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# Hokkaido Trip in Summer ♪ 4 days 3 nights Road Trip to Sapporo and Otaru DAY 3 Sapporo

# Hokkaido Trip in Summer ♪ 4 days 3 nights Road Trip to Sapporo and Otaru  
DAY 3 Sapporo

A road trip to Hokkaido in the early June
Fulfilling four days, it is hard to express everything in words
so we are here to share with you all the photos!!!

You can check the overview of our trip here↓

Day 1 of our trip↓

Day 2 of our trip↓

From Otaru back to Sapporo 

Day 3
Hello, Again! Sapporo!

Saying goodbye to the fantastic Otaru
We came back to the happy town Sapporo!

Before that...

If you have read our last article,
you would know we have stayed at one of the three top hotels in Hokkaido.
It is Dormy Inn Premium OTARU.

Okay! Let's enjoy the breakfast in Otaru!!

▲ A great meal in the early morning

Oh my gosh!!! Plenty of fresh salmon roe in the buffet-style breakfast!
Oh!!! That is why it has been chosen as one of the top three hotels in Hokkaido!

▲ Comfortable morning in Otaru~

Even breakfast is Otaru style!
No wonder seafood dishes
and freshly made omelet by chef and 
 Hokkaido specialty WAFFLE, that is popular among guests!
Of course a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables!!

Find a seat near the window
Feel the sunshine in Otaru
Enjoy the ultra-high-quality breakfast here
What a relaxing time!!!

▲ My seafood rice bowl!

Just like the level of Tokyo Tsukiji Market!!
Wow!! This is Premium!!!

Breakfast Time: 6:30 - 9:30 (Last order 9:00)

▲ Bye, Otaru!

Carrying all the great memory and promise to come back again in winter!!
Let's move back to Sapporo!!

▲ Looking over the entire Otaru

Before returning to Sapporo,
we quite missed Otaru!!
10-min away from the hotel!!
"Asahi Observatory deck"
Let's say goodbye to Otaru!

Oh!!! Like the scene of animation and famous movie "Ultimate Weapon."
Bye-bye, Otaru >.<

▲  Odori Park & Sapporo TV Tower

Sapporo's public recreation - Odori Park
Standing in the center of the park - Sapporo TV Tower

In the winter, it would be full of snow!
The world's largest winter activity "Sapporo Snow Festival" is held here!

It is summer now!  Green plants and beautiful flowers.
The best healing place in Sapporo!

▲ Sapporo TV Tower's mascot "Tower's Daddy"

 "Tower's Daddy" lives in the tower!
Yes!!! A character honored by many local people!
This is the snack with the shape of "Tower's Daddy."
Can you see his mustache ???
You got it huh!!

▲ 100% Copy!!!

According to the real TV Tower!

Oh!! That mustache should be the clock tower then!!
Okay!! Let's go up!

▲ Inside of Sapporo TV Tower

Bright red face and green pants
Tower's Daddy is everywhere!

What a nice view!!!

▲ Observatory
720 m high TV Tower
observatory is at the height of 90 meters
Admission Fee 720 yen

It is interesting that there is the highest shrine of Sapporo on top of the TV Tower
Oh!! A little Torii here!!
It is "Sapporo TV Tower shrine." 
To ensure rating of TV programs??


360 degree panoramic view
Landscape of Sapporo under the blue sky!

▲ From the observation deck overlooking the Odori Park

From the highest point of Sapporo!!

we did some shopping at Tokyu Department Store!!
Oh!! We found something!!!

sugar scrub SUCRE

What is this? 
This is made with sugar of Hokkaido!
A natural cosmetics "sugar scrub"

▲ Tokyu Department Store 10F!!!

The most popular department store in Sapporo!
Looking and hanging around~
It is a bright spot with a variety of small Hokkaido items!
How impressive!

▲ Gift

Hokkaido's beet, organic coconut oil, and a variety of flower oil, etc.
All are natural products
No worry at all, no matter what type of skin you are.
Let's get some for yourself as well as your friends and relatives.

▲ Lovely Hello Kitty's item for baby ~

It is said that the product was born because of the family member of the founder has been plagued by atopic dermatitis.
By chance, the founder discovered that Hokkaido sugar can improve the skin condition with amazing results, 
so they made it to become today's "SUCRE."

Since it is a natural product!
No harm to baby.
So even the baby and baby's mothers feel free to use with no hesitation. 

▲ Five kinds of flavor, for face and body use

There are five kinds of sugar scrub.
Lavender, rosemary, grapefruit, vanilla, and mint flavors.
Also, there are all kinds of different packaging.
It is good for both body and face!

Price: massage & pack 35g  1, 296yen/ 100g  3, 240 yen / 300g  7, 560yen
face & body 200g 3, 240 yen (five kinds of flavor each)

▲ How satisfied!!

Everyone used would like to recommend to others as well!
Wow!! Magical Hokkaido sugar!!

▲ One of the three "gakkari" sightseeing spots in Japan

What is gakkari?
It means disappointing in Japanese.

It is a famous "Clock tower " in Hokkaido!
It is famous because it has been named the "disappointing" sightseeing spot!
let's have a memorial shot!!

★ Nothing wrong- Sapporo clock tower

Japan's three major disappointment Sightseeing spots
1. Harimayabashi bridge (Kochi)
2. Sapporo clock tower (Hokkaido)
3. The Netherlands slope (Nagasaki)

▲ Hokkaido's snack in summer? [Toukibi]

Potatoes, onions, tomatoes, cantaloupe, and corn
A variety of vegetables and fruits, gifts from nature to this land in Hokkaido
In this hot hot summer day, we found this cool [toukibi]

Loved by most of the local people in Hokkaido.
Ice cream, which is made by corn and is available in convenience stores.

How was the taste?
Oh my gosh!!

"Hokkaido Government Building"

Compared to the clock tower, 
you can find another kind of charm here!
Exotic Western-style building ane trees are on two sides. 
No wonder it became a public recreation spot for local people in Sapporo 

★ Sorry "Clock tower"  @ Hokkaido Government Building

It is time for meal!!!
Thanks for our local Hokkaido friends' recommendation!!

Kirin Beer Garden

Here it is! !
Located next to the Sapporo Nakajima Park "Beer Garden"

▲ Famous best 3 Beer Garden in Hokkaido 

 "Hokkaido Beer Garden" in Susukino
"Sapporo Beer Garden" at Sapporo to-ku
And this one!!! "Kirin Beer Garden" next to the Nakajima-park

Let's go and explore it!!

▲ Overlooking from the 3rd floor

Overlooking from seat on the 3F~ Spacious hall of the 2F
Whatever the season of Sapporo, beer-lover would like to come to visit here!
Together with the most delicious dishes of Genghis Khan

1st floor has a plenty of tables.
Hokkaido's cuisine -Genghis Khan and a variety of fresh seafood.
Most importantly, Kirin beer and crab!
This time we chose to sit at the 1F.

 ▲ Kirin Beer Garden's course

Japanese beef and beef tenderloin 
Our favorite crab!!!!
Of course there were tasty sushi and salad!!!!

One person   only 6, 888 yen? Really??
You know what in general,
eating crab at a crab restaurant 
Only crab would cost you 5000yen!!!

▲ Kirin Beer Garden Genghis Khan! !

Fresh lamb (mutton)
With all the Hokkaido's vegetables grilled together on the helmet-shaped iron plate
This is one of the representatives of Hokkaido cuisine -Genghis Khan!

Genghis Khan and seafood course of Kirin Beer Garden!!!
Just 3,900 yen  100-min

Will you choose a combination of beef and crab?
Or a combination of Genghis Khan and seafood?
Oh!!! It is a hard decision to make!!

Worth-eating course!!!

▲ Kirin Ichiban Shibori draft beer

Kirin Brewery's flagship product!
Even the beer kingdom of beer, Germany agreed with it!
Through careful management and environment!
Kirin Ichiban Shibori has become the pride of the Japanese beer industry!

Can you see the foam??

▲ Wanna drink the real beer?

Wanna drink the real beer in Sapporo?

 Hokkaido representative BEER HALL !
Of course! Kirin Beer Garden Nakajima Park !

So full!!!!
It is time to go back to hotel!!!

▲ Have a good sleep tonight!

Back to hotel for tonight!
Dormy Inn Premium SAPPORO

Located at the arched shopping street "Tanukikoji" 
Not only rooms are spacious and there is a large bath and massage space!
It is easy access to downtown Sapporo and "Susukino."

▲ Premium sense of lobby, 1F

Fusion wood decor and fireplace.
Bright and practical sense of lobby
And free coffee bar!

[Dormy Inn Premium SAPPORO]
Check-in: 15:00  Check out: 11:00
Location: 3-min walk from JR Sapporo Subway  North-south line  Odori Station Tanukikoji 4-chome Exit 
Price: Twin Room 10, 000 yen - 5,000 yen

▲ Bright and spacious rooms

A faint flavor of wood
A bright and spacious twin room
Although it is a Premium hotel, 
we feel warm and comfortable to it!!

Wooden ceiling!!!

▲ Well equipped bathroom and amenities 

▲ Dormy Inn 

Power outlets and chargers at the bedside
This is really thoughtful!
Dormy Inn throughout Japan
What a great and standard hotel chain!
Small detail reflected the overall level of a hotel!

Dormy Inn of All Japan!

▲ Free mini ramen!

 Do you remember the "Yonaki soba" (Mini night soba) !
Available at Dormy Inn throughout Japan!

Available at
21:30 - 23:00

▲ Wanna have a bowl??

It is free and delicious!

After finishing a bowl,
let's go back to the room, have a shower and have a good night!

It is Sapporo here!!!
Gotta enjoy the night life here!!

Gotta enjoy the night here in Sapporo!!!
Come on!!!
Wow!! We were surprised to the food, entertainment, people,
everything here!!
Our trip in Hokkaido only had one day left!!!
How fast!!
Don't wanna go!!!
What a happy trip!!

Let's plan the last day of your trip then!!
Good night, friends!!

Road Trip of Hokkaido 
To Be Continued ...

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