ranked No.1!

Among many of the health-related products of Omron, Blood Pressure Monitor is the most popular.

Although Father's Day has passed,
if you have chance visiting Japan,
let's come to BIC CAMERA and get one for your parents!
Be a good daughter/son!
Your parents would be very glad and content!

▲ Appreciation for Dad!

Father's Day in most of the western countries is on the third Sunday of June.
It is May 8 in Korea and August 8 in Taiwan. 
Thanks my friends told us!

By the way,
you know how much is the OMRON Blood Pressure Monitor?

BIC CAMERA put Japan's largest OMRON pricing information for your reference
Okay! Let's take a look at the price at BIC CAMERA (One of largest scale of electric stores in Japan)

Where to buy:  3F BIC CAMERA @ in front of JR Yurakucho Station
(Tax-free counter is also on the 3F, so we can just go directly 
to have tax returned)

▲ Wish for good health and longevity  ~

If your daughter brought you one when traveling Japan,
your parents are pleased from the deepest of the heart!
What do you think??

OMRON in every household

In Japan, almost every household has a OMRON.
Such a place in your home does not occupy much space,
 and it helps managing the good health of your family!

▲ BIC CAMERA in front of JR Yurakucho Station 

Omron is available in  BIC CAMERA throughout Japan.
Of course, you can also find it at Yodobashi and YAMADA and other electric stores!

Open Hour: 10:00 ~ 20:00

▲ BIC CAMERA Tax-free counter

For foreign visitors, you can't miss the  8% tax-free service!!!! 
Here you are!!
Tax Refund Counter is on the 3F of BIC CAMERA in front of Yurakucho Station.
Don't forget to bring with you your passport!

▲ BIC CAMERA's foreign language service -

You know what?
 Foreign tourists to Japan are increasing recently.
Even if you are not in Japan, you have heard about the related news. 
  To get ready of the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics Games, 
a lot of shops in Japan don't wanna miss the business chances. 
Therefore, most of them are putting effort to increase the number of foreign staffs!


Okay!!! Our main goal for today is Omron Blood Pressure Monitor!!!
Other than blood pressure monitor, massage chair and  body weight  and other health-related goods are available.
Glad that tax free counter is on the same floor, 
this attracts many of of foreign tourists to come to shop.

▲ We find it!

Popular products are naturally placed in a prominent position
See!!! We find Omron immediately!!!

▲ It occupies No. 1 share of the market throughout Japan, and even worldwide.

The best-seller in Japan is Omron "HEM-7280C"
 Original price 17, 150 yen > BIC CAMERA price 15,880 yen

* If you are lucky enough, you might buy it in a lower price during some limited sales.


* Support iPhone & Android (with a Bluetooth device, the blood pressure data can be easily sent to the cell phone or computer)
* data of 2 persons can be recorded.  100 times of blood pressure test results per person
* Easy and simple blood pressure bandage
* Can be detected by [strap] of confirmation whether the blood pressure bandage has been fastened 
* Blood pressure measurement results are clearly visible on LED Highlight screen
* Automatic calculation of average blood pressure in the morning
to easily recognize the symptom of hypertension

Made in Japan Omron
For more details, please check


Buy one to parents 
Buy one for ourselves
Easy to pack in box
If you care about your health,
get one at home then!

▲ Do not forget "Omron"!

Recently, many friends who travel to Japan start knowing Omron gradually
A Blood Pressure Monitor to send friends and family or even for ourselves!

Okay!!! Our mission is done!
* When shopping at BIC CAMERA,
if you find here is more expensive than other stores,
feel free to ask the staff and adjust!

▲ Experience of using Omron

Why is it getting popular?
Why is it good?
How do you know if you don't use it?

▲ Most important point of Blood Pressure Monitor !

Before measuring blood pressure
please confirm if your measurement posture is correct!

1. Relax the back and keep straight
2. Place the strap at a position higher than the heart
3. Position the palms upward naturally without force

▲ Tie belt

Fasten the straps well ~ ~

1. Place the strap on the left arm 
2. Place the measuring hose at the center of the belt
3. Fasten the sticky mouth

▲ Easily measure

Measurement process is very easy
Just press a button! All go easy!
That is why Omron's one is popular to use!

▲ Everyone is able to operate.

Some people might say they have no idea of operate or control the machine
However, no worry of using this Blood Pressure Monitor.
Why? Just a press of a button!
That is it for blood pressure measurement!

▲ LED LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

Blood pressure measurement results appear on the screen!
Easy operation! Easy result!
Convenient and simple operated Blood Pressure Monitor!

▲ Using a cellphone to manage health

After registering on the Omron website, go download the APP
Then, you can manage your blood pressure record on your smart phone!

※ Usage of APP is only available in JAPAN. 

▲ For Father's Day next year?? 
For birthday present??

Whenever health-related equipment/machine is always popular, 
 Father's Day, Mother's Day, birthday!!
Present for your beloved.

Looking at the smiling faces of your parents
Your heart would feel comforting warmth!

If you have chance come to Japan this summer,
don't miss the campaign held in BIC CAMERA.

Omron Health Fair
Let's have a healthy summer!

Omron will organize activities in BIC CAMERA at JR Yurakucho Station
If you are interested in Omron products,
come to take a visit!

▶ Time: July 31 (Fri)~ August 2 (Sun)
▶ Venue:  BIC CAMERA 1F , 3F counter, in front elevator at each floor @ JR Yurakucho Station
▶ activities as follows
1. Blood pressure and body fat measuring experience
2. Answering survey to participate lucky draw
3. Lucky draw for every purchase
First prize: Kabuki Mask (30 lucky persons)
Second Prize: Oil Blotting Paper (60 lucky persons)
Third prize: "Chocolate bars" (180 lucky persons)
Fourth Prize:  Tissue Paper (330 lucky persons)
▶ Grand Prize: Blood Pressure Monitor (Made in Japan), body fat measuring meter (non-recent models)

So don't miss the chance of the campaign if you are interested in purchase!


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